Best Kids Games Online

In the age where all sources of entertainment are available to all age groups, it becomes a challenge to pick and choose the ones that are suitable for our kids, who are still growing and can be influenced easily by exposure to material that is not appropriate to their age.

Playing games is one thing that all kids love and there are countless websites over the internet that offer online games for kids. However, adult supervision is still crucial in this regard. The games kids play should also serve educational purposes because at the end of the day, kids spend a substantial amount of time on the computer and that must not go in vain.

online games for kids

We have enlisted a few games that kids can play online without fearing any harmful effects related to violence, psychological manipulation, and sexual content:

Wallykazam! Letter and Word Magic

This game has been specifically designed for educational purposes as it promotes reading habits in kids. Guardians who want their kids to enjoy and learn at the same time can use this game as an outlet. The main theme of the game is to build a tower with rhyming words, which helps in enhancing their vocabulary, spellings, and reading skills, all at the same time.

Burger Now

On a lighter note, this one is especially for foodie kids who all they think about is food, whether it is virtual life or real. Burger Now is an exciting, timed game in which the player is given a menu for every customer, and they have to prepare the item in a specified time-limit. With every order served, the scores keep adding, and in case of a late or slow delivery, the customers get grumpy and leave the counter. This is a game you don’t have to worry that your kid is playing as it is safe and age-appropriate to kids of almost all ages.

Build Your Snowman

Yet another game for kids is Build Your Snowman, which comes with different options for decorating a snowman. The time does not require any particular skill, and any kid can play this game without worrying about having to lose or win. It’s just that simple!

Puzzle Bobble

This classic game reminded us of the nineties games. When all kids used to get home from school and play puzzle bobble. Puzzle bobble is a fun game that allows the player to burst bubbles of the same colors and level up. The game is fun and has various stages. Its difficulty rises with each level, which is what makes it exciting for kids.

Cars 2

For automobile junkies, Cars 2 is the best kids’ game out there. It is based on the popular animated movie Cars and involves racing, as is evident from the name itself.

What needs to be ensured is that kids play games that provide not only entertainment but also serve some useful or educational purposes. Or are not harmful, at the least. That is why the games listed above made our list of the best kids games online.

How To Market Your Business Online

In the early stages of your startup, you may not have wads of cash to spend on marketing. However, that does not mean that there are not effective ways to get your brand out there to get a name for yourself.

Small businesses only had a few ways to market their products cheaply before the Internet was invented. They promoted their products through methods like printing out fliers or sponsoring small local events. You need to know where to look, as they’re so many opportunities out there on the web for you to market to your target audience. It is known as digital marketing or internet marketing in simple terms.

Here are some ways to promote your business online:

1. Learn To Setup Google Business Profiles: Register your business with Google Places. It allows you to be founded easily on Google searches because it is straightforward and easy to optimize. Yahoo! Local and Microsoft’s Bing can also be used to register your business for promotional purposes. All you have to do it fill out the form and register. You will get your business verified through their confirmation process. It can be done with either a phone call or through snail mail verification.

2. Welcome To Social Media: Social media is not only for your scrolling news feed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Social media can be used as an engaging tool to market and engage your audience. It has become a source of marketing and an affordable way for businesses to get their name out. You can boost your business through ad promotions, sharing links, joining groups, and coordinating events with peers and other local business owners. 

social media logos

3. Start Blogging For Your Business: Starting a blog not only gives you confidence but also gives your work a unique impression. It helps your company get its name out through followers and connect with your consumers more directly. Nevertheless, the key to success is to keep your stream updated as frequently as you can. Get a branded domain for your company so that you can advertise it properly. Stay active with your blog, because a dormant and abandoned blog does not provide the value it once did. 

4. Multimedia on YouTube and Flickr: YouTube is one of the most significant search engines on the planet. Make videos, upload them, get subscribers, and promote your business. To make things work out, you need to create content that captivates viewers and is relevant to your business. Here simplicity will not work; you need creativity and quality production to retain viewers. 

youtube & flickr logo

5. SEO Your Website: Seo (search engine optimization) is one of the latest techniques to bring your brand to the top of Google. It cannot be ignored in a world of constant Googling. Make sure your site is primed for performance on search engines, you will need to understand on-site optimization and off-site optimization so that your website will compete for top rankings in Google search. 

search engine optimizations

6. Press Release: The press release is one of the best ways to get to the top. Never hesitate to shoot off a press release every time your business does something newsworthy.

press release

Join in a relevant community and learn and progress.

Time To Retire And Golf

Golfers play at Northern Michigan golf resort.

Wake Up!

Don’t just sit there and dream about it, prepare for your retirement like you know it’s coming! Trust us, one day you will wake up and that day will be here. One minute you’re working on the Ford assembly line in Wayne, Michigan, and the next minute your crushing beer cans while swinging the 9 iron across several Michigan golf resorts. It’s a scary reality, and it happens to everyone, so you might as well make the best of it. So what do you do when the work bell rings for the last time? You pick up a golf club and you head out to the greens for some rounds with the fellas. Golf is a low impact sport that can be played all the way through to hospice. So here are some things to consider before hanging up your work boots for a pair of golf shoes.

Learning to Golf for Retirement

If you finally hit your retirement age after so many long years in the workforce, you may be wondering what you should do with all your new free time. Now that you do not have a job to go to anymore, the world is open to so many new possibilities and hobbies for you to explore, learn, and grow both mentally and physically. One of the top retirement hobbies is golfing.

Golfing is an excellent sport for everyone of all ages. It is not as intense as football or soccer, yet it still requires precise planning and body strength. For older and retired folks, it is an overall great solution to stay in shape, meet new people, and gives you something to look forward to. Most golf courses are also brew-friendly, so walking 9 holes with a cold one in-hand isn’t out of the ordinary, and this is just another reason why golf is awesome!

Staying in Shape

The physical benefits of golfing are well known, especially for those who play regularly. According to Golf Digest Magazine, on average, golfers will walk about 4 miles during a typical 18-hole course and burn roughly 1,400 calories. If riding in a cart instead, you are estimated to burn about 850 calories. From all of this physical activity, you not only gain stamina, but you also increase your muscle strength (arms, legs, and core) and enhance heart health. These are all aspects that are extremely important for everyone to keep up with, but especially critical as you age. Look, we are all going to die, if you are going to have a heart attack, it’s better to have one on a grassy green fairway than a lazy boy recliner watching re-runs of Lone Ranger.

Mental Health

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Golfing is excellent at keeping you sharp by working your brain. Mens golf, and women’s golf continue to grow and will provide you with a healthy platform to stay strong physically, and mentally. You have to continuously think about calculations such as ball location, wind strength and direction, and how tall the grass is. Just like all exercises, golfing also has been shown to release endorphins, which is the hormone that makes you feel good. From keeping your brain fit to feeling great after you play, this is perfect for ensuring proper mental health during your retirement. All that walking is great for cardio, and the extra oxygen pumping to the brain is going to support your mental health, as long as you aren’t puffing a bunch of recreational THC cigarettes.

Social Benefits

When you retire, chances are you will not be associating with as many people or as often as you were when you went to work every day. The rapid transition from being around people every day to generally alone can cause depression. This is why it is critical to stay social once you retire. Golfing is a great way to form new and lasting friendships with people who have the same interests as you. It also gives you something to look forward to and people to share your golfing experiences with. You can certainly play golf on your own if you wish, but if you feel like becoming more social, golf can bring people together and form new relationships. If you’re retired, but not yet knock’n on heaven’s door, golfing might also give you an opportunity to meet some older ladies. If the hardware is still active, you might be playing more than 18 holes.


Golfing is a wonderful sport that is both relaxing and challenging. This is an ideal combination that makes golfing an addicting sport to take on. Since you are retired or soon to be, feel free to go at any time of day during the week to either avoid or immerse yourself in the busy hours. Enjoy your freedom and ability to perfect your swing on your own time and have fun in the process.

Finding the Right Luxury Apartment

Wake Up!

If you have been surfing the web, looking for the right luxury apartment, you can stop right now! First, most of them are overpriced for the amenities they offer. Seriously, why do you need half the stuff they offer? Are you that high maintenance? Well, here’s the scoop! There are some that are pretty rad and might be worth the expense, it’s just a matter of finding the one that is right for you. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a luxury apartment in OKC, or a luxury apartment in Seattle, these rules apply no matter where you are in the country looking for your next place to call home. So, here we will break down some of the obvious things you should look for when searching for your first luxury apartment.

What To Look For In a Luxury Apartment

When looking for a new apartment, it’s easy to get overwhelmed whether you’re looking to buy or rent. With so many options and considerations, the last thing you want is to make a decision you’ll later regret. Therefore, we’ve broken down some key considerations below. As long as you pay attention to everything we mention, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a home that suits your needs whether these are short-term or long-term.

Location, Location, Location

When faced with thousands of search results online, one of the easiest and quickest ways to filter is through location. There’s no point finding a home of your dreams only to then discover it’s 50 miles away from work. Of course, you need to consider location with regards to the following; 

  • Work 
  • Schools 
  • Family 
  • Shops 
  • Public transportation 
  • Any clubs you attend


What’s important to you inside the apartment and apartment building itself? Do you need a washer and dryer? Would you like a shared gym for the building? Do you need a parking spot? As well as the amenities in the building, you can again think about the amenities in the local area. For example, where are you going to go if you need some milk late at night?


When trying to find the right apartment, too many people only consider rent when thinking about finances. Since this isn’t going to be your only expense, you can’t afford to forget trash, maintenance, water, pet fees, internet and cable services, utilities, and all the other expenses that come with the apartment. Although it sounds like hard work, researching these costs could save you hundreds of dollars each month.


In the title, we posed the question of what you need to look for in an apartment. As well as thinking about right now, you also need to think about the future. Will you change jobs? Are you planning on having children? Is a child soon to be going to school? If you don’t think about the future, it will only be a matter of time before you need to move again. Consider where you want to be in five years and whether a potential apartment will accommodate this.

Sleeping Habits

Another consideration people often ignore is sleep. For light sleepers, location is an important factor, as is the layout of the building. If you’re a light sleeper, having another apartment in every direction could cause problems. Therefore, you might want to look for single-story apartments or even those on the top floor of a building. This way, you aren’t disrupted by noisy neighbors each night.

Help with Pets

It goes without saying that those with pets will need a landlord happy enough for you to keep them in the apartment, but some actually go further these days. Why go to an apartment where your pet is accepted when you can choose one where your pet will be loved? For example, some have dog walking/sitting services whenever you need, dog parks, grooming stations, and more all nearby.

Accommodating Your Lifestyle

At this stage, we hope you’ve noticed a theme to our guide. There’s no universal ‘best’ apartment, and you’re not going to find the perfect answer online. Instead, you need an apartment that will accommodate your lifestyle without you having to sacrifice anything. In the right location for YOU, with amenities in the building, a cost within your budget, and potential to meet your needs in the future, you’ll have an apartment that quickly becomes a home!

Time To Get Your Business up and Running

Wake Up! It’s time to get that struggling business of yours up and running! It is no secret that trying to establish a business is a lot of hard work, from consulting banks, finding a location, figuring out your market, and everything else in-between. There is so much that goes into it, and it can be quite stressful. Luckily, there are many helpful solutions and business guidance available that can assist you with your journey. If you are in the middle of getting your business off the ground, here are some excellent tips for you to get it up and running. You can’t be sleepy though, so grab that cup of Joe, and let’s dive in!

Plan to Succeed

If you question your ability to succeed, you already have a problem. You must go at this with your sleeves rolled up ready to scrap. You will be investing a lot of cash into developing your business, so make your plans foolproof to prevent failure. Know your business goals and create the best roadmap to reach them. Mark out your milestones and address plan changes as you progress throughout the process. Dive in deep and establish your business plan so well that you have no other option but to succeed.

Know the Operational Needs

Though focusing on what you are selling and whom you are selling it to is essential, do not neglect your operational needs. To create a thriving work environment, you need to figure out precisely what your business needs to operate. This could be organizing your staffing needs, your payment options, human resource procedures, creating a website, and much more. Have all the internal rhythm details nailed down ahead of time to ensure a smooth system from day one.

Do Not Procrastinate

Oh, the P-word! So dangerous in business. Some areas of planning may be great to work on, while others can be dull and boring. For those, it can be tempting to put it off, which will only push your grand opening day out to a later date. It can be daunting but do your best to avoid procrastination and focus more on your overall goal to find the motivation to push through.

Learn from Others

Don’t be a know-it-all. Take some time and expand your knowledge in business areas that you may be lacking in or want more details about. You can find great online courses, conferences, or perhaps consult a mentor who has experience in that area. Learn more about the fulfillment process, accounting, or managing people. By doing this, you will gain tremendous insight into the business realm and learn from people who have been there before so you can optimize your business’s success. Leverage software and automation to get more work done during the day. You can find great sales CRM’s and accounting applications to manage your prospects, clients, and your staff through HCM software.

Be Open to Change

With the evolution of online businesses, be open to changing your marketing methods and even altering your products to stay in high demand. For instance, if your customer base is asking for a new service or product that you do not have, consider adding it to your offerings to fill that demand gap.

The Never Ending To-Do List 

The to-do list for new business owners seems to be everlasting. There is always something that needs to be done. But with the right mindset and proper planning, all that hard work will pay off in the end. Even though businesses can be a challenge to start, knowing exactly what you need to do and how to do it will ensure that it will be successful the moment you really WakeUp and get this thing up and running!

Donating Blood and Stem Cells

People need blood, and people need stem cell transplants, so it’s time for us to WakeUp as a culture and does some donating, especially this time of year.

The numbers don’t lie, blood transfusions and bone marrow disease are real, and you can do something about it!! There are about 35,000 pints of blood used in the U.S. every day, according to BNL Blood Drives. That is insane, and if you never been on either side of it, you wouldn’t fathom how massive that is. There are people in need of blood every day for life-saving reasons, so if you have never donated, now is the time to step up and give back. There are blood donation centers all around the country, click that link, and you can find one in your area.

patient donating blood at hospital

There are many reasons for receiving blood; some people wind up in horrific accidents and lose significant amounts of blood. In contrast, others need transfusions because of complications from disease and health-related issues. Regardless of why they need it, just knowing that 35,000 pints of blood are used each day should wake you up like a blast of NARCAN and get you running to your nearest donation center.

Knowing that could be you one day if you accidentally run a red light, or your child if they are injured in some freak accident on the playground. Who knows when, and who knows how? We don’t, so it’s best to be prepared. Giving your blood to others will ensure that there is a local supply in your community for your blood type, and that could mean something if you find yourself in the emergency room one day in need of a few pints of Dracula juice.

Blood talk aside, bone marrow donors are also needed as more than 44,000 Americans will need a bone marrow transplant this year alone. Bone cancer is killing people, and you can do your part saving a life by donating. The technology behind it all is getting better; it’s less painful and has a faster recovery time than ever before.

The new year is almost here, step up, and donate blood and bone marrow. People need you, and one day it could be you in need. It’s time to WakeUp and smell the coffee people, the disease is real, and it could happen to you or a loved one anytime. So make the right decision and start looking into some of these resources on donating blood and marrow.

stem cell donation services for cancer patients

Blood Donation Resources:

Find a Blood Drive
• Blood Donation Overview
Donation and Transfusion Education

Stem Cell Donation Resources:

• Find a Stem Cell Donation Center
• Stem Cell Donation Overview
• Stem Cell Donation Education

These are just a few national resources that anyone can access and review. Do your research, find local donation centers that represent a definite cause, and their not just a profit-hungry organization getting into the business for financial gains. Plenty of these donation centers were built because loved ones have been lost, make sure you are giving for the right cause, and to the right organization so that you know your blood or stem cell donations wind up helping the right people.

Women’s Golf Is Taking Off

Wakeup! Women’s golf continues to gain popularity, and more young girls are taking up the sport than ever before. Here we discuss why we love the sport and who our favorite girl golfer is at this time.

Stephanie Meadows is a women golfer who played at the University of Alabama originally from Northern Ireland. She placed third in the U.S. women’s open in 2014.

She is now sitting in the 112 spot of the 2019 LPGA Tour money list. She only has one event left to improve her place for the 2020 listing. Her life is full of having to overcome the past and her consistent perseverance shown in the Volunteers of America Classis when she shot a 63 to take the 18-hole lead. She is coming off if the 2012 NCAA national championship title and the 2014 U.S. Women’s open. She continues to show her career-low score of 63 to this day. She also wins the 2015 Heather Farr Perseverance award because she handled what life threw her way when her father passed away.

She was then tested again in 2017 when she found out she had a stress fracture in her lower back. She was misdiagnosed for ten weeks, and after this was diagnosed, she underwent surgery followed by months of rehab. After this surgery, she could not retain her card in the 2018 season, and she went to the Symetra Tour. She earned 6th place and retrieved her card again.

She continued to be tested in life, yet she continued to persevere and push through. She missed the cut in the 2019 debut at the ISPS Handa Vic Open. This was because of her falling down the stairs, twisting her ankle, and playing in a great amount of pain in Australia. She continued to miss cuts, as many as six throughout June and July. This caused her to reevaluate her game and lower her self confidence, but she kept pushing.

