Finding the Right Luxury Apartment

Wake Up!

If you have been surfing the web, looking for the right luxury apartment, you can stop right now! First, most of them are overpriced for the amenities they offer. Seriously, why do you need half the stuff they offer? Are you that high maintenance? Well, here’s the scoop! There are some that are pretty rad and might be worth the expense, it’s just a matter of finding the one that is right for you. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a luxury apartment in OKC, or a luxury apartment in Seattle, these rules apply no matter where you are in the country looking for your next place to call home. So, here we will break down some of the obvious things you should look for when searching for your first luxury apartment.

What To Look For In a Luxury Apartment

When looking for a new apartment, it’s easy to get overwhelmed whether you’re looking to buy or rent. With so many options and considerations, the last thing you want is to make a decision you’ll later regret. Therefore, we’ve broken down some key considerations below. As long as you pay attention to everything we mention, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a home that suits your needs whether these are short-term or long-term.

Location, Location, Location

When faced with thousands of search results online, one of the easiest and quickest ways to filter is through location. There’s no point finding a home of your dreams only to then discover it’s 50 miles away from work. Of course, you need to consider location with regards to the following; 

  • Work 
  • Schools 
  • Family 
  • Shops 
  • Public transportation 
  • Any clubs you attend


What’s important to you inside the apartment and apartment building itself? Do you need a washer and dryer? Would you like a shared gym for the building? Do you need a parking spot? As well as the amenities in the building, you can again think about the amenities in the local area. For example, where are you going to go if you need some milk late at night?


When trying to find the right apartment, too many people only consider rent when thinking about finances. Since this isn’t going to be your only expense, you can’t afford to forget trash, maintenance, water, pet fees, internet and cable services, utilities, and all the other expenses that come with the apartment. Although it sounds like hard work, researching these costs could save you hundreds of dollars each month.


In the title, we posed the question of what you need to look for in an apartment. As well as thinking about right now, you also need to think about the future. Will you change jobs? Are you planning on having children? Is a child soon to be going to school? If you don’t think about the future, it will only be a matter of time before you need to move again. Consider where you want to be in five years and whether a potential apartment will accommodate this.

Sleeping Habits

Another consideration people often ignore is sleep. For light sleepers, location is an important factor, as is the layout of the building. If you’re a light sleeper, having another apartment in every direction could cause problems. Therefore, you might want to look for single-story apartments or even those on the top floor of a building. This way, you aren’t disrupted by noisy neighbors each night.

Help with Pets

It goes without saying that those with pets will need a landlord happy enough for you to keep them in the apartment, but some actually go further these days. Why go to an apartment where your pet is accepted when you can choose one where your pet will be loved? For example, some have dog walking/sitting services whenever you need, dog parks, grooming stations, and more all nearby.

Accommodating Your Lifestyle

At this stage, we hope you’ve noticed a theme to our guide. There’s no universal ‘best’ apartment, and you’re not going to find the perfect answer online. Instead, you need an apartment that will accommodate your lifestyle without you having to sacrifice anything. In the right location for YOU, with amenities in the building, a cost within your budget, and potential to meet your needs in the future, you’ll have an apartment that quickly becomes a home!