Best Kids Games Online

In the age where all sources of entertainment are available to all age groups, it becomes a challenge to pick and choose the ones that are suitable for our kids, who are still growing and can be influenced easily by exposure to material that is not appropriate to their age.

Playing games is one thing that all kids love and there are countless websites over the internet that offer online games for kids. However, adult supervision is still crucial in this regard. The games kids play should also serve educational purposes because at the end of the day, kids spend a substantial amount of time on the computer and that must not go in vain.

online games for kids

We have enlisted a few games that kids can play online without fearing any harmful effects related to violence, psychological manipulation, and sexual content:

Wallykazam! Letter and Word Magic

This game has been specifically designed for educational purposes as it promotes reading habits in kids. Guardians who want their kids to enjoy and learn at the same time can use this game as an outlet. The main theme of the game is to build a tower with rhyming words, which helps in enhancing their vocabulary, spellings, and reading skills, all at the same time.

Burger Now

On a lighter note, this one is especially for foodie kids who all they think about is food, whether it is virtual life or real. Burger Now is an exciting, timed game in which the player is given a menu for every customer, and they have to prepare the item in a specified time-limit. With every order served, the scores keep adding, and in case of a late or slow delivery, the customers get grumpy and leave the counter. This is a game you don’t have to worry that your kid is playing as it is safe and age-appropriate to kids of almost all ages.

Build Your Snowman

Yet another game for kids is Build Your Snowman, which comes with different options for decorating a snowman. The time does not require any particular skill, and any kid can play this game without worrying about having to lose or win. It’s just that simple!

Puzzle Bobble

This classic game reminded us of the nineties games. When all kids used to get home from school and play puzzle bobble. Puzzle bobble is a fun game that allows the player to burst bubbles of the same colors and level up. The game is fun and has various stages. Its difficulty rises with each level, which is what makes it exciting for kids.

Cars 2

For automobile junkies, Cars 2 is the best kids’ game out there. It is based on the popular animated movie Cars and involves racing, as is evident from the name itself.

What needs to be ensured is that kids play games that provide not only entertainment but also serve some useful or educational purposes. Or are not harmful, at the least. That is why the games listed above made our list of the best kids games online.