Since Meadow continued to persevere, she moved back up to 11th place in July at the Marathon Classic and an invitational. She also traveled back to her home country and played for money with women and men in the ISPS invitational.

Recently, Meadow got five birdies from the second hole to the sixth and bogey-free round. This resulted in her now sitting at the top of the leaderboard for the first time in her entire career. She never stopped battling and never backed down. She is not only back and playing, but she is winning championships. This allowed her to realize what she can accomplish when she doesn’t back down. This girl has battled through a lot and rocked a sexy sleeveless golf shirt the whole time!

The whole world has seen what Meadow has accomplished, and they have also seen what has been thrown at her but not stopped her. She is the top 2020 person to watch in women’s golf. She has given a great example of what it’s like to keep on fighting in anything you do. Especially something you love doing. She is not only back and playing, but she is winning titles and making a great name for herself.

How You Can Improve Conversion With Call Tracking

Call Tracking Software For Your Business

Wake up, people! This is the era of digital marketing, and if you don’t use call tracking for your business, you have been sleeping under a rock somewhere. Grab a cub of your most robust coffee, splash some Woodinvile Whiskey in there if you need, and get ready to learn about the value of call tracking.

Many digital marketers use resources like cookies and read receipts to understand how effective their digital marketing campaigns are. Most of these tools are incredibly useful for tracking engagement and conversion, but some marketers are missing the boat when it comes to call-tracking. Tracking inbound calls is a great way to find out which campaigns have been useful for you. You can add unique tracking numbers to postcard mailers, landing pages, social media profiles, and email campaigns.

Setting up your call tracking software should be pretty straight forward. You will need to create an account, buy a number, and configure the forwarding options. Here I’ll list this process in detail for you.

Find a Call Tracking Solution

This shouldn’t be difficult, and there are dozens of companies out there that offer Call Tracking for businesses. Call Fire, Call Rail, Call Tracking Pro, and Plateau Telecom are a few of the top companies online providing these services.

Create an Account

Login and Crete an account. Here you will be able to order your numbers, assign call forwarding options, setup voicemails, and add additional recipients for the calls to be forwarded to.

Purchase Numbers

If you have an affiliate site that sells a widget, or if your business would benefit from a custom number, you can try different numbers for different sites. You can buy a number for each social profile, paid ads, and for the various landing pages on your website. It’s relatively cheap to purchase numbers, so it makes sense to invest in multiple numbers for tracking.

Call Forwarding

You will want to configure the forwarding options so that the calls can be answered and tracked correctly. Having multiple recipients available to handle those calls would be ideal. You can create unlimited forwarding options, allowing you to forward the calls to the office, and personal cell phones.

Call Recording

As any digital marketer will tell you, conversion continues through to the point of sale. Recording the conversations, your prospects or having with your call center, receptionist, or sales team is a great way to track the effectiveness of those individuals once the call reaches the office. Having recordings to reference is also beneficial if there is a miscommunication with the client.

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, and that stands true with inbound phone calls. The first time a prospect calls your business, it’s the first and most impactful impressions they will have. That is the moment where the call needs to be answered, and the individual taking the call needs to be knowledgeable enough to help the caller with any questions or concerns they may have.

Call tracking is one of the most affordable and most effective tracking options out there. By allocating custom numbers to specific landing pages, social properties, and directory listings like Yelp, you will gain a real understanding of the effectiveness of those campaigns and branded company profiles.

Benefits of Having Good Incident Management Software

software safety management systems

Too many people sleeping on the job, it’s time to Wakeup! Do you realize how many accidents happen every year as the result of sleep employees? Thousands! Seriously people, it’s time to Wakeup and pay attention to what’s happening around you.

In business, we like to think that everything will go smoothly, and there’s nothing wrong with hoping for the best. However, there also needs to be a plan in place just in case the worst happens, and this is where incident management software comes in. 

In case you haven’t seen this type of software before, it’s installed to alert team members when there’s a problem with an IT service. With a solution like this in place, downtime is limited, and you aren’t losing potential customers just because of a small issue with your IT services. Not only is the team alerted to the problem, some software solutions will create a report and even automate a workflow to ensure the problem is resolved as quickly as possible. 

Why have safety management software in your business? 

Boost Productivity 

In years gone by, there would be an element of guessing about incidents and the resolution required to get back up and running. Now, an incident management program will remove this guesswork and follow a set procedure. For example; 

  • Identify the problem 
  • Categorize the incident 
  • Set a priority level 
  • Respond to the incident 
  • Analyze whether there are patterns and trends to this incident and others like it 

When multiple incidents happen at the same time, the priority ranking ensures that the most serious issues are dealt with as early as possible. Meanwhile, smaller problems are fixed whenever the resources become available. 

 Help with Documentation and Reporting 

What happens when the shareholders, directors, or another stakeholder wants to see a report on IT service management and effectiveness? With an incident management system in place, it’s suddenly much easier to document performance and the utilization of resources. 

Visibility and Credibility 

Often, complaints and issues will come from the customer directly. Of course, customers need to feel as though their voice is heard and this is where the brilliant ticketing system is useful. Even when communicating with staff who have reported a problem, a ticketing system allows the other party to manage expectations and see that the problem is actually being investigated rather than ignored. 

When customers feel they have a voice, they feel valued by the company and it’s possible to build credibility within the market. At the same time, the IT department enjoys the system because tickets are organized and assigned rather than two people doing the same work. 

Quick Resolutions and Top Service 

With the biggest problems having top priority assigned to them, they’re more likely to get resolved quickly. Rather than wasting time on basic problems, the IT team can use their time more efficiently and this leads to the best possible service for all involved. If the website has crashed or a particular contact form isn’t working, it goes through the system and gets fixed with speed. For the customer, they see that this is a company that knows what they’re doing. You gain credibility, respect, and a reputation for brilliant service. 

Data Feedback 

As the final benefit of choosing incident management software, they gather data from all the incidents that pass through the software, and this has the potential to be invaluable. You can review; 

  • The time spent on each ticket 
  • The speed of dealing with each priority level
  • Patterns and trends of incidents 
  • Severity of incidents 
  • Difficulty of incidents to resolve 

By setting parameters, you can even use the software to meet SLA requirements. Therefore, you should now start to see why so many businesses are implementing this type of software. By forgoing this technology, you don’t get the data, your customers are left in the dark, and your resources are deployed poorly!

What Exactly Are Surfactant Cleaners?

Wake up! It’s Saturday morning and it’s time to help mom clean the house. I remember those days growing up, Saturdays sucked almost as bad as the school week. Mom would crank her music on, open the bedroom door, and say wakeup, it’s time to clean! I hated that with a passion. Well, fast forward all these years and here I am writing about surfactant cleaners, and little did I know back then, I was using them to clean that kitchen every weekend.

So What Are Surfactants?

The word surfactant is derived from a sequence of words called “Surface Active Agents.” The actual surfactants are molecules that are used to help reduce the tension of water on a given surface and helps it spread more evenly. To simplify this statement, why don’t we say that surfactants make water even wetter. Surfactants are also penetrating agents that are designed to get deep into the crevices of any service and loosen the soil so that cleaning becomes more efficient.

So How Does A Surfactant Work?

When you add chemical surfactants to water, you help the water spread more evenly over a surface. If you clean your kitchen counter and spray a chemical on the surface, you may notice that the liquid beads up on the surface of the counter. This chemical reaction allows the water to spread more evenly across the surface of your counter, penetrate cracks and crevices, loosen dirt and grime, and clean the surface more efficiently. Surfactants are made up of multiple molecular elements. There is a head and a tail, one attracts water (head), and the other repels water (tail). When surfactants are not present in water, the water will bead tightly. When surfactants are added to water they the beads flatten and cover more surface area. Adding surfactants to cleaning products helps the solution to spread more evenly and covers more of the surface you are trying to clean. 

Why Surfactants Are Perfect For Cleaning

When you spray a degreasing cleaning solution on a surface for cleaning purposes, the tail of the surfactant works its way into direct contact with the surface area. During this process, it will wedge itself between the surface and the dirt and grime that is on the surface area. By doing this, the surfactant element is loosening the dirt particles from the surface area, making it easier to clean. This process is referred to as roll-up and is referencing the event when the surfactant roll up the dirt particles as it makes contact with the surface area. Products like Aqua-cleen degreaser additives are added to household cleaning supplies to create this unique. As this happens, the hydrophobic tails of the surfactant cling to the dirt since it is not water. This allows the cleaning solution to bind with the soil and will enable you to clean more efficiently. 

Surfactants In The Home

Most household cleaning solutions consist of surfactants that help you every time you clean your kitchen or bathroom. Surfactants make cleaning faster and help keep surface areas clean and free of dirt particles. Surfactants can be found in the best laundry detergent, dishwashing soap, toilet cleaners, shower cleaners, and other interior and exterior residential cleaning supplies.

Advertising Agencies – What Can You Expect for Your Business

how to market your business online

In today’s world, advertising and the wider marketing section of your business has the potential to be a catalyst. With one marketing campaign, all your Christmases can come at once and the business can propel towards its goals. Alternatively, it could not only drain your marketing budget but drown the business too. 

With such high stakes, you may consider an advertising agency. If this is the case, allow us to explain what you can expect from the experience! 

A Reliable, Experienced Partner

First and foremost, the reason we choose a professional in any field is for their experience and insights. Whether an accountant or a car mechanic, we need their guidance in an area in which we don’t feel comfortable or simply need assistance. With an advertising agency, this is no different; they’ve worked in the area for some time, understand the strategies that work (and the ones that don’t!), and this has the potential to save lots of time and money. Media buying, video production, and digital marketing all require the expertise of an experienced marketing agency. Companies like Beyond Theory offer premier marketing services that cater to the needs of all business types.

As you continue to grow, the agency will stand beside you and contribute in whatever way you need. 

Support Across All Campaigns

Essentially, your chosen advertising agency becomes an outsourced chief marketing officer (CMO). As an addition to the team, they will help across all campaigns whether you want to focus on TV ads, social media, or another platform entirely. 

If we take social media as an example, this arena is continually changing. Rather than taking the time to stay up to date with algorithms and what advertising techniques are outperforming all others, outsource to a team of social media experts that deal with this area every single day.

Creative Assistance and Direction

Let’s face it, dealing with advertising isn’t just a matter of investing time, it requires creativity. With every year that passes, it’s taking more and more creativity to stay relevant in any industry. The more creative you are, the more likely you are to catch the attention of your target market. You’re not just paying to get these things done, you’re paying to get them done well. 

It’s important to distinguish between the big picture and more refined tasks too. As well as helping with specific campaigns, your advertising agency can help to innovate and create a strategy that pushes your own business beyond the competition. Over time, you can sit down with your new partner every so often and discuss how well the company is progressing towards long-term goals.

Data-Driven Expertise

We live in a world of data, and it’s easy to get lost in a sea of percentages and metrics. With an advertising agency, you have a service that will manage this data and make the right decisions based on customer segmentation, consumer behavior, and the ever-changing market. We’ve spoken about creativity, but creative advertising will only get you so far; you also need to reach out in the right places at the right times. 


Finally, we can’t forget that the results will decide whether or not the investment has been worthwhile. Using everything that we’ve discussed so far, the reputation of advertising agencies is built upon their track record. With the very best agencies, they will exploit all the right avenues in order to boost exposure for your business. 

To finish, here’s some more things you can expect for your business with an advertising agency; 

  • A strategic partner 
  • Revenue 
  • Improvement in the customer experience 
  • Knowledge of advertising techniques and strategies
  • Ad content that resonates with prospective clients 
  • Growth 
  • Long-term planning

What’s more, the agency will adjust their service depending on what you need. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, they will listen to your needs and goals, learn your industry, and adopt a tailored strategy! 

July 2019 Hottest Month On Record

Wake Up! Anyone denying climate change is out of their mind! Polar caps are melting, the rubber on my shoes is melting, and the plastic surgery on Kylie Jenner is melting off her face!

Wake up people! Al Gore pushed the topic hard after he failed to win his presidential bid, politicians laughed, people blew it off, but there were a small group of “Green-Minded” individuals that took what o’l Al was saying to heart and embraced his message.

July 2019 is officially the hottest month on record and if you are concerned about what that means for your future, or the future for your kids, you better wake the Fuk Up! This is the hottest month on record since July of 2016.

The earth is being polluted at a rate that has never existed before. China, the U.S. and other big industrial countries have been back-handing Mother Earth like it was the 1950’s and dinner wasn’t made yet. Well, Mother Earth got tired of the backhands, and 70 years later has returned to burn our souls. Hell, maybe with all the recent mass shootings, it’s a sign that we are closer to hell than we think. These idiots have no respect for human life and these tragedies may be an indication that hell is upon us.

So what do we do once we wake up? It’s time to go green! If you live in Washington State, California, or Colorado… you have probably already gone green, you Bob Marley spliff smoke’n hippy hooligan! Seriously though, time to re-think how you operate on a day to day basis. Somebody tell Taylor Schilling that Green is the new black!

There are some environmentally conscious changes you can make to your daily routine and none of this is new to anyone. So listen up while I drop some green knowledge on that azz!

 Car Pool – This is an easy one, you have been told for decades to car pool, the emissions and toxic fumes are automobiles produce is an ozone wrecker.

• Electric Car – Electric cars are a thing, you can actually buy a vehicle that is battery powered, saving the environment of toxic emissions.

• Solar Car – Elon Musk is becoming a leader in solar energy. The potential for solar powered cars, and solar powered roofing supplies make solar a great choice. Heck, you can even turn your garage solar!

Solar Home – The home is an energy consuming machine that the drains the electrical grid dry of energy on a daily basis. For those states that run heaters most of the year (Washington) or those state that run air conditioning units 24 hours a day all summer long (Arizona) turning your home into a solar powered machine is a great way to contribute and do your part!

• Limit Fossil Fuel Dependency – If you love toys, and I’m not talking toys for the bedroom…. I’m talking big-boy toys like side by side razors and boats, you need to consider limiting the use of these toys and start thinking about mountain biking and other non-fossil fuel dependent activities.

Look, some of you will read this and take notice that the hottest month on record just passed us by, and from the looks of things now these temperatures aren’t cooling anytime soon. Those people that acknowledge this may be willing to make a change, go-green, go-solar, go-electric, and contribute to this effort. Then there is the other group that will read this and say, ugh, huh-huh…. this is like stupid. Those individuals will walk away from this incredible article only to light up a smoke on the back porch while spying on the neighbor girl sun bathing. If he’s inspired by her, then maybe, just maybe she an electric car, or solar powered home and can influence this Beavis into going green for the sake of Mother Earth before she back-hands us back like it’s the 1950’s and she’s a man hating machine on the warpath.

Termites Destroy Tiny Dream Home

500 Thousand Termites Destroy Tiny Dream Home

This is crazy, and you have never seen how fast a colony of termites can rip through your dream home, just take a look at this video and hope this never happens to you.

Now, imagine that is your home! The absolute destruction that a colony of termites can cause in a short period of time is unbelievable. They can destroy all wood aspects of your home, framing, flooring, roofing, and cabinetry. If you see signs of termite damage in your home, you need to contact a pest control company to evaluate the damage and provide you with some options for treating termites.

Most of the time termite damage is pretty noticeable, the tunnels are obvious, and so are the maze-like designs they carve into the wood. These patterns are pretty distinct and it’s hard to confuse termite damage with any other kind of insect damage.

If you are building your home, there are some great tips on termite prevention that you should read thoroughly to make sure you are avoiding termites at all costs. By setting up permitter barriers, you can keep termites at a distance from your structure for a long time. These treatment sessions however, will need to be applied quarterly to ensure termites are not invading your property.

In the initial stages of your build, you may also opt-in for termite treated wood. Obviously, the more preventative your efforts are, the more it will cost you in the beginning, but those costs are nothing compared to the damage termites can cause to your home permanently.

Termites are easily the most dangerous insect infestation your property could face. Unless you are allergic to bees, this is definitely the biggest problem you could encounter as a home owner. You can also check the trees on your property to make sure they haven’t been attacked by termites.

If you notice a termite problem and it appears to be at an advanced stage, it is highly recommended that you call a termite control specialist and a general contractor to evaluate the damage and give you a quote for replacing any wood structures that are weight bearing wood beams that may have been damaged by the termites.

As you can see in the video termites are very aggressive and should be taken seriously. Do everything you can to avoid this type of damage and keep termites far away from your property.


