Donating Blood and Stem Cells

People need blood, and people need stem cell transplants, so it’s time for us to WakeUp as a culture and does some donating, especially this time of year.

The numbers don’t lie, blood transfusions and bone marrow disease are real, and you can do something about it!! There are about 35,000 pints of blood used in the U.S. every day, according to BNL Blood Drives. That is insane, and if you never been on either side of it, you wouldn’t fathom how massive that is. There are people in need of blood every day for life-saving reasons, so if you have never donated, now is the time to step up and give back. There are blood donation centers all around the country, click that link, and you can find one in your area.

patient donating blood at hospital

There are many reasons for receiving blood; some people wind up in horrific accidents and lose significant amounts of blood. In contrast, others need transfusions because of complications from disease and health-related issues. Regardless of why they need it, just knowing that 35,000 pints of blood are used each day should wake you up like a blast of NARCAN and get you running to your nearest donation center.

Knowing that could be you one day if you accidentally run a red light, or your child if they are injured in some freak accident on the playground. Who knows when, and who knows how? We don’t, so it’s best to be prepared. Giving your blood to others will ensure that there is a local supply in your community for your blood type, and that could mean something if you find yourself in the emergency room one day in need of a few pints of Dracula juice.

Blood talk aside, bone marrow donors are also needed as more than 44,000 Americans will need a bone marrow transplant this year alone. Bone cancer is killing people, and you can do your part saving a life by donating. The technology behind it all is getting better; it’s less painful and has a faster recovery time than ever before.

The new year is almost here, step up, and donate blood and bone marrow. People need you, and one day it could be you in need. It’s time to WakeUp and smell the coffee people, the disease is real, and it could happen to you or a loved one anytime. So make the right decision and start looking into some of these resources on donating blood and marrow.

stem cell donation services for cancer patients

Blood Donation Resources:

Find a Blood Drive
• Blood Donation Overview
Donation and Transfusion Education

Stem Cell Donation Resources:

• Find a Stem Cell Donation Center
• Stem Cell Donation Overview
• Stem Cell Donation Education

These are just a few national resources that anyone can access and review. Do your research, find local donation centers that represent a definite cause, and their not just a profit-hungry organization getting into the business for financial gains. Plenty of these donation centers were built because loved ones have been lost, make sure you are giving for the right cause, and to the right organization so that you know your blood or stem cell donations wind up helping the right people.