Wake Up MAgazine Coffee Explosion

Who is WakeUpMag?

WakeUpMag was originally created to combat the dreary task of waking up in the morning, or evening (we don’t judge), to a world full of boring crap and negative bulls**t in the news.

We got tired (pun intended) of rolling out of bed and having to deal with all the nonsense, so we created a totally badass news blog dedicated to posting the coolest content on the web.

We believe whole-heartily that if you surround yourself with interesting articles, thought provoking content and hilarious situations than you will be a happier and healthier person. We have found that it works for us, and so we know it will work for you.

On our blog you will find everything from viral memes and news, to breaking news, to new tech and ancient wisdom.

We promise that you will never get bored of scrolling through our blog, so long as you don’t reach the end, and that our content will never be the same crap you see on your local TV news station.

We are dedicated to making news worth waking up for!