Plus Sized Girls At The Night Club

Here’s The Skinny On Plus Sized Girls

Wake Up! Plus sized girls are better soul mates and here’s why I say that.

plus sized girl clothesI gotta admit I have a bit of a thing for plus sized girls, and honestly I’d much rather date one than a slim one. I love to eat and you know a bigger girl is gonna be your partner in crime when it comes to dining. When I go out to eat, I go out to eat! I ain’t trying to pick at appetizer-sized portions, I want a meal and I don’t ever have leftovers. Plus sized girls that can tackle a meal and a cocktail are the kind of girls I wanna spend a Friday night with. When I hit the club for some 2-step action on the dance floor, I have my eyes on the girls in the plus size nightclub dresses! The way they be shaken to the groove makes a man like me wanna swoop in from behind and whisper something sexy in her ear, like “hey baby, how about you and me leave this club and go get some conversation started over some chicken and waffles”. You can’t say something sexy like that to a skinny girl, she might turn around and toss a drink in your face.

chicken and waffles

Plus sized girls in plus-sized dresses just have a way about them that demands a mans attention, the way they walk, the way they talk, there is something about them that’s like voodoo for a dude like me. The plus size nightclub dresses I like on a woman are elegant, not too revealing, but show enough leg and shoulder that inspire me to ask the fine lady for a dance. The club can be a crazy place full of gold dig’n women and scum bag men, so finding a plus-sized girl in the club who carries herself like a lady is like finding a diamond in the rough. Of course, having a guy like me approach them for a dance is something special also, how many times have you had smooth operator approach you in the club and ask you if you wanna go get some chicken and waffles? That might not be the line most girls wanna hear, but my plus sized ladies know what I’m talk’n about, and the fellas definitely know what I’m talk’n about. If you ain’t ever had chicken and waffles after dancing at the best night club in Texas, you miss’n out. One thing you wanna be cautious of though is getting syrup on your club clothes!

eating ben and Jerrys ice creamThe plus-sized girls I meet in the club enjoy extra butter and syrup on their waffles and I have seen plenty of them dribble some and make a mess of they plus-sized dress. This may be an opportunity for you though, I mean think about it. You hit the club, meet a fine plus sized girl dance’n on the floor, you whisper in her ear in the most sexy voice you got “hey baby, how about some chicken and waffles?” Next thing you know you at the waffle shack and she’s got two orders in front of her, now that’s love at first sight if you ask me! Next thing you know she got chicken grease and syrup on her fancy look’n plus-sized dress and is trying to clean it up with some wet naps. That’s when you make your move and invite her back to your place to wash the dress. It’s an easy invite if you lure her with some Ben and Jerry’s, if she says yes to that you might as well start planning the wedding.

Now, you need to be cautious of the plus sized dresses in the washing machine, depending on the size it can throw things of balance and make a racket in the laundry room. Best that you spread the dress out evenly in the washing machine, hit it with some extra laundry detergent in case she broke a sweat when she was bust’n a move on the dance floor. Now chances are you don’t have any extra clothes for her to wear while she waits, unless you a plus-sized dude like me and have some plus sized sweats and a t-shirt, then you good. Now it’s time to make this girl yours, forget the wine, it’s time to pull out the double fudge brownie Ben and Jerries, two spoons and throw on the Dave Chappelle show. If she’s eat’n that ice cream up, laugh’n along to some Dave Chappelle, and not even think’n about her plus-sized nightclub dress in the wash’n machine, you got yourself a keeper. And that my friends is the skinny on plus sized girls in the club!

ganja grindz coffee

Wake Up And Smell The THC Coffee

Wake And Bake With THC Coffee!

Wake Up! Or do you need a cup of Joe first to get the blood pumping? How about some coffee to get you up and some THC to get you high? With the legalization of Marijuana around the country, THC is being infused into just about anything you can ingest, huff, puff, or inhale! These new lines of THC coffees have me excited for many reasons, but two specifically.

  1. I love coffee.
  2. I love THC. 

The list referenced above is a true story, believe it or not! A morning cup of Joe infused with some purple kush just might be the kinds of fuel my brain needs to get work done around here! It’s as natural as the earth itself and has plenty of health benefits to go along with it. We all know that coffee is a major source of anti oxidants, and if you didn’t know, full spectrum hemp oils are power house sources of nutritional value. Combine the two and you have a true mind, body, and soul experience that is sure to make the day great. Imagine waking up in the morning and brewing a Keurig coffee cup in an instant that’s a combination of caffeine and THC. That would be the most convenient dosage ever and I guarantee the community of cannabis consumers would sip that Joe fo sho!

There are already a ton of coffees on the market that have infused THC with the coffee bean and brewers everywhere are jumping at the bit to get in on the action. Here are a few companies that are stoning the competition!

thc coffeeKoala Coffee

This cold brewed bottle of coffee infused goodness is enough to get the blood pump’n and the brain cells puff’n. This cold bottle of hippie brew comes with a 25g dose of THC to make the day the happiest it can be!


Brew Budz – A Cannabiniers Brand

This brew and bud combo was built to be used in any of the pod friendly devices out there on the market. I’m talking k-cup style THC infused coffee. Coffee pods plus pot equal a pot of pot coffee. See where I’m going with this?

canyon cultivation coffee reviewCanyon Cultivation Coffee

This dose of dope infused brew consists of 10mg of THC and 100mg of caffeine. Talk about the perfect ratio! I like just enough THC to spark the mental, followed with enough caffeine to turn those creative thoughts into action. One without the other is like food without the salt, it just ain’t that good.


House Of Jane Cannabis Coffee Pods

Another brand that is getting into the pod market, these pot infused pods are the perfect way to start your day. Most people have jobs, and jobs suck! A cup of this in the AM will surely make that shitty work day more manageable. For those of you with actual careers, this just makes everything better – see, this is for everyone!

pot o coffee podsPot O Coffee

Another play on the word game, thought I was first with the slick talk until I came across this brand. I can dig it, they are cool enough to create a brand of hand crafted infused cannabis coffee, I’m sure if I ever met the mastermind behind this batch of love we would end up blazing one over a cold brew.

Therapy Tonics

I am a huge fan of all these tonics that have hit the market. I see them infused with various herbs and roots, but this hemp infused tonic is the chronic! They have a wide variety of flavors to offer, enough THC to get the gears of the mind in motion, and I like anything therapeutical, so this is a no brainer.

ganja grindz coffeeGanja Grindz

I like ganja, I like coffee, and I like to grind. Waking up and grind’n out my day has always been the way of this guy. Gimme some THC infused Ganja Grindz and my mindz ablaze in ways never known to folks. If you hire me, just don’t give me a drug test, because I will fail miserably.

Clogging Toilets At Rogers Centre

How A Blue Jays Game Turned Into A Plumbing Nightmare

blue jays stadium

I went up to Toronto August 3rd to catch the Blue Jays and Mariners game (results here) with my buddy. We are both fans of the Jays, in fact, we have been Toronto fans since the days of George Bell if that tells you anything! Anyway, whenever we are in Toronto we eat like kings and drink like fish, there is nothing healthy about that trip when we make it. The game was awesome, the Jays beat the Mariners 7-2 which gave us even more reasons to celebrate!

During the game though, my stomach started churning, and I had to take a dump bad. I can usually fight off the cramps and gurgles, but when I start sweating it’s time to make a dash to the can! My buddy knew what was up, we have been around each other long enough that when he saw that look on my face it was clear that I needed to get to the restroom immediately. I jumped out of my seat and walked to the restroom at a pretty decent pace. When I arrived there was  a small line, I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it, or if I was going to just have to drop this load in my shorts and flush them down the toilet. As my turn was approaching, I could feel this thing turtle necking and trying to push its way out my bum. The sweat was pouring on hard, I had pitted out my shirt, and my forehead was dripping.

sharted pants and clogged drains

After standing for almost 10 minutes in line, I reached point of no return, I had a little slip and totally sharted. I couldn’t tell if it was visible yet from behind, so I just closed my eyes and waited for the next bathroom stall to open. Some old guy cam wondering out of the stall and I almost knocked him over trying to get in there before he even had a chance to get out. Once I entered the stall, I couldn’t get my drawers off quick enough, within seconds I was sitting on the toilet and letting loose. I’m pretty sure everyone in Rogers Centre heard the disaster that was taking place. After 15 minutes of toilet time, two flushes,  and half gallon of sweat, I was ready to wipe up and get out of there. The only issue I had was the start stained underwear I had been wearing, I wasn’t about to pull those back up and watch the rest of the games with them on.

So, I made a beer influenced decision and decided that my compression underwear was thin enough to flush down the toilet. Ask me why I made that decision when I’m sober and couldn’t tell you, catch me with a few beers in me and ask and I’ll tell you I had no choice. Prior to flushing though, I wound the underwear up into something that resembled a rope, something that could easily slither it’s way through the Rogers Centre plumbing system and into the sewer lines. It was this intoxicated reasoning that led me to one of the most embarrassing plumbing disasters I have ever been a part of.

toilets overflowing

I twisted up the underwear and slid it into the toilet like a snake, I have had poops that resembled this so I figured I was safe. Once the underwear was pretty much out of site I decided to flush, what I should have done is just left it and let the next guy flush. I pushed down the handle and it was an experience that was lived out in slow motion. I could hear the water struggling to drain and watched it start to back up, as the water was backing up it was almost like it was sucking everything back out of the pipes and into the toilet bowl. The water was getting darker, toilet paper was resurfacing, and I was in a panic, what did I just do?

I tried to casually walk out of the stall, but that’s kinda hard to do when there are 20 people behind you trying to use that toilet. I waived it off as if I knew nothing about why the toilet was clogged, but as I turned the corner to wash my hands I heard someone say “hey, there is underwear in this toilet”. By this time the water was overflowing and the place was turning into a scene of chaos. They needed the best drain cleaning services in Toronto to clean that mess up. Hopefully they were able to reach a qualified plumber in time to get the toilet fixed before the 7th inning stretch.

pub in Toronto

I returned to my seat almost 40 minutes later only to see my buddy laughing hysterically at me. My shirt was soaked in sweat, my face red from embarrassment, and he knew it was time for a beer. We left the game early and headed over to the best pub in Toronto for some cold ones. Not sure I will ever return to Rogers Centre after that one.

Dating Girls In Oklahoma

Finding An Okie Chick To Date

If you just moved to Oklahoma and are having some issued finding a girl to date that’s not a Thunder fan, good luck! Seems every girl you cross paths with out there is screaming Westbrooks name even in the off season. It’s not like they ever won a championship, except when they were in Seattle and were playing as the Sonics, they got one then, but have never been good enough since being stolen from Seattle to make a legit run in the finals. Look, I’m not here to bash the team, I’m here to bash the girls I keep meeting that act like the team is the best thing to happen to basketball.

I was at an OKC bar last month on business and struck up a good conversation with you gal I would have considered dating material. She had a beautiful smile, held a solid conversation about a wide range of topics, could drink a few beers, and seemed like a genuine person. These are the kinds of people I enjoy meeting when I’m traveling, and since I frequent OKC I need to know where to find more chicks like this to date. She had some ideas she threw out there for a second date, she seemed real familiar with the area and live most of her life there. I’m a fan of culture and good food and it seemed she her finger on the pulse of the OKC food and art scene.

We committed to meet up the following museum of artweekend for a drink and night at the OKCMOA. We met up at a local brewery called the Anthem Brewing Company and threw back a few bottles of beer. It was just enough to get us both to open up and converse beyond the surface material we had been talking about. Some decent discussions about life, goals, and dreams. It was a cool hour spent at the brewery before we ventured off to the OKCMOA.

The OKCMOA is a pretty cool art museum downtown. They have local art pieces on display in addition to some rotating pieces that were making their way around the country. There was a cool women’s golf gallery that had some old golf clubs that were turned into an art piece. There were also some manakins on display that featured some very artistic throwback styles of old womens golf clothes. We both enjoyed the creativity at the museum, art is such a pleasure to observe with someone else that has an eye for it.


kissing on the second dateI gotta say after two dates I’m pretty impressed with this. Okie chick. We have so many things in common, laugh hard, and truly enjoy hanging out with each other. The second date we kissed goodbye at the end, I didn’t even try grabbing her tits, I enjoyed her company enough that I wasn’t willing to risk pissing her off over a boob squeeze. I will wait on that one. I head back to OKC in a few weeks and have another date lined up with her. Should be a good time, looking forward to hanging with my Okie Chick!

Time For Crossfit Fat Ass

Wake Up Fat Ass! It’s Crossfit Time!


Put the Twinkie and soda down fat boy, it’s time to Wake Up! and smell the coffee!! Life is short, not as short as your pecker, but it’s damn short! If you want this thing to end sooner than is natural keep eating junk and sitting on your ass, if you want to live  a long healthy life you better start thinking about a few things that are going to make a difference in your timeline. One of those things is diet, the other is exercise. There are a dozen ways to skin a cat, the same goes with diet and exercise chunk-boy! You gotta find a diet that works for you, stop stuffing your face and learn about a little thing called eating in moderation. Thanksgiving is once a year, not weekly porker! When you add some exercise to those kind of eating habits you get results and those results I’m talking about is good health. So, now that we have the diet all figured out and you know that healthy foods in moderation are going to give you a better chance at living than your McDonalds diet you are currently hogging out on, it’s time to talk exercise. You can get buy walking the block, pumping the rusty weights in your folks backyard, or doing P90X in your basement, but if you want to make real strides you will join a gym. Getting into a gym and training in an environment where you can get support from the people there is gonna push you to get off your ass and play hard. You gotta get that heart rate pumping, sweat pouring, and body aching. Going half ass isn’t going to get you the results you need and want, so go hard or go home!

The hottest workout routine in town is Crossfit. Interval training has proven to be a successful way to lose weight and gain lean muscle. If you have never heard of it, or never tried it, you are in for a real surprise when you start throwing weight around and jumping from station to station with your fellow crossfitters. Now, like anything else there are gyms that do it and there are gyms that do it right! I have searched the web for legit resources about crossfit and found this resource about Boxing Inc Crossfit in Tucson and found that these guys are some of the most legit competitors in the country. Their team of crossfit competitors have been competing professionally regionally and around the country. You wanna lose some weight chunk? Join a gym like Boxing Inc and get some professional guidance as you navigate your way through the crossfit circuit. Once you are able to complete a circuit competitively, you can officially shed your title of fat ass and star calling yourself bad ass!

Balding In Sports

The Athlete And The Receding Hairline

balding men in sports

Athletes are notorious for wearing caps and helmets during game time, at least in baseball and football. But there are plenty of non hat/helmet wearing athletes that fall victim to hair loss. Is that hereditary or are these guys rock’n hats in their off time. I’m not even really sure what causes hair loss to be honest, I just know that there are a lot of athletes that are walking around with half a head of hair. Football players have high receding hair lines and I can almost guarantee that it’s due to the helmets they have worn since high school. Baseball players are constantly wearing caps during the game and when in the outfield. But basketball players don’t wear any caps during the game and most of them are bald. I realize that for many it’s a style, but for the many others that don’t rock it as a style, the bald look is something they actually don’t want to be seen with. Many athletes trim up other areas of their body and go hairless on their tattooed arms, but the head is a whole other story. I’ve rocked long hair most of my life, so the crew cut style look has never really appealed to me. I can’t imagine that Lebron James is thrilled about his head of hair, or that any other basketball player that is losing his mop is happy about that. So what do you do? Sign up for an NBA hair transplant? If you are making millions playing sports I say fugettaboutit! You don’t need a head of hair to attract women. The massive bulge in your wallet should draw the attention of the finest babes in town, and if they aren’t attracted to you, just buy their love for a night, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than falling in love! Hair loss among your average guy doesn’t seem as rampant as it does in professional sports. I know many guys on personal levels and business acquaintances that have full heads of hair, I know more guys with hair than without. So what does that say about all these balding athletes? Is it the supplements they are taking? Is it the constant hat wearing, keeping disguises 24/7 while in public? That has to wear away at the hair follicles on your head and leave your top short on hair. For those of you that wear hats on the daily and are noticing some thinning around the edges, wake up! If you don’t stop with all that hat wearing you will indeed lose your hair.

Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead

Brain Dead In Denver Doing Stuff

downtown Denver colorado

union station

Remember that movie from the 90’s called Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead with Andy Garcia and Steve Buscemi? If not, check it out because it was a pretty slick flick! Anyway, I was in Denver last month visiting a buddy and we were definitely looking for things to do in Denver, brain dead! Yup, weed in legal now in Colorado, which makes Denver a place to waste your mind! Not only did we drink like fish, we smoked like chimney stacks and ate enough edibles to sedate an elephant. Denver was cool, we hung out near Coors field and drank Coors Light all night! That came after we drank local brews all day and needed to water down our blood streams. Switching to Coors Light after drinking IPA all day is really like switching to water. We had to sober up, so light beers and marijuana edibles were a great way to sober our minds and get ready for the night life. We started out around 4pm for some real bar hopping, that came after drinking at least 15 beers each and getting stoned off some Colorado Chronic. I’m not gonna lie, we were ripped when we set foot out onto the streets of Denver and it was nonsense from the get-go. We started talking smack the second we hit the street and almost got in a fight with some local thugs, my buddy stripped down to his underwear and these dudes wanted nothing to do with us. It was a pretty epic moment and we couldn’t stop laughing about it the rest of the night. We wandered by some store front properties and ventured through some of the stores, poking around at gadgets and random locally made goods. We came across an epic find when stumbled into Franks Denver Barbershop to buy some hair gel. We started drunk talking with the barber who ended up being a hell of a guy.


