Termites Destroy Tiny Dream Home

500 Thousand Termites Destroy Tiny Dream Home

This is crazy, and you have never seen how fast a colony of termites can rip through your dream home, just take a look at this video and hope this never happens to you.

Now, imagine that is your home! The absolute destruction that a colony of termites can cause in a short period of time is unbelievable. They can destroy all wood aspects of your home, framing, flooring, roofing, and cabinetry. If you see signs of termite damage in your home, you need to contact a pest control company to evaluate the damage and provide you with some options for treating termites.

Most of the time termite damage is pretty noticeable, the tunnels are obvious, and so are the maze-like designs they carve into the wood. These patterns are pretty distinct and it’s hard to confuse termite damage with any other kind of insect damage.

If you are building your home, there are some great tips on termite prevention that you should read thoroughly to make sure you are avoiding termites at all costs. By setting up permitter barriers, you can keep termites at a distance from your structure for a long time. These treatment sessions however, will need to be applied quarterly to ensure termites are not invading your property.

In the initial stages of your build, you may also opt-in for termite treated wood. Obviously, the more preventative your efforts are, the more it will cost you in the beginning, but those costs are nothing compared to the damage termites can cause to your home permanently.

Termites are easily the most dangerous insect infestation your property could face. Unless you are allergic to bees, this is definitely the biggest problem you could encounter as a home owner. You can also check the trees on your property to make sure they haven’t been attacked by termites.

If you notice a termite problem and it appears to be at an advanced stage, it is highly recommended that you call a termite control specialist and a general contractor to evaluate the damage and give you a quote for replacing any wood structures that are weight bearing wood beams that may have been damaged by the termites.

As you can see in the video termites are very aggressive and should be taken seriously. Do everything you can to avoid this type of damage and keep termites far away from your property.