50 Moments People Realized They Were Dating Or Married To An Idiot

Man, relationships start off so great. The initial, sweeping romance often consumes a couple when they first get together. In this stage, you feel as if you’ve found a perfect match, someone who is both similar and new. Someone compatible. You want to spend as much time with them as possible, and enjoy each other’s boundaries melting away. But that exposes our less glamorous attributes too.

In an attempt to show the unexpected turns their love life has taken, women are confessing to the internet how husbands and boyfriends are testing their limits. So we at Bored Panda decided to put these complaints together and see if we can all somehow grow from it.

From little everyday crimes (such as eating cheese like an animal) to bigger offenses (like hitting on your partner’s married niece), here are a million ways to frustrate and disappoint your partner.

By the way, I feel like we also need to include a disclaimer. This publication doesn’t mean that all men are garbage and every woman is a saint. I’d say it’s more of a study to see what common relationship problems women go through.

#1 My Husband Is Technologically Challenged

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#2 My Husband Bought Memory Foam For “His Side Of The Bed”

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According to some estimates, almost 50 percent of all marriages in the United States will end in divorce or separation. But what exactly makes sustaining a romantic relationship so hard?

Well, in 2020, a team of scientists led by Menelaos Apostolou of the University of Nicosia in Greece found that fading enthusiasm, long work hours, and lack of personal time and space are the three most common problem areas that prevent people from staying together. However, if it offers you some reassurance, they also think that only 30% of adults find it easy to maintain long-term romantic relationships.

#3 This Is Where The Plate Goes After Dinner. Not In The Dishwasher. Not On The Counter. Not Even In The Sink. It Should Be Perfectly Balanced On The Sink, Just Like This

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#4 I Split Up With My Boyfriend Yesterday. I Fell Asleep While He Was Packing And He Stole My Toilet

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When it comes to the top challenge (fading enthusiasm, it can be explained by the fact that many people find long-term relationships to be tiring and they get bored quickly. They also sometimes realize that the passion and romantic love fades sooner than they might’ve expected. Fading enthusiasm is especially problematic among people who dislike routines.

Long work hours is one of those factors that might seem a little bit surprising at first but later sound really logical. In fact, some have already speculated that divorce rates can be predicted by the length of a spouse’s commute. This research adds credibility to this notion — partners who spend many hours working or prioritize their career over their relationship are, not surprisingly, less involved and less successful in the latter.

#5 100% Will Rip Open A Bag Like A Damn Raccoon And Then Notice It’s Resealable

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#6 Asked My Husband To Do A Maternity Photoshoot. Don’t The Dogs Look Great?

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#7 I Was Complaining To My Boyfriend That We Never Cuddle Anymore And This Was His Solution

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Feeling suffocated or lacking sufficient me time is the third most common reason why people have difficulty maintaining romantic relationships. Those who feel constrained by their commitment, or (whether or not it’s justified) feel that their partner is constantly nagging them, will have issues working on and sustaining it.

The publication said that other common problems were character issues, clinginess, and bad sex.

#8 Sent My Husband To Buy A Baby Shower Gift Bag

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#9 My Husband Doesn’t Want The Case To Get Scratched And Cause An “Eyesore”

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#10 My Aunt’s Skeevy Boyfriend Went From Asking What My Husband And I Want For Christmas To This Garbage In 2 Minutes

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#11 My Boyfriend Puts The Butter Away Like This In The Fridge Door. Fully Exposed And Touching The Fridge I Haven’t Washed In Months

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But coming back to what we briefly mentioned in the intro of this publication, it’s important that no gender is the bad one. Just the individuals. Dr. Kristie Overstreet, a clinical sexologist and psychotherapist, highlighted that men face their own unique set of relationship issues—and a lot of them have to do with the way guys are raised. (Keep in mind that these differences are not relegated to just men in heterosexual relationships; they apply to all men in every kind of relationship.)

Fear of rejection, hiding depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues, pressure to be the financial provider, and performance anxiety around sex are just some of the things that men frequently worry about in relationships.