They offered us a drink which was a great way to get our attention, apparently they pour drinks for their clients while they get trimmed up. Me and my buddy are both beard guys, obnoxious beard guys and don’t trim these facial bushes often. This guy was able to slip us some bourbon and and convince us that we needed an annual trim. We both took him up on it and slid into the barbers chair for a quick trim. I actually dozed off while getting cleaned up, the bourbon pour was stiffer than John Holmes and hit me like a hook from Mike Tyson. Word on the streets of Denver (actually just among those of us there) I may have even been snoring while I was in the barbers chair. That’s common when I drink all day and smoke weed, the pass out threshold creeps up quick and I can find myself unconscious in the most awkward places. While I was brain dead in a Denver barbershop, I had vivid dreams of dildos buzzing in my face and can now attribute that to the buzzing sound of the barber clippers. I cleaned up pretty well, still rock’n a mountain mans beard, just with less straggles and scrappy looking hair patches. When the barber finished he yelled Wake Up! in my face and I jumped up out the barbers chair like a bat outta hell. Next time we are brain dead in Denver looking for some time to kill with those brain cells, we will be swinging by that barbershop for some bourbon and a trim! Til next time Denver!

Buying Property In Rocky Point Mexico

Investing In a Vacation Property In Mexico

property management company

I like Rocky Point Mexico, you really can’t beat that trip to the sandy beach resort area. The beaches are beautiful, the sands are soft and powder like, the waters are blue, and the vibe is typically fun and entertaining. Rocky Point is a vacation destination for many families in the South West and the place starts to get real live during the holidays. The people show up there during the holidays to party, and the party is always live in Rocky Point. If you have never been there you are missing out on a great family vacation destination that is close to the border. It’s my preference to visit Mexico as close to the border as I can. Places like Cancun are a little deeper than I want to travel with my wife and kids. As a single guy I didn’t mind making the trip into the heart of Mexico, I have survived every situation thrown at me so far in life and the middle of Mexico didn’t bother me any, but traveling there with my family is a whole different story. That is why Rocky Point has been so appealing over the years. The real estate market there has been pretty affordable as the place has been developing over the last 15-20 years.


The condo projects are absolutely gorgeous and  we have thought about investing in one as a vacation property that we could rent throughout the year. The other option is buying a home either on the beach or buying a home just off the beach. Vacation properties have always been alluring to me as an investor, especially with places like VRBO and Air B&B out there giving me the opportunity to rent the property out to people traveling. The only issue I would have with a property in Mexico is managing it. After every vacation rental, someone would need to go in and clean the place to prepare it for the next family. If the property was here in the states we would have the same issue, except that we would probably purchase in state to make sure that we could have eyes on the property. Mexico does have some cleaning services and local maid services that could work but I would rather hire a property management company that has a local reputation for managing properties for American investments. There are a 100 reasons why I would hire a property manager as opposed to just hiring a maid service, even if the costs are substantially more than a maid service I think the level of accountability that a property management has to adhere to puts them at another level of trust than a maid service. If we do buy a vacation property in Mexico, we will probably connect with local American investors to see who they use to manage their properties and go with whatever makes sense. Rocky Point is a party hub, so vetting prospect renters will be key to making sure the lace doesn’t get trashed. Better Wake Up folks, the only thing getting trashed in my rental property will be me!

Wake Up And Smell The Cannabis

Wake Up – It’s Not A Dream – Weed Is Being Legalized

colorado girl getting highStoners rejoice! Weed is being legalized around the country and we can finally puff some herb without having to duck the authorities. Back in Jr. High I was nabbed by campus security for blazing a J out in the woods just of the school property. This jack ass was creep’n through the woods off campus trying to bust us and he got me. Looking back though, dude was alright. He took my weed and gave us a big brother kinda talk and let us go, in those same woods in Washington State smoking weed is legal. Its about time they come around on this, alcohol has long been the governments poison of choice because of the complete control they have over it and the money they make taxing it. I think there is some fear that they can’t control this industry like they want, the FDA is working hard to make sure they create more monopolies, and that the small guys aren’t interfering with the crooked efforts of the real drug dealers in D.C. Enough of that rant though, we are living in a time were more government officials around the country are acknowledging that marijuana and CBD oils have some value in our society and shouldn’t be outlawed. People that use marijuana definitely shouldn’t be imprisoned over a sack a weed. Unfortunately there are people sitting in the bing as I type this that have been locked away over some weed smoke. That is an absolutely ridiculous though if you take a step back and think about what that statement says. Basically, if you burn and inhale the smoke of a plant that grows naturally on this earth then you are a criminal. Seriously?  That is absurd, too much control over everything and big government will be wedging itself in the middle of this money making opportunity to ensure they control it all. Weed is being legalized in around the country and already is in Washington State, Oregon, Nevada, California, and Colorado.

There are other states on the east coast that have also joined the 420 club, I’ll make my way there eventually. One concern I have is that a company like Monsanto will takeover the cannabis industry by swooping  in and getting pattens on weed seeds so that farmers are strong armed into buying GMO seeds from these monsters and the idea of smoking organically grown weed then becomes this commercialized product owned and controlled by companies like Monsanto. Hurry up and get your anti Monsanto t shirt here. My goal is to buy up as many marijuana seeds as I can and start a seed safe. Having a safe full of weed seeds will protect our future from the potential monopolized threat that big government poses on the industry. You can legally buy seeds in any of the states that have legalized marijuana. I took a drive to Boulder, Colorado and bought marijuana seeds from Helping Hands Dispensary and have kept them in my seed safe with some other collections I have purchased over the years. If we don’t wake up and smell the cannabis, we might find ourselves enjoying legalized marijuana in the commercially controlled environments that the government wants us in.

Hitchhiking To Titusville

My Journey To Titusville Florida

moving to TitusvilleMore Wakeup moments for you to enjoy. When I was young I was dumb and gave zero fucks about anything. I was living in Texas and working for a construction company doing random handyman gigs. I was living on the couch of a buddies place and was pretty broke for the most part. I had some cash stuffed in a shoe box, no bank account, and no property that I owned including a car. There were some friends in Florida that were having the time of their lives (according to their facebook profiles) and I made the decision to head out to Florida and maybe get a job at Disney World or something cool like that. Bartending was also on the radar, I was thinking Miami Beach and the night life there and sounded amazing. So that was the dream, head out to Florida, meet up with my friends, and become a bartender of the night life or a Disney World employee.

Hitching A Ride To Florida

hitchhiking to TitusvilleI was going to grab a bus out to Florida but wasn’t sure if I could stand being on a bus with a bunch of freaks for hours and not having control over the journey. I was stuck between a rock and a hard place, I had no car, so the bus was clearly the best option. Then the night before my departure I met these lesbian girls at Nepalese wedding. It was a strange encounter for sure, the feminine one in the relationship was beautiful, the man of the bunch was far less attractive, and yet I still caught myself undressing them both with my eyes and picturing them in action. They were also leaving for Florida except Miami was not part of their travel plans, they were heading to Titusville Florida to elope and find work. I knew they were making the drive so I followed them to their apartment that night to find out where they lived. My plan in the morning was to catch them on their way out of town with my thumb up. It sounds a little absurd, but it worked. I grabbed my bag in the morning and stood out on the street in front of their apartment and they took the bait. Oh, what a coincidence it is seeing you guys here, I’m on my way to Florida also, can I catch a ride? And that’s how I hitched a ride to Florida.

The Drive

driving The drive wasn’t bad, the three of us hit it off like Threes Company and we covered ground pretty quick. There were a few stops to eat and pee, other than that we didn’t waste time stopping at any tourist destinations, we just plowed through like champs.

Titusville Florida

I had dreams of Miami, but the girls were destined for Titusville. Prior to them telling me about it I had never even heard of Titusville. These awesome ladies were nice enough to ask if I wanted to go in on a place with them and of course I wanted too. We ended up renting a house on a 1 year lease and the journey to find work began. Disney World was way out of the question and the bars in Titusville definitely didn’t have the appeal of those Miami bars I had seen online and in the movies. I jumped online and came across some job listings on the Titusville Craigslist page. I wasn’t interested in any labor jobs and the best thing I could find that paid a decent wage was a strip club out in the sticks. Well, that wasn’t appealing either. So I opted into trying my hand at labor. I replied to an ad from a Titusville roofing company that was offering $15 an hour for some shlep work and I jumped on it. I lasted about three months before the labor became too much for me. My hands were meant to pour drinks, take theme park tickets, and surf the internet. I was not meant to nail down shingles or pick up scraps around the ground of residential properties. Our stint in Titusville was short lived, we bailed out of there after the 1 year lease was over. I’m not sure what happened to the girls, they were definitely done with me and my perverted comments. I drove down to Miami and tried to get a job as a high profile bartender but never made it past bussing tables. Miami was a wild time, more great stories to share about my time in Miami, but I’ll save that for another time.

DUI On My 16th Birthday

I Got A DUI On My 16th Birthday

repairs being made on SubaruWell, this is a little embarrassing! I got a DUI on my 16th birthday. Yeah, my parents were kind enough to buy me a car when I turned 16 and like the snot nosed brat I was, I cared little about the people around me and how they would be impacted by my actions. What can I say though, I was 16 years old and had a good time on my mind and I just got a 4 door Subaru Legacy for my birthday. An AWD Subaru Legacy was an epic buy for a kid that spent most the time in the mountains of Washington State skiing during the winter. We were either at Stevens Pass or Snoqualmie Pass every weekend. The Subaru ran strong, had a roof rack, and I could pile 5 of us in there comfortably. Yeah, you could say that I had it made at the time but I didn’t realize it. Anyway, my parents handed me the keys to the Subaru the day I turned 16. I had been driving with a permit for the past year and was ready to own the roads in Washington State. We went to the DMV and took the test in the morning, I had my drivers license within an hour of passing the written exam and was driving my new Subaru Legacy around town like a boss. I stopped by my friends house to show off the new ride and couldn’t leave without smoking a bowl and having a beer. That’s just how we rolled at 16 years old. Puffing on ganja and drinking beer was already the norm by the time we were 15. At this point I had been smoking and drinking 2-3 times a week and didn’t think twice about it. I left there after a blunt and a beer and made another stop at my friend Travis’s house. His parents weren’t home and you know what that meant, we raided the fridge for beers and cleaned out his old mans stash in an hour. That was about 3 beers each. So now I’m 4 beers deep and high from the weed smoke and wondering if I should be driving. At that age in my life I was making all sorts of great decisions and decided that I was cool to drive. I jumped in the Legacy and continued on over to Tuckers house to show him my new wheels, I pulled the car into his garage where we often gathered to listen to music and get into trouble. He had a mini fridge in that garage that always had a few 40oz beers in there thanks to his older brother. He would buy us beer and we would get him weed in exchange for his efforts. It was a decent little connection we had at the time that was consistently available, which made us the goto guys on campus for scoring brews on the weekend. Well, we killed a 40oz each and rocked out to some Seattle grunge music in the car for an hour. Now I was feeling really good, I was playing air guitar, singing along to my favorite songs, and definitely should not have pulled out of that driveway. But I did what any normal 16 year old drunk would do at that time and I jumped in the drivers seat and pulled out of the garage like I had been drinking water all day. I made it about a mile down the road before I ran up a curb and blew out my front tire. The front alignment was thrown off, the tire balance destroyed, and the rim was damaged. I had hit a parked car also which is what the police were called. My parents had the car towed to an auto repair mechanic that was able to fix the front axle, correct the alignment, replace the rim, mount a tire and re-balance the wheel. I got a DUI but it was later reduced to a slap on the wrist and some community service. My folks grounded me for a month, couldn’t drive for two months, and they were in my face smelling my breath every time I came home for most of that school year. I didn’t stop drinking and driving, I just got better and managing my intake and covering the smell. Clearly it was time for me to Wake Up! I hope my kids never read this, I’m sure I am in for it sooner or later with at least one of them. Until then I will enjoy their innocence and share my life stories with the rest of you. Adios!

Keep Your Car Clean For The Ladies

How A Clean Car Can Get You More Ladies

girl detailing car

Wake up fellas! Women don’t want to date a pig! If your room is a mess and you plan on taking her home for the night, you better spend some time getting the place picked up and smelling proper. Women have a keen sense of smell, your socks from the gym that have been on the floor all week will be one of the first things she notices. Get your spank rag off your night stand, put your shoes in your closet, make your bed, and prepare the place for some romance. All that and you still have to get her there. You gotta pick her up, take her out on a date, and invite her back and all of that revolves around your car. If you have a really nice car then good for you, if you keep up on the maintenance and keep it clean then good for you, if you don’t then wake up! No chick wants to climb into a car that looks like it’s being lived in. An interior and exterior car cleansing is a must for the first date. Get those empty beer cans out of the back seat, empty the roach clips out of the ashtray, and get those food wrappers out from under your front seat. If you have a stash of rubbers in the glove box, hide those! Let’s not be tacky here, you don’t want miss right digging through the glove box and finding a half empty box of cum stoppers chilling there. You gotta have class, you gotta play the part if you want the lady! Clean up your act you scumbag POS and get your ride looking like the transport vehicle she was born to be picked up in! You can wash your ride yourself if you have the time, or you can cough up some coin and hire an affordable car detailer to handle all the elbow grease for you. This depends on your work ethic, how much time you have, and how much you really care about impressing the girl of your dreams. Even if she’s not the girl of your dreams, maybe she’s just some 2buck slut, whatever the case you still need to have your car looking and smelling clean! Even hookers have a sense of smell, and if you thinking you’re getting some head in the front seat of stinky car from a semi-classy whore you’re dead wrong! Even they have boundaries! Don’t be a chump, if you wanna hump, make sure your car’s not a dump! Simple words of advise from Dr. Clean. Clean up your act, clean up your room, clean up your car and you might get some womb!

Bone Marrow Match Registry

Wake Up And Give Bone Marrow!

bone marrow donation process

Time to wake up people and donate bone marrow. If you are donating blood you are doing a great job of contributing to the community that needs your help. People lose blood everyday and are in need of transfusions and there isn’t always available blood types so donors need to be more active about their contribution efforts. Even more importantly is the need to find more bone marrow donors. Patients all around the country are waiting for donors to step up and get swabbed. CBS News put out an article a few years back about “The Kindness of Strangers”. The article discusses the needs of the patients and also showcases stories of successful bone marrow transplants and how it has helped kids recover from rare cancers. Exact match bone marrow donors are needed for patients just like exact match blood types are needed for blood transfusions. Featured in that CBS article is the Gift of Life bone marrow match registry. If you are interested in getting swabbed and becoming a donor you can visit that website to register.

Get Swabbed

mouth swab kit

One of the first things you can do to become a bone marrow donor is to find a bone marrow match registry to submit DNA swabs too. The first part of the registration process is getting swabbed and finding out your donor type. Once you have registered and you have been swabbed you will be added to the donor registry to see if you are a match for anyone in need of a stem cell transplant. If you are a match then you will be contacted and the process will begin. This is where you can truly make a difference in your community and across the country.

Making A difference

make a difference

If you ever wanted to make a difference but haven’t been sure about how to make that happen you have found the ultimate opportunity to not only make a difference, but to save lives. Blood cancer affects thousands of people in this country and the need for stem cell and bone marrow donations is greater than ever. Becoming a bone marrow transplant donor can truly make a difference in someones life. Make a difference today by finding a bone marrow match registry, getting swabbed, and getting registered to become a stem cell donor.

50 Times People Had Such Wholesome Coworkers, They Just Had To Share It Online

People say that how we live our days is how we live our life. For many of us, a significant amount of time is spent at work. While we search for the ideal work-life balance by making big and small changes in our daily routine, we might not realize that the biggest morale booster is sitting right in front of us.

Of course, there are countless stories about office bullies and ruthless bosses who can make our days bitter. Yet, we might end up complaining too much and forgetting that our jobs can actually be nice. Especially if we’re surrounded by like-minded and lovely people.

We have compiled a list of some of the most wholesome coworkers many would be delighted to work with. Continue scrolling and upvote the pictures that made you smile the widest! After you’re done with this list, make sure to check out our previous posts to get a full picture of the working experience right here, here and here.

#1 Heartwarming

Image credits: im_just_laur

#2 My 88-Year-Old Coworker Showed Me His Binder Of Love Poems He Writes. 2 Months Of Work And I Got My Coworker Published And Delivered His First Book

Image credits: saxesun

Having great relationships with the people you work with can positively impact your emotional well-being and professional success. Whether it’s venting about your manager or chit-chatting about the weekend plans, close bonds alleviate the stress you might be feeling in your current position. 

Bored Panda has reached out to Sharlyn Lauby, a human resources professional, speaker, and the voice behind HR Bartender, a blog dedicated to talking about different workplace issues. The site has been recognized as one of the “Top 5 Blogs HR Pros Love to Read” by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

She was kind enough to share her thoughts and insights about workplace relationships and what part they play in the office. According to Lauby, having good bonds with the people you work with is very important.

#3 I’ve Been Biking To Work In The Cold Every Morning, My Coworker Noticed And She Made Me This Scarf And Beanie

Image credits: Then_Ad7687

#4 Wholesome Coworkers

Image credits: maryclaireee7

“Gallup [a global analytics and advice firm based in the United States] has some classic research that says there’s a correlation between having friends at work and employee engagement,” she told us. “It makes sense. No one really wants to spend the kind of time we do working with people that they don’t like being around.”

