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Wake Up And Smell The THC Coffee

Wake And Bake With THC Coffee!

Wake Up! Or do you need a cup of Joe first to get the blood pumping? How about some coffee to get you up and some THC to get you high? With the legalization of Marijuana around the country, THC is being infused into just about anything you can ingest, huff, puff, or inhale! These new lines of THC coffees have me excited for many reasons, but two specifically.

  1. I love coffee.
  2. I love THC. 

The list referenced above is a true story, believe it or not! A morning cup of Joe infused with some purple kush just might be the kinds of fuel my brain needs to get work done around here! It’s as natural as the earth itself and has plenty of health benefits to go along with it. We all know that coffee is a major source of anti oxidants, and if you didn’t know, full spectrum hemp oils are power house sources of nutritional value. Combine the two and you have a true mind, body, and soul experience that is sure to make the day great. Imagine waking up in the morning and brewing a Keurig coffee cup in an instant that’s a combination of caffeine and THC. That would be the most convenient dosage ever and I guarantee the community of cannabis consumers would sip that Joe fo sho!

There are already a ton of coffees on the market that have infused THC with the coffee bean and brewers everywhere are jumping at the bit to get in on the action. Here are a few companies that are stoning the competition!

thc coffeeKoala Coffee

This cold brewed bottle of coffee infused goodness is enough to get the blood pump’n and the brain cells puff’n. This cold bottle of hippie brew comes with a 25g dose of THC to make the day the happiest it can be!


Brew Budz – A Cannabiniers Brand

This brew and bud combo was built to be used in any of the pod friendly devices out there on the market. I’m talking k-cup style THC infused coffee. Coffee pods plus pot equal a pot of pot coffee. See where I’m going with this?

canyon cultivation coffee reviewCanyon Cultivation Coffee

This dose of dope infused brew consists of 10mg of THC and 100mg of caffeine. Talk about the perfect ratio! I like just enough THC to spark the mental, followed with enough caffeine to turn those creative thoughts into action. One without the other is like food without the salt, it just ain’t that good.


House Of Jane Cannabis Coffee Pods

Another brand that is getting into the pod market, these pot infused pods are the perfect way to start your day. Most people have jobs, and jobs suck! A cup of this in the AM will surely make that shitty work day more manageable. For those of you with actual careers, this just makes everything better – see, this is for everyone!

pot o coffee podsPot O Coffee

Another play on the word game, thought I was first with the slick talk until I came across this brand. I can dig it, they are cool enough to create a brand of hand crafted infused cannabis coffee, I’m sure if I ever met the mastermind behind this batch of love we would end up blazing one over a cold brew.

Therapy Tonics

I am a huge fan of all these tonics that have hit the market. I see them infused with various herbs and roots, but this hemp infused tonic is the chronic! They have a wide variety of flavors to offer, enough THC to get the gears of the mind in motion, and I like anything therapeutical, so this is a no brainer.

ganja grindz coffeeGanja Grindz

I like ganja, I like coffee, and I like to grind. Waking up and grind’n out my day has always been the way of this guy. Gimme some THC infused Ganja Grindz and my mindz ablaze in ways never known to folks. If you hire me, just don’t give me a drug test, because I will fail miserably.