“Men are taught from a young age to not talk about their problems or struggles. Men aren’t allowed to show or express emotions,” Overstreet told Men’s Health. This can actually be the root cause of many romantic conflicts. After all, managing emotions and communication is vital for every couple.

#12 Instead Of Cleaning Up The Sugar He Spilled, My Boyfriend Decides This Is Perfectly Reasonable Instead

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#13 My Boyfriend’s Gaming Set Up

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#14 My Boyfriend Doesn’t Throw Away Empty Toilet Paper Rolls. Instead, The Top Of The Toilet Becomes His Garbage Display Area

I take out the garbage regularly, but I wanted to see how long this would go on for – it’s been 2 weeks.

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#15 Texted My Husband To Show Him My Brilliant Idea For Making Sure I Drank My Full 1 Liter Of Water Before My Ultrasound

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#16 These Gum Piles My Husband Keeps Leaving Around The House

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#17 Instead Of Rinsing His Cup Between Drinks, My Boyfriend Will Just Refill It With Whatever Since It “Mixes In His Stomach Anyway”

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#18 The Way My Boyfriend Sliced This Avocado

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#19 Husband’s Gift To His Wife

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#20 I Asked My Husband To Stop At The Store And Get Coriander

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#21 On This Table, You Can See All The Gifts My Husband Has Bought Me For Last Christmas, Our Anniversary, My Birthday, And Mother’s Day

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#22 I’m Breaking Up With My Boyfriend

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#23 My Roommate Got A New Boyfriend, He Used My Clippers, Didn’t Brush Them When He Was Done, Didn’t Clean Out The Sink And Clogged It Too

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#24 When My Husband Goes Out In Public Like This

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#25 When You Ask Your Husband To Load The Dishwasher

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#26 Holiday With A New Boyfriend – He Opens Bread Like This

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#27 Gave A Girl A Compliment About Her Shirt, Received This From Her Boyfriend

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#28 My Boyfriend’s Job Title Is Actually “Solutions Engineer.” This Was His Solution

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#29 How My Boyfriend Uses Cheese

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#30 My Husband Eats Apple With A Spoon

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#31 My Sister Asked For A Nintendo Switch For Christmas. Her Boyfriend Must Have Misunderstood

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#32 My Boyfriend Put Salt Instead Of Rice In The Rice Cooker, Been Wondering For An Hour Why It Was Taking So Long To Cook

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#33 Got My Boyfriend Some Nice Cookies Imported From Holland, Turns Out He’s A Monster

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#34 Husband Used My Favorite Knife As A Garden Tool

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#35 Husband Puts His Coffee Mug Next To 2 Empty Coasters

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#36 The Lights In My Boyfriend’s Bathroom

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#37 So My Sister Got Goalie Gloves For Christmas From Her Boyfriend For ‘Being A Keeper’

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#38 Wife Likes To Store Things In The Oven. I Don’t. That’s Why I Don’t Check It

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#39 My Boyfriend Leaves Empty Packages In The Fridge

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#40 My Husband Leaves A Tiny Bit In The Bottom Of Snack Bags And Puts Them Back In The Cabinet

He says he’s “saving it for later.” There are now ten bags with little or next to nothing in them. The problem is he never eats them, buys new ones, and after a few weeks I have to throw them away.

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#41 When Your Husband Says He’ll Take Care Of Lunch

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#42 The Way My Boyfriend Left His Ice Cream Cone While He Went To Pee

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#43 I’ve Waited For So Long, Then My Husband Drove The Car

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#44 How My BF Opens Cereal

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#45 My Sisters Boyfriend Cut A New Loaf Of Bread Like This

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#46 My Boyfriends Food Cupboard. I Think He Just Upends His Shopping Bags Directly In The Cupboard Rather Than Unpack

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#47 The Way My Boyfriend Eats Pizza

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#48 My Husband Never Finishes A Pack Of Gum Before Opening A New One

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#49 When Bae Put His Beer Away By Himself. What Is This Mess?

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#50 My Sister’s Boyfriend Thought A Rock, From His Backyard, Was A Good Christmas Gift For Her

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