However, Lauby does feel the need to discuss what makes for a good working relationship. “This doesn’t mean that there won’t be challenges. All relationships have tough moments,” she added. “That’s one of the reasons building good working relationships is important. When you have a good working relationship, you can work through those challenging times a little easier.”

#5 The President Of Our Company Is A Giant Kid, So For His Birthday We Made His Office Into A Ball Pit

Image credits: CivilRiceOnionRing

#6 Today’s My Birthday. When The Clock Hit Midnight, The Security Guy Who I Barely Know And The Only Other Person On Site Turned The Corner And Surprised Me With This

I work 3rd shift monitoring the machines at a tourist attraction.
A great start to what could have been a lonely day.

Image credits: Dumb_Reddit_Username

The desire to feel connected to others is a basic human need. The positive social interactions we have with each other can boost our mental and physical health. Besides the fact that getting along with your coworkers helps you get through difficult obstacles, it also makes the work environment more pleasant.

“Another benefit ties back to the definition of a good working relationship,” Lauby continued. “Hopefully, you can be yourself. When you build good relationships, this should allow you to feel safe and comfortable being your authentic self. It’s great for you as an individual and it’s great for the teams that you’re working with.”

#7 My Office Has Been Working From Home For Weeks. I Had Sent Out An Email Asking That Anyone Who Has To Drop By The Office To Feed My Fish

I went in today for the first time – someone made a log book. I’m crying.


#8 My Cousin Worked At McDonald’s In Northern Ontario For Most Of His Life And Was A Manager There For The Majority Of His Career. He Passed Away Suddenly Last Monday

The 3 McDonald’s restaurants in that area flew their flags at half-mast in his honor. Such a beautiful gesture.

Image credits: Jean_Marie_1989

If you want to improve the way you communicate with your colleagues and make the bonds even stronger, there are some things you should keep in mind. Lauby emphasized that credibility is one of the first things she thinks of when it comes to being a good coworker. 

“Do what you say you’re going to do. Deliver on time. Be that person others count on,” she elaborated. “And if for whatever reason you can’t, go to your colleague or team and let them know. Hopefully, before they figure it out. You can ask to renegotiate your commitment.”

#9 God Bless The Co-Workers

Image credits: cnn

#10 A Coworker Of Mine With Down Syndrome Makes Me A Card Every Christmas

Image credits: nickm78

On a final note, being a person of your word goes a long way in building relationships. Sharlyn Lauby wants to remind you that all of the things we discussed—strengthening personal bonds, being credible—are important for both in-person and virtual working relationships.

#11 My Sister Is Fighting Cancer & It’s Been Absolutely Brutal. It’s Really Taken A Toll On Me & My Work Performance Has Dropped Significantly, I Feared I’d Get Fired

Instead, my coworkers presented me with this care package to comfort my sister through chemo, a hand-painted card & a $750 donation.

Image credits: barelylunar

#12 My Hometown PD Threw This Brave Officer A Birthday Party. Happy Birthday, Max

Image credits: everdayday

#13 My Wonderful Colleague Is Having A Baby, So I Made Her A Zookeepers Baby Blanket

Image credits: nixknits

#14 Happy Retirement To My Coworker That Always Brought Us Candy. Thanks For Always Being Awesome, Mark

Image credits: Dabrina_Meah

#15 I Took Care Of My Colleague’s Snail While She Was Gone And It Unexpectedly Had Babies. I Threw A Baby Shower For Her To Come Back To. Congrats, Loki

Image credits: outofthedesert

#16 I Work At A Small Family Owned Italian Restaurant And My Boss Let’s Me Study When We’re Slow So He Brought Me A Small Pizza And Said “Snack While You Study”

I worked a 12-hour shift today and he fed me three times and made me a sandwich to take home. He’s an angel walking among us.

Image credits: Erin Smith

#17 To Have A Boss Like This

Image credits: clairewillett

#18 New Friend/Coworker Of Mine Couldn’t Afford A New Computer. I Built A New One And Gave Him My Old One For Free. He Was So Happy He Asked Me To Take His Picture

Image credits: JumpyyyKO

#19 Today Is My Birthday. My Coworkers Know I’m On A Diet But I Told Them They Were More Than Welcome To Still Get A Cake For Themselves To Enjoy

Instead, this was waiting for me when I got to work. Truly made my day and was quite delicious!

Image credits: itchypoopsarethebest

#20 A Note From A Coworker During A Dark Time. It’s Been 3 Years And I Still Look At It When I Need A Pick-Me-Up

Image credits: yodelaheehoo66

#21 Tomorrow Is My Last Day At My Current Job And My Coworkers Knew I Liked Anime So One Of The Older Ladies Made Me An “Anime” Quilt

Image credits: AccordianAttack

#22 My Mama Retired As An Emergency Room Nurse Yesterday And Her Coworkers Threw Her A Huge Party

Image credits: Kvk1991

#23 My Wife Made This Last Night For A Coworker That Had Her 10-Year-Old Chihuahua, Lucy, Passed Away Unexpectedly Of Heart Failure

Apparently, she seemed completely fine on Sunday, but Monday she was gone. As anyone who has experienced the loss of a beloved pet knows, it can be traumatizing, especially when you have no time to prepare for it. She missed work on Monday (I would’ve taken it off too) and then told my wife about it yesterday.


My wife being the sweet person she is came home later that day and told me the sad news, then got out our iPad and started working on the picture above. She claims she has no art talent, but I think she did a pretty great job. The ears on the top are an outline of Lucy’s ears.

Image credits: dev0urer

#24 I’m A Nice Colleague

Image credits: Hijae

#25 I Have The Best Coworkers In The World. Down With Lymphoma For A Bit And They Just Made Day

Image credits: CarnalSanders

#26 The Restaurant I Work For Is Closing Until Further Notice. My Manager Gave Me A Gift

Image credits: Fappy-McHandsome

#27 I’ve Been Snapping Selfies On Unattended Phones At Work. Today My Coworkers Gave Me Photo Albums Of The Selfies They Found On Their Phones

One of the most heartfelt birthday gifts I’ve ever gotten.

Image credits: TrailRatedRN

#28 The Janitor At My Mom’s Work Bought Her A Fancy Christmas Ornament With This Written On The Box

He is a very sweet elderly man. Since he and my mom are such good friends, he made her this.

Image credits: lucador

#29 My Wife Had To Cancel Her Baby Shower Due To Corona, So Her Co-Workers Threw Her A Surprise Mini One In The Break Room

Image credits: Euskaltano

#30 Me As A Boy In 1965 With Newly Completed Model Airplane Minutes Before Destroying It On Maiden Flight. Also Me 56 Years Later With Surprise Christmas Gift From Coworker Of Identical Replica

Additional info: It’s a control line plane, it flies in a big circle, it’s not a remote control. You have a handle and two steel cables to control the elevator, pull the top of the handle back the plane goes up, push it down it goes down, do it wrong it crashes violently. 


Yes, I work at a wonderful place with some terrific people and consider most of them dear friends. 


He mentioned that he was building planes with his kids, and I showed him a lo-res version of that old picture I had received from my daughter. He contacted my daughter, got the hi-res, then acquired all the parts necessary to build the plane over several months (the propeller came from Uzbekistan). Then, surprise!

Image credits: No-Mathematician7105

#31 The 66-Year-Old Receptionist Where I Work Prints Out Memes On Paper And Puts Them On The Wall

Image credits: tokensbro

#32 His Wife Called In To Sing Happy Birthday Over Video Chat

Image credits: Eeenesto_

#33 A Co-Worker Makes These Boxes For Charity On His Lunch Break, And He Needed Leather So I Asked If He’d Like My Departed Dad’s Jacket, And He Came Up With This For Me Today

I work with this amazing gentleman that spends his breaks and lunches making these beautiful boxes for charity auctions (I know – so sweet!) He took me aside to show me his first box of 2020, and I asked him if he’d be interested in my dad’s old leather coat since I’m having a hard time getting rid of his stuff. Well, today he brought me this black walnut box made with the leather from my dad’s favorite jacket. It brightened up the office and all of us were so touched. What a sweet man!! This is such a cherished thing for me. Yes, I am definitely making him an authentic British shepherds pie and some English treats to thank him (he’s English, but we live in Canada). I hope this cheers you all up during this dreary and frightening time! Good people exist everywhere!

Image credits: Ehellegreg

#34 This Was My Face Of Pure Happiness When A Coworker Brought Two Kittens By The Office Yesterday. Sat There For An Hour While They Cuddled On My Lap

Image credits: jelly_jam_toast

#35 My 72-Year-Old Grandma Not Only Cleans Schools, But Cleans Schools Better Than Everyone She Works With. Her Teachers Always Make Sure She Knows

Image credits: Peabo721

#36 Today Was My Boyfriend’s Last Day At His “Big Box Mart” Job. The Company Itself Did Not Acknowledge His Last Day, But A Coworker In The Bakery Made Him This

Image credits: kmonizzle

#37 My Girlfriend’s Boss Makes Her Healthy Lunches Because She Has Fainting Spells

Image credits: Metallschleifer

#38 Told My Coworker A Story About My Brother Eating All The Charms Out Of The Cereal Box Before I Got To Them Growing Up

I literally thought you had to be lucky to get charms. He dropped these in my office today.

Image credits: mccarthybergeron

#39 Boss Is A Marvel Fan And Recently Had Open-Heart Surgery, So A Co-Worker And I Got Him A MK 1 Arc Reactor

Image credits: KerberosPanzerCop

#40 The Other Day I Slipped And Fell At Work As I Was Wearing Old Worn Out Shoes, So My Coworker Gave Me A Fresh Pair Of Non Slips When She Found Out About The Incident

Image credits: EvilVileLives

#41 Coworker’s Wife Spent 10 Hours Making This For Me After My Cat Passed Away

Image credits:

#42 We Were Surprised By My Coworker Who Put Together This Dinner Date Table For Us, Complete With A Personalized Menu And Three Course Meal

Was supposed to be celebrating my honeymoon with my wife in Italy this week. Extremely thankful!

Image credits: JRosie279

#43 Couldn’t Afford New Work Boots, These Were On My Workbench This Morning

They got my size and everything. $179 I just could not afford at the moment.


Everyone wears them in the company. Also, they are the best!


I’ve been struggling with my old pair and just had a week off with a planter wart in my heel. It was removed but I’ve been unable to fully walk properly for a while.

Image credits: Oldmate81

#44 My Coworker Blessed Me With A Christmas Miracle. $500 Cash

The card says: “Hey Boo! Okay, so I might have felt awful when you told me that you would walk all the way home from work, so I set up a GoFundMe (don’t worry, I didn’t use exact names). I managed to raise a bunch of money, hoping you could set it aside for a car, but now maybe it can help fix yours now. Merry Christmas!”

Image credits: Arkater

#45 My Coworker’s Photo Of Her Dog On Her Desk And My Christmas Present To Her

Image credits: giiglesandtickles

#46 My Mom Is A Nurse And She Spent All Of Today Making Facemasks For Her Coworkers

Image credits: DeanAbstract

#47 Co-Worker Checking In Due To Having The Weekend Away From My GF And Feeling A Bit More Of Top Of My Depression

Image credits: geeitswill

#48 I Draw Little Pictures Daily For My Coworkers To Find In The Morning After I Leave Third Shift

Image credits: MissChemistryNerd

#49 My Coworker Is Having A Hysterectomy. So The Department Had A Food Day

Image credits: tjackso6

#50 Wife Just Made Over 100 Truffles For Her Coworkers. Now She Gets To Go On The Train Into Boston With These. She’s The Best

Image credits:


How to Keep Your Windows Computer Free of Virus Attacks

Every item that is connected to the internet can be at risk of viruses. From mobile phones to computers and beyond, these virus attacks can occur frequently or may only occur rarely, but they put your personal information and your identity at risk. It is important to shield your information from any virus, and this includes using security programs, avoiding following any links or even opening suspicious emails when possible, and being careful about where you provide your information.

Buy A Computer Security System

Purchasing a good computer security system, including an antivirus program and having it run constantly, is vital to the safety of your computer and information. There are many programs available and most can be used on more than one device, allowing you to protect both your home computer and your mobile devices any time you are connected to the internet. These will scan all incoming information, including emails, websites, and files to ensure that there is no virus present before passing along the information to you. They will block emails and websites that are determined to be unsafe and not open them in order to protect your computer from any virus. They are also able to scan the device regularly or constantly to find any potential problems within your computer, to determine if any virus has gotten through their original safety protocols, and to alert you to their presence. It will then ask if you wish to proceed with removing the file or program that has caused the concern. 

When using a new website, do not offer personal information until you are sure that it is safe. Each website will be registered and provide their own certificates of safety, a virus protection or computer security program will scan them to see if they are considered safe to use or if they are a risky website and recommend you avoid those that are not well trusted. This will help to keep your computer safe from viruses and virus attacks, as well as protect you from incoming emails.

Each email will offer information about the sender, including the email address of the sender. It is important, even with a protection program on your computer system, to ensure that you are opening safe emails and avoiding those that are unsafe, as well as only following links from trusted senders or those that you have specifically asked for. When information is requested or accounts need to be updated, it can be completed directly from the website itself and does not require you to follow a link to get there. By being proactive and checking email sources before proceeding, you can protect your computer from hidden threats and ensure your security program can complete its task by using the best Managed IT Services West Palm Beach.

Using your own ability to avoid false email addresses, suspicious emails and to choose only safe places to provide your own information, in addition to a computer system risk assessment and virus security system, you can keep your Windows computer safe from virus attacks.

How Can I Find an Affordable Nonprofit Consulting Firm?

Fundraising consultants assist organizations in multiple sectors of expertise, and a few even have specialties on board. For instance, some may practice marketing tactics or web development. At the same time, some support a tiny bit of everything.

If you have ever visited a nonprofit parley, you’ve must have witnessed a wide assortment of fundraising consultant agencies eager to support your critical mission.

When locating the best yet affordable consulting services for nonprofit organizations, remember to consider these considerations. 

Tips To Help You Find Affordable Non-profit Consulting Firm!

1. Ensure you can trust them

Regardless of your relationship type, it is presumed that trust is an inevitable part of a relationship. And your vendor relationship will be no different. Whatever ensures a firm proffers should be recorded down in agreements.

Also, your bond with the other business person is not just concerning trade means and deals. You should hold a solid bond with your fundraising consultant and thereby correspond with you! Vendors who serve mainly with nonprofits have invested in social welfare. Nevertheless, you must ensure that they “walk the walk” when managing all of their customers well and with honor.

2. Ensure your conditions are clear

You don’t necessarily need to declare a complete, precise RFP. Yet, you should be capable of creating a draft of what assistance you’re searching for. If you don’t apprehend or consider the technical clarifications, ensure you possess a precisely determined goal or measure progress when the scheme is completed. This will assist you with making your work easy.

3. Review on customer service norms

The most prevalent grievance we discover from nonprofits who have had difficulties with former vendors is that the vendor “disappeared” while they required them.

Ensure you concede your fundraising consultants’ way of communication. Moreover, make sure that you have transparent, distinct alternatives for approaching and conversing with a committed person when necessitated.

4. Calibrate affability

Affability is critical in any plan or vendor. Your specialist must calibrate their practice to your necessities and desires. If they state they will but eventually end up diverting from their words, you might be in trouble. Thus make sure the fundraising consultant you are willing to work with has the calibrate matching your requirements. 

5. Analyze expenses

Request for estimations and charges from various agencies, if attainable. Make sure you are analyzing amounts to obtain the best rates. Also, make sure you agree on what you receive with those charges. 

Some consultants might offer you an affordable hourly charge, but if it takes them to double as long to accomplish a job, that’s not progressing to conserve you any funds! Of course, the cost is a significant concern for nonprofit regulations.

Bottom Line

Consulting firms typically administer diverse assistance for nonprofits. Depending on your necessities, they can control anything from web maps to capital drives. Since the number of service providers is vast, we recommend considering the above tips to find one appropriate fundraising consultant, one that looks after your organization’s needs. 


How To Know If Your BMW Engine Is In Trouble?

A car is a big investment so its longevity matters, and taking care of it can often be hectic and troublesome. Before you step out with your BMW, you should ensure that everything is working fine to avoid an unexpected breakdown of your car’s engine. 

But, of course, the best way to ensure your car’s good health is through regular maintenance. However, if you are still confused and unable to determine if your BMW engine is in trouble or not, check out these few tips before you head out to BMW of Peoria AZ!

Now, to help you out, here are a few tips to ensure the proper health of your vehicle. Let’s have a look.   

Tips To Ensure Proper Health Of Your BMW Car’s Engine!

