‘Aged Like Milk’: 35 Things That Aged So Badly, They Went Sour (New Posts)

People say that it’s easy to be right but even easier to be wrong. More often than not, people forget to be careful about what they say online. Quickly typing a few nonsense sentences and pressing “share” might seem like a great idea at the time, but the truth is, they might stay on the internet forever.

The online community called Aged Like Milk is here to remind you of that. As the moderators write in their description, it’s “a subreddit dedicated to all those things in media and elsewhere that didn’t stand the test of time, at all.” More than 795k members are on a mission to find and document ridiculous posts that quickly turned sour.

Take a look at some of the worst takes Bored Panda has collected from this group and upvote your favorite ones. Also, if you’re hungry for more examples of how people’s opinions came back to bite them, be sure to check out Part 1 of this post right here.

#1 Warned A Person Considering Traveling To Chernobyl To Check Travel Advisories Got Called A Troll

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#2 This Did Not Age American At All

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#3 Battleship, Fun For The Whole Family…

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According to Know Your Meme, “aged like milk” is a catchphrase that mainly describes social media posts that have grown increasingly troublesome since their inception. When people throw their opinions left and right, some of them are bound to be wrong. Well, they might look fine at the time, but time truly shows which beliefs aged poorly by completely breaking modern social norms.

While the origin of the phrase is unknown, the earliest usage comes from a 2006 comedy special Jeff Dunham: Arguing with Myself. A puppet called Walter said “She’s aging like milk!” in one part of the dialog. Since then, the clip received more than 4.2M views on YouTube and quickly spread to other platforms, forums, and threads.

#4 Aged Like Eggnog

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#5 I’ve Never Met A Single Adult Without One

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#6 Sk8 Or Die

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#7 A Daily Mail Article From December, 2000 (Reupload)

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If you ever felt slightly embarrassed about something you shared online, don’t worry. After all, social media is the place for us to vent about politics, culture, sports, our personal lives, and more, so you’re definitely not the only person to ever have a bad take. In fact, more than half of Americans (57 percent) say they have social media regrets. One in six routinely rue their decision to post at least once a week, with Millennials being the most regular offenders.

#8 Lady Gaga Had A Hater Group

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#9 He Regretted It

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#10 The Snow Scene In The Wizard Of Oz (1939) Used 100% Pure Asbestos Fibers For The Snow

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#11 Anyone Remember These Ads?

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These numbers come from YouGov Omnibus’ survey where they asked U.S. citizens about posting or texting something they regret. Many people admitted they were less anxious about sounding silly compared to a few years back. However, they are more worried about damaging their reputation at work — 22 percent said they are concerned that a questionable post might affect their career.

Results also showed that 14 percent of participants feared they may hurt relationships with family members or partners by sharing misguided images or messages. Plus, women were slightly more likely to feel troubled about social media blunders damaging their close relationships than men.

#12 Remember Y2k?

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#13 Good Boy! Wait, Wha??!

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#14 Only Took One Mooch For This To Turn

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If you’re wondering how to make sure your social media posts won’t come back to bite you, always think twice before sharing something online. Ask yourself if there’s anything in this particular post or comment that could potentially hurt you in the future. Think about whether it might defame a specific view or lifestyle. Also, determine whether your words will actually contribute to the conversation or whether they will only create more noise.

#15 This Is Hung Up In My School

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#16 If Only That Was Still The Case

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#17 Texas Would Never

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Also, it’s always good to self-reflect and review your older media posts. It’s recommended to delete inactive accounts, provocative or controversial topics and discussions, and anything that might make you look overly cynical or mean. You have a larger audience than you think, so it’s quite easy to overshare and sacrifice your privacy. And just remember, if you ever end up posting something extremely cringe-worthy, there’s a big chance the members of the Aged Like Milk group will pick it up and will make sure to share it with the whole community.

#18 I Remember Winning Vietnam As Well

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#19 This Guy Deleted His Account To Dodge His Bet

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#20 I Was So Young, So Naive In 2010.

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#21 Texas Winters, You Can Never Predict Them

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#22 Tucker Carlson: “Putin Just Wants To Keep His Western Border Secure”

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#23 They Were Warned

Image credits: BonzoAndBonzo

#24 Rip The Nintendo Switch

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#25 In An Article On How To Befriend People At Work…

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#26 Definitely Going To Jail

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#27 Pray For Afganistan

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#28 This 1939 Poster About How The Next European War Will Start In Ukraine

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#29 An Old Memory Of Mine… Don’t Ask Me For Any Future Advice..

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#30 Not Only Has The Globe Not Cooled, The 7 Years Since This Was Published Have Been The Hottest On Record

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#31 Youtube’s Finally Done It

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#32 ? R/Teenagers In A Nutshell.

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#33 Well, It’s Pst September

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#34 Too Soon?

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#35 Plaque Outside Blizzard Office Has Aged Like Milk, Again

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