Plus Sized Girls At The Night Club

Here’s The Skinny On Plus Sized Girls

Wake Up! Plus sized girls are better soul mates and here’s why I say that.

plus sized girl clothesI gotta admit I have a bit of a thing for plus sized girls, and honestly I’d much rather date one than a slim one. I love to eat and you know a bigger girl is gonna be your partner in crime when it comes to dining. When I go out to eat, I go out to eat! I ain’t trying to pick at appetizer-sized portions, I want a meal and I don’t ever have leftovers. Plus sized girls that can tackle a meal and a cocktail are the kind of girls I wanna spend a Friday night with. When I hit the club for some 2-step action on the dance floor, I have my eyes on the girls in the plus size nightclub dresses! The way they be shaken to the groove makes a man like me wanna swoop in from behind and whisper something sexy in her ear, like “hey baby, how about you and me leave this club and go get some conversation started over some chicken and waffles”. You can’t say something sexy like that to a skinny girl, she might turn around and toss a drink in your face.

chicken and waffles

Plus sized girls in plus-sized dresses just have a way about them that demands a mans attention, the way they walk, the way they talk, there is something about them that’s like voodoo for a dude like me. The plus size nightclub dresses I like on a woman are elegant, not too revealing, but show enough leg and shoulder that inspire me to ask the fine lady for a dance. The club can be a crazy place full of gold dig’n women and scum bag men, so finding a plus-sized girl in the club who carries herself like a lady is like finding a diamond in the rough. Of course, having a guy like me approach them for a dance is something special also, how many times have you had smooth operator approach you in the club and ask you if you wanna go get some chicken and waffles? That might not be the line most girls wanna hear, but my plus sized ladies know what I’m talk’n about, and the fellas definitely know what I’m talk’n about. If you ain’t ever had chicken and waffles after dancing at the best night club in Texas, you miss’n out. One thing you wanna be cautious of though is getting syrup on your club clothes!

eating ben and Jerrys ice creamThe plus-sized girls I meet in the club enjoy extra butter and syrup on their waffles and I have seen plenty of them dribble some and make a mess of they plus-sized dress. This may be an opportunity for you though, I mean think about it. You hit the club, meet a fine plus sized girl dance’n on the floor, you whisper in her ear in the most sexy voice you got “hey baby, how about some chicken and waffles?” Next thing you know you at the waffle shack and she’s got two orders in front of her, now that’s love at first sight if you ask me! Next thing you know she got chicken grease and syrup on her fancy look’n plus-sized dress and is trying to clean it up with some wet naps. That’s when you make your move and invite her back to your place to wash the dress. It’s an easy invite if you lure her with some Ben and Jerry’s, if she says yes to that you might as well start planning the wedding.

Now, you need to be cautious of the plus sized dresses in the washing machine, depending on the size it can throw things of balance and make a racket in the laundry room. Best that you spread the dress out evenly in the washing machine, hit it with some extra laundry detergent in case she broke a sweat when she was bust’n a move on the dance floor. Now chances are you don’t have any extra clothes for her to wear while she waits, unless you a plus-sized dude like me and have some plus sized sweats and a t-shirt, then you good. Now it’s time to make this girl yours, forget the wine, it’s time to pull out the double fudge brownie Ben and Jerries, two spoons and throw on the Dave Chappelle show. If she’s eat’n that ice cream up, laugh’n along to some Dave Chappelle, and not even think’n about her plus-sized nightclub dress in the wash’n machine, you got yourself a keeper. And that my friends is the skinny on plus sized girls in the club!