Here we are giving you some tips that will help you assess your BMW’s health:

  1. Check Engine Warning Light: If the “check engine warning light” is on, then it is time that you need to take your BMW to a professional at auto repair in Peoria AZ, or any similar trusted mechanic. This light indicates that there might be some issues regarding ignition, fuel emission, or injection. 
  1. If There Is Jerking or Shaking: If there is any jerk in your car when you start your engine, there might be an engine malfunction. It might be elementary, but it’s best to take your BMW from Peoria to a BMW mechanic.
  1. Troubling Noises: Sometimes, you can administer a problem in the engine just by the weird sound it produces. The sound might indicate any possible problems in the exhaust system, any piston damage, or some transmission issue. Any BMW mechanic will recognize this sound and identify the problem.
  1. Change In Performance: If you use your car on a daily basis, you must have an idea of how your car runs, and if there is any problem with the engine of the vehicle, it will affect its performance. For example, your car might have problems taking up speed, or something might reduce its fuel efficiency. 
  1. Strange Odour: In case of any unrecognized malfunction, you might receive burnt rubber or metals foul odors. These odors point towards overheated engines, catalytic converter issues, transmission problems, leakage of coolant, or any other problems. 
  1. Smoke Emission: The emission of smoke is average, but that from the engine is hugely alarming. It can be due to simple reasons like clogged filters or more complex problems like cracked cylinder heads. These problems require immediate inspection at auto repair shops in Peoria to prevent any massive accidents. 

Always Be Aware!

It’s always safe if you don’t wait for these alarming signals to take your car for its health check-up. Regular maintenance includes changing oil, coolant, tire rotations, and other standard repairs that are necessary. 

However, if it is beyond your mechanical understanding, it is always better to trust your vehicles with professional hands at BMW of Peoria AZ. So before you choose the maintenance shop, you should check if they have a BMW master technician available and have the right tools and proper parts needed for maintenance. These are necessary for the longer and better performance of your car. 

50 Moments People Realized They Were Dating Or Married To An Idiot

Man, relationships start off so great. The initial, sweeping romance often consumes a couple when they first get together. In this stage, you feel as if you’ve found a perfect match, someone who is both similar and new. Someone compatible. You want to spend as much time with them as possible, and enjoy each other’s boundaries melting away. But that exposes our less glamorous attributes too.

In an attempt to show the unexpected turns their love life has taken, women are confessing to the internet how husbands and boyfriends are testing their limits. So we at Bored Panda decided to put these complaints together and see if we can all somehow grow from it.

From little everyday crimes (such as eating cheese like an animal) to bigger offenses (like hitting on your partner’s married niece), here are a million ways to frustrate and disappoint your partner.

By the way, I feel like we also need to include a disclaimer. This publication doesn’t mean that all men are garbage and every woman is a saint. I’d say it’s more of a study to see what common relationship problems women go through.

#1 My Husband Is Technologically Challenged

Image credits: Southernsofia123

#2 My Husband Bought Memory Foam For “His Side Of The Bed”

Image credits: distanceformed

According to some estimates, almost 50 percent of all marriages in the United States will end in divorce or separation. But what exactly makes sustaining a romantic relationship so hard?

Well, in 2020, a team of scientists led by Menelaos Apostolou of the University of Nicosia in Greece found that fading enthusiasm, long work hours, and lack of personal time and space are the three most common problem areas that prevent people from staying together. However, if it offers you some reassurance, they also think that only 30% of adults find it easy to maintain long-term romantic relationships.

#3 This Is Where The Plate Goes After Dinner. Not In The Dishwasher. Not On The Counter. Not Even In The Sink. It Should Be Perfectly Balanced On The Sink, Just Like This

Image credits: barbdittert

#4 I Split Up With My Boyfriend Yesterday. I Fell Asleep While He Was Packing And He Stole My Toilet

Image credits: shelblikadoo

When it comes to the top challenge (fading enthusiasm, it can be explained by the fact that many people find long-term relationships to be tiring and they get bored quickly. They also sometimes realize that the passion and romantic love fades sooner than they might’ve expected. Fading enthusiasm is especially problematic among people who dislike routines.

Long work hours is one of those factors that might seem a little bit surprising at first but later sound really logical. In fact, some have already speculated that divorce rates can be predicted by the length of a spouse’s commute. This research adds credibility to this notion — partners who spend many hours working or prioritize their career over their relationship are, not surprisingly, less involved and less successful in the latter.

#5 100% Will Rip Open A Bag Like A Damn Raccoon And Then Notice It’s Resealable

Image credits: beingtwiceasnice

#6 Asked My Husband To Do A Maternity Photoshoot. Don’t The Dogs Look Great?

Image credits: badbanananana

#7 I Was Complaining To My Boyfriend That We Never Cuddle Anymore And This Was His Solution

Image credits: kakozlow

Feeling suffocated or lacking sufficient me time is the third most common reason why people have difficulty maintaining romantic relationships. Those who feel constrained by their commitment, or (whether or not it’s justified) feel that their partner is constantly nagging them, will have issues working on and sustaining it.

The publication said that other common problems were character issues, clinginess, and bad sex.

#8 Sent My Husband To Buy A Baby Shower Gift Bag

Image credits: MangoBlisters

#9 My Husband Doesn’t Want The Case To Get Scratched And Cause An “Eyesore”

Image credits: flyawaysweetbird

#10 My Aunt’s Skeevy Boyfriend Went From Asking What My Husband And I Want For Christmas To This Garbage In 2 Minutes

Image credits: kate_mili

#11 My Boyfriend Puts The Butter Away Like This In The Fridge Door. Fully Exposed And Touching The Fridge I Haven’t Washed In Months

Image credits: How_you_like_meow

But coming back to what we briefly mentioned in the intro of this publication, it’s important that no gender is the bad one. Just the individuals. Dr. Kristie Overstreet, a clinical sexologist and psychotherapist, highlighted that men face their own unique set of relationship issues—and a lot of them have to do with the way guys are raised. (Keep in mind that these differences are not relegated to just men in heterosexual relationships; they apply to all men in every kind of relationship.)

Fear of rejection, hiding depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues, pressure to be the financial provider, and performance anxiety around sex are just some of the things that men frequently worry about in relationships.

“Men are taught from a young age to not talk about their problems or struggles. Men aren’t allowed to show or express emotions,” Overstreet told Men’s Health. This can actually be the root cause of many romantic conflicts. After all, managing emotions and communication is vital for every couple.

#12 Instead Of Cleaning Up The Sugar He Spilled, My Boyfriend Decides This Is Perfectly Reasonable Instead

Image credits: Cracktestdummy96

#13 My Boyfriend’s Gaming Set Up

Image credits: Sassandride

#14 My Boyfriend Doesn’t Throw Away Empty Toilet Paper Rolls. Instead, The Top Of The Toilet Becomes His Garbage Display Area

I take out the garbage regularly, but I wanted to see how long this would go on for – it’s been 2 weeks.

Image credits: areyouasmoker

#15 Texted My Husband To Show Him My Brilliant Idea For Making Sure I Drank My Full 1 Liter Of Water Before My Ultrasound

Image credits: sabby55

#16 These Gum Piles My Husband Keeps Leaving Around The House

Image credits: Dena-P

#17 Instead Of Rinsing His Cup Between Drinks, My Boyfriend Will Just Refill It With Whatever Since It “Mixes In His Stomach Anyway”

Image credits: gr8cornh0lio

#18 The Way My Boyfriend Sliced This Avocado

Image credits: jgo215

#19 Husband’s Gift To His Wife

Image credits: BlueCrown21

#20 I Asked My Husband To Stop At The Store And Get Coriander

Image credits: borkborkporkbork

#21 On This Table, You Can See All The Gifts My Husband Has Bought Me For Last Christmas, Our Anniversary, My Birthday, And Mother’s Day

Image credits: zuklei

#22 I’m Breaking Up With My Boyfriend

Image credits: thatoneguyalex

#23 My Roommate Got A New Boyfriend, He Used My Clippers, Didn’t Brush Them When He Was Done, Didn’t Clean Out The Sink And Clogged It Too

Image credits: 3×10

#24 When My Husband Goes Out In Public Like This

Image credits: new2thespectrum

#25 When You Ask Your Husband To Load The Dishwasher

Image credits: soundworks789

#26 Holiday With A New Boyfriend – He Opens Bread Like This

Image credits: PrinceWilliamsnutsack

#27 Gave A Girl A Compliment About Her Shirt, Received This From Her Boyfriend

Image credits: TidyWhip

#28 My Boyfriend’s Job Title Is Actually “Solutions Engineer.” This Was His Solution

Image credits: 8Ariadnesthread8

#29 How My Boyfriend Uses Cheese

Image credits: mood_alchemy

#30 My Husband Eats Apple With A Spoon

Image credits: thirdculturegurl

#31 My Sister Asked For A Nintendo Switch For Christmas. Her Boyfriend Must Have Misunderstood

Image credits: WildInSix

#32 My Boyfriend Put Salt Instead Of Rice In The Rice Cooker, Been Wondering For An Hour Why It Was Taking So Long To Cook

Image credits: bumbeel

#33 Got My Boyfriend Some Nice Cookies Imported From Holland, Turns Out He’s A Monster

Image credits: Griefcatpartytime

#34 Husband Used My Favorite Knife As A Garden Tool

Image credits: ColoradoCrazyChicken

#35 Husband Puts His Coffee Mug Next To 2 Empty Coasters

Image credits: mybellasoul

#36 The Lights In My Boyfriend’s Bathroom

Image credits: BrokeArtMajor

#37 So My Sister Got Goalie Gloves For Christmas From Her Boyfriend For ‘Being A Keeper’

Image credits: slizzers

#38 Wife Likes To Store Things In The Oven. I Don’t. That’s Why I Don’t Check It

Image credits: A-Seabear

#39 My Boyfriend Leaves Empty Packages In The Fridge

Image credits: anonysmoker

#40 My Husband Leaves A Tiny Bit In The Bottom Of Snack Bags And Puts Them Back In The Cabinet

He says he’s “saving it for later.” There are now ten bags with little or next to nothing in them. The problem is he never eats them, buys new ones, and after a few weeks I have to throw them away.

Image credits: BendyJ

#41 When Your Husband Says He’ll Take Care Of Lunch

Image credits: hgt2f

#42 The Way My Boyfriend Left His Ice Cream Cone While He Went To Pee

Image credits: BestioleRaccoon

#43 I’ve Waited For So Long, Then My Husband Drove The Car

Image credits: misterne

#44 How My BF Opens Cereal

Image credits: illLieonceaday

#45 My Sisters Boyfriend Cut A New Loaf Of Bread Like This

Image credits: ChiefEcho

#46 My Boyfriends Food Cupboard. I Think He Just Upends His Shopping Bags Directly In The Cupboard Rather Than Unpack

Image credits: lellielellelelle

#47 The Way My Boyfriend Eats Pizza

Image credits: smrco

#48 My Husband Never Finishes A Pack Of Gum Before Opening A New One

Image credits: BooksAreAddicting

#49 When Bae Put His Beer Away By Himself. What Is This Mess?

Image credits: the_mrs_affolter

#50 My Sister’s Boyfriend Thought A Rock, From His Backyard, Was A Good Christmas Gift For Her

Image credits: WmXVI

This Online Community Shares Pics Of Products That Make Its Members Say “I Need It” (50 Pics)

The subreddit r/INEEEEDIT has a pretty bold introduction. Its moderators call this online community the home to the coolest products on the internet. But once you start scrolling through its content, you realize it’s kinda accurate, too.

From cute and simple (a mop that looks like a dog) to intricate and rare (a 16th-century ring that turns into an astronomical sphere), the sub has a little bit of everything. And whether you’d actually use these items or not doesn’t even matter. You’d just love to have them.

Continue scrolling and check out some of the most upvoted posts on r/INEEEEDIT!

#1 16th Century Ring That Turns Into An Astronomical Sphere

Image credits: Briznastee

Even though the subreddit has grown quite a bit since its creation in 2017 and now unites 564K members, nobody on the mod team looks after it regularly. Nobody, except u/abrownn. But despite the time it takes to tidy up r/INEEEEDIT, the Reddit user found a few minutes to answer a few of our questions.

“Unconventional but utilitarian things or high-quality/craftsman-style items do the best here,” the moderator told Bored Panda and showed this straw, clock, and coffee table as prime examples.

“They are all things that already exist in other forms but they’re modified, unique, utilitarian, etc. Useless garbage items may get lots of upvotes because of the ‘cool factor’, but they’re usually eviscerated in the comments as they should be (overengineered, useless, dangerous, plastic crap, etc.).”

#2 This T Shirt

Image credits: BigTimeDeals

#3 All The Hooks And Shelves You Need

Image credits: DealNerd

To learn more about design for another piece I did a few months ago, I contacted Nicole Phillips, who has been working in the design industry since 2005 and has a background in fine arts and advertising. Phillips specializes in logo design, branding, and package design for food & beverage, beauty, health, and interior design clients, and for each project, her work is unique and never linear.

“The design process requires research, experimentation, and even a bit of psychology,” Phillips then told Bored Panda. “When I feel frustrated with the process, I remind myself to take a step back, have fun and play. It’s those moments of play and experimentation that usually create the best results, but it’s those hours of research that help build the foundation for the final result.”

“My clients are not paying me for my time, they are paying me for my many years of experience, so if I am able to complete the design process in 5 hours rather than 5 weeks, this is a sign of my years of experience and knowledge, this is valuable,” she added.

#4 Skylight Reimagined

Image credits: cowboys30

#5 This Dice Roller

Image credits: Khepree

#6 Julius Cesar Pencil Holder

Image credits:

Trying to determine whether or not a particular design is good, many turn to Dieter Rams and his ’10 commandments.’ According to Rams, good design is innovative, makes a product useful, is aesthetic, makes a product understandable, is unobtrusive, is honest, is long-lasting, is thorough down to the last detail, is environmentally friendly, and involves as little design as possible.

Nicole Phillips agrees with the German design legend.

“Good design includes a good balance of function, form, and fun,” Phillips said. “The user shouldn’t have to try too hard to get what they need from the design. Good design isn’t just aesthetics, it should communicate well and push boundaries a bit. Good design solves problems.”

To paraphrase Don Draper from Mad Men, it’s simple but significant.

#7 This Yoda Bookend That Looks Like Yoda Is Holding The Books Up With The Force

Image credits:

#8 Noise-Cancelling Dog House That Can Keep Your Pup Calm During Fireworks And Thunderstorms (A Prototype By Ford, Using Technology Created For High-End Vehicles)

Image credits: abrownn

#9 These Cards

Image credits: AdNoctumOne

Coming back to the sub, u/abrownn said its members aren’t really much of a community. “Posts that aren’t guerilla ads are rare which means there isn’t much r/INEEEEDIT culture to speak of, more broadly it’s plain ‘Reddit culture’ here, same with most big image-based subreddits.”

It’s not that easy to turn r/INEEEEDIT around, either. “The top mod sold his account and the subreddit several times and we’re currently held hostage by their account that’s still squatting but seemingly abandoned Reddit (it’s been almost 2 years with zero activity),” u/abrownn explained.

“After the mods ‘admonished’ them for doing so last time (they lied to the mods, we caught them soliciting the sale of the account several times on Discord and they threatened another mod who caught them doing so with a GIF of them firing a gun blindly on their property in real life), I’m the only one who checks in on the sub and cleans up the garbage, approves posts, etc. now, no other mod checks in. It’s a little stressful knowing that he could very well come back and boot us all again and sell the sub.”

However you feel about this online thriller, you have to admit that it’s quite impressive that a single person can curate all of this content and keep it so engaging.

#10 Awesome Black Out Curtains

Image credits: Drumma516

#11 Animal-Saving Escape Ramp For Pools. This Could Be Extremely Important For Any Animal That Could Drown In Someone’s Pool

Image credits: iggyazaleasucks

#12 I Think Planetary Chocolates Would Make A Great Christmas Gift

Image credits: clap4kyle

#13 A “Book Nook” Alleyway

Image credits: abrooks0812

#14 Home Theater Bunker

Image credits:

#15 House Key

Image credits: Master1718

#16 This Flash Drive That Shows How Full It Is

Image credits: nikesucks

#17 This Star Wars Fish Tank

Image credits: _WR41TH

#18 Lord Of The Rings One Ring Firepit

Image credits: abrownn

#19 These Dog-Themed Playing Cards

Image credits: HGu0

#20 It Shows You What Colour Bin To Put Outside Your House

Image credits: Wit_Lp

#21 This Bed

Image credits: -Syriix-

#22 A Mop That Looks Like One Of Those Dogs That Look Like A Mop

Image credits: PeterBeast37

#23 Nightmare Bed

Image credits: Coop_Devel

#24 A Charger That Sits Flat When Using So That You Don’t Bend And Break It

Image credits: dontfukthat

#25 Rook Tower Pack-Away Chess Set

Image credits:

#26 Eraser That “Transforms” Into Mount Fuji After Use

Image credits: squid50s

#27 Alternative Slide To Stairs

Image credits: SkeyTv

#28 Toothbrush Holder That Drains Into The Sink

Image credits: GeneReddit123

#29 These Loch Ness Monster Soup Ladles

Image credits: RighteousNeighbor

#30 This 3D Moon Lamp

Image credits: anonymous

#31 I Need This Lazy Susan Fridge!

Image credits: hilol123420

#32 A Clock Clock

Image credits: anonymous

#33 This Candle Which Makes A New Candle From Its Melted Wax

Image credits: 118829

#34 3-D Printed Faucet

Image credits: mak-nil

#35 This Purse

Image credits: BigTimeDeals

#36 This Charging Chord Designed To Eliminate Unnecessary Slack

Image credits: azgrunt

#37 Sometimes The Simplest Ideas Are The Best Ones

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#38 This Wooden Robot Drinks Cabinet

Image credits: _Do_Not_Eat_

#39 Katana Earbuds

Image credits: lordQuad666

#40 Office Swings

Image credits:

#41 These Are Waterproof Socks

Image credits: RogerDat143

#42 Adorable Penguin Egg Cooker

Image credits: captain-envious

#43 A Transparent Padlock To Learn How To Lockpick

Image credits: trainingbit788

#44 Not Clean, Not Needing Washing Basket

Image credits: Steeldrumbands

#45 This Inception Coffee Table

Image credits: MrWiggleIt

#46 This Phone Throne

Image credits: abakhai

#47 Remote Controlled Steampunk R2d2

Image credits: abrownn

#48 Wooden Lamp That Looks Like It’s Burning

Image credits: Krusader67

#49 Radioactive Drop Nightlight

Image credits: ronnie1211

#50 This Light

Image credits: littleorphananniewow

50 Times People Absolutely Won The Food Lottery (New Pics)

Nature, Lady Luck, and Karma have a way of rewarding us with fun surprises when we least expect them. We believe that looking at photos of food is a great way to pass the time, especially as an appetizer before your next hearty meal. That’s why our gastronomic geniuses here at Bored Panda have cooked up this fun list of people winning the food lottery.

From gigantic lettuces the size of a teen and massive lemons bigger than cans of soft drinks to packs containing two ice-cream cones instead of one, we’ve got the luckiest winners who played the Food Wheel of Fortune without even realizing it. Remember to upvote your fave photos as you continue scrolling.

What’s your biggest food lottery win, dear Pandas? Let us know in the comments. Hungry for more food surprises? Be sure to check out Bored Panda’s earlier two articles about them right here and here.

We can’t expect to constantly win the food lottery or any lottery in life for that matter. British environmental psychologist and well-being consultant Lee Chambers walked Bored Panda through various strategies on how to deal with uncertainty in life, talked about why it’s problematic to believe we always have good or bad luck, and gave some spot-on advice about why we should opt for a healthier diet and try to avoid fast food. You’ll find our full in-depth interview with him below, Pandas.

#1 This Big Lettuce

Image credits: mtlgrems

Psychologist Lee noted that we have to learn to embrace the fact that uncertainty is a part of life. There’s no running away from it. Compassion, acceptance, mindfulness, reflection, and healthy routines help us deal with uncertainty better. “When we are looking to become more tolerant of uncertainty in life, the first step we need to take is to accept that uncertainty is part of human life. As a species, we love control and predictable patterns, and have a strong response to uncertainty as a potential threat, as this is what has kept us alive as we’ve evolved,” he told Bored Panda in an interview via email.

“When it comes to becoming more cultured in dealing with uncertainty, there are a number of things we can practice. The first one is to become compassionate with yourself and express your emotions healthily. Whether we write them down, speak about them or soothe ourselves, expressing our feelings and being kind to ourselves helps to dampen the impact of uncertainty, while suppressing our emotions and feelings, or fighting against them, can make uncertainty feel more intense,” Lee explained that we have to learn to be compassionate to ourselves and to express what we feel in a healthy, mature way.

#2 A Miracle Has Occurred

Image credits: TheGhostOfSamT

#3 Found A Perfect Salt Crystal In My Sea Salt Packet

Image credits: c3r3n1ty

“We can practice acceptance that there are things we can’t control while looking to take ownership of the things we can. This makes us feel more empowered, and not waste energy trying to control things that are outside of our ability to do so, and also helps us to stop ruminating on past challenges and future worries. We can also practice being mindful in the moment, as we can always control more variables right now.”

Reflecting on past experiences can also help us learn what our triggers are. It can also help us understand how we handle uncertainty and what personal strengths and skills we used to get through it. As Lee put it, we’re far tougher than we believe. “We are often more resilient than we think we are, and we can learn a lot from how we navigated difficult times and situations when we look back with a desire to learn and grow,” he said.

Meanwhile, healthy habits also provide us with a solid foundation to tackle the uncertainty that life will throw at us. “We should also look to our routines, things that relax us and things we enjoy. We should make an effort to eat well, sleep optimally, and move our bodies, as they all help us with our emotional balance, optimism, and cognitive ability to navigate uncertainty, giving us the clarity, elevated mood, and energy to get through and be less affected,” the psychologist told Bored Panda.

#4 Giant Lemon Off Our Tree

Image credits: ocscottie

#5 This Butternut Squash Was Almost All Squash

Image credits: elophine

#6 This Banana Is The Size Of My Entire Forearm

Image credits:

“One other thing to consider is planning for a dynamic world that is ever-changing. You can create your own method for handling uncertain situations by using many of the skills above, understanding the habits and routines that keep you grounded, and knowing who can support you if you are struggling. By finding strategies that work for you and practicing acceptance and mindfulness, we can start building our toolkit for when the going gets tough and you are unsure what’s coming next.”

Bored Panda was interested to learn whether it’s problematic for someone to have a mindset that they ‘always’ have good or bad luck in their lives. According to psychologist Lee, having a fixed mindset like that can present a whole range of challenges. “

“As human beings, we have an evolved ability to focus on decisions we have made, including those about ourselves. If we believe we always have good luck, we can start to only focus on the times when things go our way. This can cause us to take unnecessary risks and make poor decisions because we feel we will be lucky while ignoring our mistakes and not being able to learn from them.”

#7 My 5-Year-Old Found A Pack Of Fruit Roll-Ups With 2 Rolls In 1 Wrapper

Image credits: Mitch_CoNNar

#8 My Friend’s Chicken Laid A Huge Egg With A Regular Size Egg Inside It

Image credits: Mazzack

#9 I Got A Bonus Roll

Image credits: PM-ME-YOUR-TECH-TIPS

However, believing that bad luck keeps following us around is also problematic and limiting. “On the other side, if we believe we always have bad luck, we can miss all the great things that are happening, worry about the future, and miss opportunities to grow and develop. We will also likely be cynical and negative about ourselves and feel hopeless because luck isn’t on our side.” What we need to do is embrace a balanced, growth mindset.

“Embracing a growth mindset around luck is great because we start to look at optimism as a skill we can build, we find a balance between when to take risks and when to be more conservative, and we get the benefits of learning from the past, being realistic about the future and taking ownership of the present.”

#10 This Kinder Egg Has Two Layers

Image credits: luxurypking

#11 Was Portioning Out Some Sour Patches When The Ultimate Sour Patch Boss Fell Out

Image credits: camo6

#12 Grapes My Dad Grows That Look Like Plums

Image credits: azapater

Lee revealed that food and our moods are far more closely linked than many of us realize. “Almost 90% of our serotonin, the feel-good hormone, is produced in our gut, and our gut feeling isn’t just a saying; it has a whole nervous system down there! A healthy diet gives us the energy and cognitive clarity to go out there and do our best, free from blood sugar spikes, bloating and the lethargy that comes from eating poorly. We also find it easier to move and sleep, which both have a significant impact on how we are feeling. Our food is fuel, and our brains use more of that energy than any other part of our body, so what we eat impacts how we feeling on a variety of levels,” he explained to Bored Panda.

#13 I Cracked An Egg Today And There Were Three Yolks Inside

Image credits: rebusaurus

#14 Got The Rare Dark Chocolate With Granola Bar Flavor

Image credits: FromTheNetherlents

#15 Full Meal Kiwi

Image credits: somewhatbold

The psychologist put it bluntly that we generally should avoid it. However, not all junk food is created equally. Some products are far worse than others. “I wouldn’t permit a safe level of junk food, but what I would say is that having it occasionally is not a bad thing. While I don’t think seeing it as a treat is positive, as using junk food in a rewarding way can be dangerous, finding a junk food type that we enjoy but don’t feel awful after eating is a good way to approach it,” psychologist Lee said. “With myself and my clients, I suggest that using an 80/20 healthy/favorites rule works really well as a balanced diet, and that finding the healthy food that energizes you can be an enjoyable game to undertake!”

#16 My Wife Hit The Animal Cracker Jackpot

Image credits: dullawolf

#17 My Ice Cream Was Completely Overfilled

Image credits: JazzHandsFan

#18 This Mushroom I Found 5 Years Ago

Image credits: BlekIgel

Meanwhile, my talented colleague Liucija previously spoke with the CEO and founder of Ugly Produce is Beautiful, Sarah Philips. They talked about the ugly produce movement and how it helps minimize food waste.

“Every year, some 2.9 trillion pounds of food never gets consumed and it’s enough to feed nearly 800 million people worldwide,” Sarah told Bored Panda.

#19 This Pizza With Way More Toppings Than Shown On The Box

Image credits: darkpollopesca

#20 This Baby Tangerine Was Hiding In A Bigger Tangerine

Image credits: joshsamfrank

#21 Found A Giant Blueberry In My Parfait

Image credits: xMaimeeOx

Sarah from the Ugly Produce is Beautiful project suggested that we ask our local grocers to “bring in uglier produce to sell at a discount and support local farmers.” She noted that farmers don’t waste food and use as much of it as they possibly can.

“Farmers by nature aren’t wasters and they feed ugly produce to livestock, cook with it, and give it away, or sell it at farmers’ markets.”

#22 A Twin Banana

Image credits: woodslice

#23 Found This Bunch Of Bananas In My Box Of Runts

Image credits: AmyKeepsBees

#24 My Corn Sprouted A Baby Corn Inside The Husk

Image credits: josephrehall

Luck is a very peculiar thing. Some folks seem to have it all, finding (literal or metaphorical) four-leaf clovers around every corner. Meanwhile, others seem to be bad luck ‘magnets.’ The odds of getting struck by lightning each year are roughly 1 in 1,222,000. However, these odds rise to 1 in 15,300 if you take into account the possibility of being struck over your entire life. 

#25 Jackpot

Image credits: BootyFista

#26 I Just Found A Super Long Mini Marshmallow

Image credits: Michellehas2ls

#27 Weirdest Blackberry I’ve Ever Seen. Crested Black Satin Thornless Blackberry

Image credits: hammythesnail

Plane crashes are, of course, horrific accidents. However, someone who has a fear of flying might feel just a tad easier knowing that your odds of dying in such a crash are only 1 in 11 million. That’s roughly the chance of dying in a tornado, the odds of which stand at roughly 1 in 13 million. (Though the odds of the latter happening increase if you take risks near tornadoes, live close to the paths tornadoes tend to take, or if you live in a mobile home.)

#28 Behold, The King Of Cereal Flakes

Image credits: CrappyWaffleGun

#29 I Found The Legendary Garlic Bulb

Image credits: Creivoose

#30 Giant Puffball Mushroom My Sister Found In The Woods

Image credits: kfranky

Meanwhile, the odds of winning a (regular, non-food) lottery depend on which one you’re playing. For instance, winning a prize, any prize in the Powerball are 1 in 24.9. However, if you’re aiming specifically for the jackpot, the odds then become 1 in 292.2 million. These odds become even slimmer, 1 in 302.6 million, if your goal is to win the Mega Millions jackpot.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the chances of you finding a four-leaf clover are actually pretty good: 1 in 10k. Pity they’re not an extra ice-cream cone, right? Though we’d probably suggest going for a healthier option!

#31 I Found A Whole Oreo On The Surface Of My Ice Cream

Image credits: jmathews777

#32 A Big Cheese Stick

Image credits: BoredPersononReddit

#33 Garlic-Ception

Image credits: Affectionate_Leek871

#34 A Whole Potato In Curly Fry Form

Image credits: AshGettum

#35 The Flesh To Rind Ratio Of This Watermelon

Image credits: Akerail

#36 I Got 14 In My Box Of A Dozen Doughnuts

Image credits: megalodonkatsu

#37 This Is The Smallest Pit I’ve Ever Seen In An Avocado

Image credits: Zaemz

#38 This Comically Huge Strawberry That I Purchased From The Grocery Store Today

Image credits: MarcDeMaco420

#39 This Massive Fry

Image credits: ttaM9395

#40 We Ordered A Pound Of Carrots. We Got A Pound Of Carrot

Image credits: circusboy

#41 Got This Abnormally Thick Dorito In An Otherwise Normal Packet

Image credits: weallalright

#42 I Found An Orange Without Pith In The Middle

Image credits: Astrochamp1

#43 I’ve Grown Onions, 600 Grams Each

Image credits: apolinarnia

#44 This Obnoxiously Large Watermelon From My Grandpa’s Garden

Image credits: A7xWicked

#45 My Fiancé Found A Massive Ball Of Doritos Seasoning In Her Chip Bag. Chip For Reference

Image credits: nollsgame80

#46 I Hit The Jackpot Of Pringle Flavoring. The Whole Can Is Like This

Image credits: The_OG_Catloaf

#47 My Giant Mini Penne

Image credits: NattyK

#48 This Papaya That Ended Up Having One Seed Inside

Image credits: Jacket_89

#49 Got An Extra Wiener In My Package

Image credits: lesszachmoore

#50 Breakfast Jackpot

Image credits: Countess_of_Penrose

People Are Sharing ‘Alternate Angles’ Of Iconic Events And Places In History, Here Are 30 Of The Best

Close your eyes, and imagine the Statue of Liberty. You’ll probably picture its gigantic size, powerful posture, its intense face, the seven spikes of its crown, the way she’s holding a torch… Even if you’ve never seen it in real life, your mind most likely has a common image of it that most people have.

Thanks to the media, popular culture and instant access to virtually any information, we all have developed common perspectives of things, places and historical events. But what if we take a look at the Statue of Liberty from a completely different angle, let’s say, the very back of its head?

Well, one excellent corner of Reddit named “Alternate Angles” may have an answer or many answers to things we see at their face value. In fact, this relatively new online community created in 2019 is dedicated to showing a whole new viewpoint of “iconic events and places in history beyond the traditional well-known photos and videos.”

The result is fresh perspectives and never-before-seen angles that prove there’s so much more than what meets the eye! Plus, scroll down for the interview with the awesome moderator team behind the Alternate Angles subreddit.

#1 Aa Of The Sphinx – It Has A Tail!

Image credits: mattinglyschmidt

#2 Onlookers In Horror And Disbelief As They Watch The Twin Towers Collapse On 9/11

Image credits: Phantom_Katana

#3 Photo Of A Hiker Watching The Eruption Of Mt. St. Helens From Mt. Adams, About 37 Miles To The East.

Image credits: RampChurch

These days, when there’s so much content being shared on Reddit, it’s becoming hard to stand out from the rest of the subreddits. But the Alternate Angles subreddit proves that the internet can be an incredible place where we can all learn something new every day and expand our horizons.

With 132k members, Alternate Angles has been sharing a bunch of very interesting pics that show various objects, places, and events from unusual angles. It comes as a breath of fresh air where the dedicated and professional moderator team stands at the core of it.

#4 Bob Ross Before His Perm + Beard

Image credits: hwhitead17

#5 Onlookers Reacting To The Explosion Of The Challenger Space Shuttle

Image credits: Spenceh0616

#6 Prince William Giving “Middle Finger” After Prince Louis’ Birth

Image credits: tangledswing

“The origins are really quite simple,” the mod team told Bored Panda and continued: “A comment in another subreddit of famous pictures suggested that someone should create a sub of different views of famous pictures, which led to the creation of r/AlternateAngles by u/Murkon and another Redditor who decided to step down and is no longer a moderator.”

Most importantly, we asked the moderators to explain the very concept of Alternate Angles. They said that “it can be summed up by a rule: Limit all submissions to alternate views, or unique perspectives, of well-known locations, items, people, and events. An alternate angle of your kitchen does not qualify but Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen does.”

Having said that, the moderators added that determining what is “well known” is subjective. Hence, “the occasional post of an obviously non-well-known picture slips through, but we strive to keep with the original objective.”

#7 Charles Ebbets Photographing “Lunch On A Skyscraper”, The Famous Picture Of Workers In NY Eating Their Lunch On A Hanging Steel Beam

Image credits: WamuuAyayayayaaa

#8 The David Statue Protected By Bricks During Ww2

Image credits: wowthisslapps

#9 Neil Armstrong’s Family Watching His Launch To The Moon-1969

Image credits: justculture

Turns out that much harder posts to moderate are those that are fakes or photoshopped. For this reason, the team relies on “the fantastic and active user base to help out with those.”

When asked to share some of their own personal Alternate Angles posts, the moderator team said they “could have spent hours culling through thousands and thousands of posts to pick out more.” However, they picked a couple ones for our readers to enjoy: the Lincoln Memorial before the reflecting pool, recording Leo the Lion (the MGM’s iconic mascot), this alternate angle of one of the biggest tragedies in US history, and this rare view of the back panel of Mona Lisa.

#10 A More Depressing View Of The Taj Mahal

Image credits: RossBobArt

#11 The Statue Of Liberty At The 1878 Paris World Fair Before Being Fully Assembled And Shipped To The United States

Image credits: daffietiger

#12 Backside Of Tutankhamuns Mask

Image credits: daddyicecream

#13 Different View Of The Pyramids

Image credits: Pucl

#14 Queen Filming The Iconic Bohemian Rhapsody Music Video In 1975

Image credits: Lacious

#15 Lincoln Memorial Before The Reflecting Pool

Image credits: DickDover

#16 I Have A Dream

Image credits: hendrixnash

#17 The Tank Man Photo From The Day Of The Tiananmen Square Massacre In 1989, Uncropped

Image credits: radokobrata

#18 Star Wars Episode Iv Opening Crawl

Image credits: KevlarYarmulke

#19 The Beatles Lining Up For The Abbey Road Album Cover Photo

Image credits: walterwhitest

#20 Tiananmen Square Before The Infamous Picture, The Guy Is In The Top Left, 1989

Image credits: Emberifyy

#21 Lady Liberty

Image credits: outofthebox5038

#22 The Nevermind Baby Getting Out Of The Pool

Image credits: gredgex

#23 North Korean Founder Kim-Il Sung Had A Baseball Sized Tumor On The Back Of His Head. North Korean Propaganda Officials Had All Photos Taken Of Him From The Left Side. This Is One Of The Few Candid Photos Of The Tumor

Image credits: justculture

#24 Sydney Opera House From Top

Image credits: _mono_no_aware

#25 Alternate Angle Of The Phantom Menace

Image credits: coltsstrong23

#26 The Leaning Tower Of Pisa Is Empty On The Inside

Image credits: rick_n_snorty

#27 Behind The Price Is Right Wheel

Image credits: cheese__chester

#28 Vincent Van Gogh

Image credits: Moofisilla

#29 Not The Typical View Of The Tiananmen Square Protests…

Image credits: fisherman363

#30 The Position Of The Camera Man Who Took The Picture Of The Dallas Shooter

Image credits: penguinitoloco

50 Funny Pics To Prove That The Best Way To Learn History Is Through Memes

Our avid readers will know how much we love memes here at Bored Panda, from science memes, viral 2020 memes, and very literal memes to more specific memes like jokes and memes for women to relate to and car memes to laugh at while you’re stuck in traffic. Because memes are the unofficial language of the internet and if you haven’t been off to the moon lately, you’ll surely know how to speak a word or two.

So this time, we have a special treat for your inner nerd or anyone who missed that once-in-a-lifetime chance to make their history teacher proud. Yep, we’re talking dates, events, and contexts that happened either far back or quite recently in the past.

Welcome to the history memes fueled by the r/HistoryMemes subreddit, where a whopping 2.7M members and self-confessed history experts crack jokes about the old days. Scroll down and upvote your favorites!

#1 I See What U Did There

Image credits: bea_ker

#2 Selective Breeding

Image credits: NoLifeLine

#3 A Joke Book From 1940

Image credits: Physics_Simon

Internet memes have been a widely used visual form of online rhetoric since the early 2000s. Today they have become a prominent method of communication across the internet, but as a research subject, they’re still not very well-examined.

With 20 years of communicating in memes, we still don’t know their exact implications, says Rebecca Ortiz, an assistant professor of advertising at the Newhouse School. “Research on internet meme effects is still in its infancy. But we can look to past media effects research to hypothesize how people may be influenced by them.”

#4 But At Least They Have The Cool Building With All The Flags In It

Image credits: cuntfruitcake93

#5 Professionals Have Standards

Image credits: SuperMegaPepega

#6 History Repeats Itself

Image credits: puffinleaves

We should never underestimate the power that social media and the content that’s surfing there has on our beliefs, identities, and culture. “The most shareable content on social media will reach the most people and potentially have the greatest effect,” she said.

Think of memes as bits of humor that capture shared cultural meanings and speak to some of the largest audience on our planet. “[They] are some of the most shareable pieces of content on social media and therefore they deserve scrutiny and better understanding as to how they may influence us,” Ortiz explained.

In that sense, understanding a meme is a way to bond with people and feel a strong sense of community. We as humans are wired to do so, so memes are the perfect gateway to that.

#7 Not The Tea

Image credits: prylex1

#8 Scientifically Proven

Image credits: TheHyyyype

#9 So Much Spice!

Image credits: Mr_Elijiah

#10 If You Don’t Believe Me Look At China Right Now

Image credits: valsagan

#11 They Here Cause You Dragged Them Her

Image credits: Baswdc

#12 Black Panther Flashbacks

Image credits: LightSwitch545

#13 Ah, Good Times

Image credits: tree_branch1

#14 Enslaving People Because Of Color Skin? Absolutely Barbaric!

Image credits:

#15 I Dont Think You Want

Image credits: SedoSedi

#16 Just Make Up Your Mind!

Image credits: eingutjungen

#17 A Toast To The Irish

Image credits: SunnyWolf17

#18 UK Is Like Belgium

Image credits:

#19 What A Nice Little White Girl

Image credits: Hottestfish69

#20 Life’s A Witch

Image credits: thelonecompanion

#21 A Rare Glimpse Of A History Meme In The Wild

Image credits: rexavior

#22 Oh Well Its Not Like We Can Do Anything About That

Image credits: karkeris

#23 *laughs In Nazi Gold*

Image credits: EliotHudson

#24 This Country Is Gonna Be Lit!

Image credits: subwanuno

#25 Literally Grave Robbers

Image credits: gofundmemetoday

#26 Also Forgot To Mention Hera Was His Sister…still A Classic Though

Image credits: Ben_Swolo501

#27 Ratatouille’s Revenge

Image credits: speedoc

#28 The Madlad

Image credits: ImnotaNixon

#29 I’m So Lucky

Image credits: Nonkel_Jef

#30 “George, I’ve Just Noticed Something…”

Image credits: chompythebeast

#31 Belgian History 101

Image credits: -MElonMusk

#32 It’s Not Even Close Really

Image credits:

#33 The Grand Tour Has A Lot Of Meme Potential

Image credits: PoliticsEnthusiast

#34 This Is In The Book I’m Reading

Image credits: Hazeandnothing

#35 God Is An Englishman

Image credits: Rob-With-One-B

#36 One Of Our Fellow Scholars

Image credits: GolHahDov

#37 Guten Tag, Polen

Image credits: turk_tangle_ig

#38 Coincidence? I Think Not

Image credits: ItsAndyRyan

#39 So True

Image credits: deadlyspawn187

#40 Oh No

Image credits:

#41 Not Sure If This Has Been Done Before

Image credits: PrimeMemeister

#42 All Road Lead To Rome

Image credits: Fadhilll

#43 Quick Fake China Is Asleep! Up-Vote Flag Of Real China

Image credits: Yhorm_The_Gamer

#44 Sparta, This Is

Image credits: Lean-II-Machine

#45 Faked Their Deaths

Image credits: rad302

#46 Manifest Destiny Be Like

Image credits: klayb

#47 Yeah, Someone Definitely Used A Ruler To Draw Some Of These Borders

Image credits: Geschiedenismemes

#48 Not Cool Andrew Jackson

Image credits: IUseRedditAmICoolNow

#49 We See Through Your Disguise, Himmler

Image credits: frankieluigi

#50 Are We The Baddies?

Image credits: klayb

50 Of The Worst Fashion Fails (New Pics)

Ah, fashion! It’s that wonderful thing that we used to care a lot about before the pandemic. Now that mass vaccination programs are continuing with great success in some countries, we can once again open up our wardrobes and take a peek at what we could potentially replace our overused sweatpants with. We’re going to have some people to impress pretty soon as lockdown regulations keep getting relaxed and summer is starting to hit its stride.

However, even if you feel lost in the stylish world of clothing and don’t know the difference between ‘Armani’ and ‘armadillo,’ you really shouldn’t worry all that much. Whatever you dress like, it really can’t be as bad as the photos of horrendously designed clothes that our dandy Bored Panda team collected to serve as a warning for everyone everywhere at all times. Socks with sandals? You wish things were that simple.

As you’re scrolling into this fashion disaster minefield, let your inner critic loose: let us know which items you think should go the way of the dodo, upvote the pics that you think are the worst of the worst, and share your personal tips for dressing well this summer in the comments. (PS—you’ll find more epic clothing disasters right here, here, and here.)

We got in touch with a fashion designer to tell us all about how to avoid making style mistakes (from over-accessorizing to wearing the wrong shoes), what colors are ‘in’ this summer, and why designing clothes is far harder than it might seem from the outside. You’ll find our full interview with her below.

#1 Where Is Uranus? My 9-Month-Old’s PJs Leave No Doubt

Image credits: DasFinkin

#2 Balenciaga’s $2,145 Bag That Looks Exactly Like IKEA’s 99-Cent Tote Bag

Image credits:

#3 The Pockets On Women’s Trousers

Image credits: Iwantmyteslanow

Bored Panda reached out to Nigerian fashion designer Oyinda Akinfenwa, who’s got her hand on the pulse of the fashion industry, to hear about some style dos and don’ts. Oyinda runs her own brand called Janore that specializes in multifunctional dresses and is always very stylish. So she knows what works and what’s a fashion disaster.

According to Oyinda, fashion designers have it tough. Creative blocks and a lack of good materials can take a toll on the final quality of the product. What’s more, she revealed that if all the nuances of production—from the way your clothes are made and how long it takes to who is making them—aren’t taken into account, the end result suffers, too.

“It’s hard to notice your own mistakes on your outfits until someone points them out because to you, it seems amazing because it is your work and you want to be proud of it, without realizing it may not be exactly as good as you think,” the Nigerian designer explained to Bored Panda why professionals can have a blindspot to some mistakes that seem obvious to someone else. “It’s really hard for creatives to give themselves criticism most times because of how hard we work to create the pieces we have, so most times we tend to not try to over-analyze the result.”

#4 Red Nail Stockings

Image credits: pkkballer22

#5 How Many Ways Can You Read It In?

Image credits: KoheFish

#6 The Color And Positioning Of The Lace Used On These Women’s Underpants

Image credits: lessons_learnt

Oyinda believes that one of the biggest fashion mistakes that people tend to make most often is over-accessorizing. “People tend to add too much on when the outfit they’re wearing already has a lot going on which makes it seem tacky. Also, it takes away from the outfit because no one will be looking at the outfit, just be confused about what is going on with the entire dressing,” she said that less is more and that we should stay clear of looking like a chaotic jumble when we want to impress others.

Another major mistake is wearing the wrong shoes. Oyinda noted that a pair of shoes can make or break the entire outfit. “This is very common as people tend to wear the wrong shoes for certain outfits which really brings down the whole look, by the time you start admiring them and get to their feet and you’re disappointed by their shoes.”

A quick way to up your fashion game is getting your nails done. Also, Oyinda said that wearing knuckle rings can make you look stylish because they “elevate your look no matter what you’re wearing.” As for this summer, the Nigerian fashion designer suggested that we fully embrace all shares of green and also go for clothes in yellow, orange, and black! 

#7 Why Those Pants Look Like That One Soccer Ball Everyone Has But Doesn’t Know Where It’s From

Image credits: dionnebytdionne

#8 $490 To Look Like You Don’t Know How To Wear Glasses

Image credits:

#9 Lock Up Your Daughters vs. Does My Butt Looks Fat In This Diaper?

Image credits: dreamer-imfinite

At its core, looking good—no matter what you wear—is all about confidence. If you think you’re the bomb, the very best, the most fashionable person in the room, then all eyes are going to be on you as you’re pulling it off and embracing the spotlight.

There is a ‘however’ coming, though. No matter how confident you might be, there are some clothing items that objectively look bad. Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, but the Council of Style got together and agreed that there are some things that you just don’t do when designing clothes. And many of these mistakes you’ll find in this list.

#10 So My Sister Had A Clemson Mask Made For Her

Image credits: TBoneTheOriginal

#11 Maison Margiela Pre-Destroyed Sneakers For $1425

Image credits:

#12 This Clothing Brand For Kids

Image credits: dylho

According to ‘MasterClass,’ avoiding fashion faux pas is possible with a bit of friendly advice. The first thing that they recommend is having fun and experimenting with various clothes, colors, cuts, and fabrics!

Play around a bit with different combinations and find out what works for you. You might be surprised to discover something new about your tastes and what looks good on you. (And don’t forget, having a friend over to give you an honest opinion never hurts!)

#13 Girls Is Can What?

Image credits: GayStorkLord

#14 My GF Got This Jacket Because It Has Pockets

Image credits: PhilosopherStriking1

#15 Giving Up Is Simply An Option

Image credits: DiscordAddict_

Another piece of advice that you should keep in mind at all times concerns clothing size. Always, always, always find the right fit. Tailored clothes look incredible on you, no matter your body size. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the peak of your athleticism or if you’re plus-sized: when the clothes you wear fit your current body size, shape, and form, they become that much more stylish. And that helps boost your confidence, too.

#16 Nordstrom Sells Jeans With Fake Mud On Them For $425

Image credits:

#17 There Are Holes In The Bottom Of This Shoe The Perfect Size For Some Pebbles

Image credits: maowang99

#18 I Just Realized That My “Los Angeles” T-Shirt Has New York Skyline In The Back

Image credits: gvinpi

What’s more, even as you’re experimenting with new pieces, you should have some timeless clothing items in your wardrobe that go with anything. For instance, I have a couple of trench coats that look fabulous with everything that I wear and I love them to bits.

Though, keep in mind that not every outfit will fit every occasion, no matter how confident and trendy you might look. Read the room, dress for the occasion, and find unique ways to bring a bit of personal flair to your outfit no matter the event.

#19 Plant Dyed Underwear On Etsy

Image credits: Glycine_max

#20 My Wife Has Had This Sweater For Over A Decade And She Still Questions Why They Didn’t Use The Eagle As The V

Image credits: Little-Coin

#21 Oh Great, A Shirt That Makes It Look Like You Got In A Fight With A Bottle Of Mustard And Lost

Image credits: hanzhog

Even if you have to wear a uniform to work or you’re going to a black-tie gala, there are ways to make you stand out and make others say, “Wow, you’re amazing!” In my experience, something easy to try if you’re feeling a tad shy would be going for colorful and expressive socks. Just make sure that they’re not fashion disasters waiting to happen.

#22 Pants That Make You Look Really Pissed

Image credits: Lord_H1D30U5

#23 Marge Simpson Has Two Mouths On The Official Simpsons Pajamas

Image credits:

#24 These Gucci Shoes Are Intentionally Made To Look Dirty

Image credits:

#25 Just Gonna Put It Right There On The Crotch Huh?

Image credits: SpookyVoidCat

#26 So My Boss Found Out That I’m A Fan Of The House Of 1000 Corpses Movies And Bought Me A Captain Spaulding Mask. This Showed Up

Image credits: ReallyNotBobby

#27 Don’t Ask Me How I Found This

Image credits: AufWiedersehenAhole

#28 Pants That Start With A Stain

Image credits: ChefPete22

#29 Pedo Power??

Image credits: F4NZ4I

#30 Gucci Sells Jeans With Fake Grass Stains

Image credits:

#31 Socks For Squared Feet

Image credits: smodanc

#32 This Dolce Gabbana Jute Dress Costs $2118

Image credits:

#33 My Girlfriend Went Thrifting And Found This. Also The Jordans Are Fake If That Wasn’t Obvious Enough

Image credits: Andrei399

#34 English-Words-In-A-Shirt Type Hoodie. Non-Ironic Taipei, Taiwan

Image credits: umbrellapokedeye

#35 Cowboy Boots, Frozen Themed, And A Random Hole. Yup Shoes

Image credits: Zuzufatcat

#36 Where’s The Rest Of It?

Image credits: 1AbbyRoad

#37 This Elsa Backpack Has A Mask On It So You Can Wear It. But If It’s On The Backpack, Elsa Looks Dead On The Inside

Image credits: ItsDiana5454

#38 $425 Artsy Jeans Look More Like A Crime Scene

Image credits:

#39 This Message On A Child’s Sweater

“Take and go”

Image credits: IellaAntilles

#40 The Print On These Used Bikini Bottoms

Image credits: catscanary

#41 Fat Mily Weekend 2018

Image credits: Pliny_the_middle

#42 Underwear With Edward Cullen’s Face On It For The Purest Twilight Fans

Image credits: NkBasya

#43 These Shoes Let Me Take The Road With Me

Image credits: TheTwoWipeWonder

#44 This Shirt Looks Like A Used Pad

Image credits: donnapetrapan

#45 Arrived From Amazon Today, Still Trying To Work Out What The Hell They Say

Image credits: Mandala_tattoogirl

#46 Still Beats The Alternative

Image credits: Amanuet

#47 Never Up

Image credits: paca0713

#48 The American Flag On My Dad’s New Hoodie

Image credits: Benohnomark

#49 Tybalt’s Clothes From One Of The Romeo And Juliet Movies. Who Thought This Was A Good Idea?

Image credits: ThatWolficorn

#50 A**

Image credits: bunsharu