July 2019 Hottest Month On Record

Wake Up! Anyone denying climate change is out of their mind! Polar caps are melting, the rubber on my shoes is melting, and the plastic surgery on Kylie Jenner is melting off her face!

Wake up people! Al Gore pushed the topic hard after he failed to win his presidential bid, politicians laughed, people blew it off, but there were a small group of “Green-Minded” individuals that took what o’l Al was saying to heart and embraced his message.

July 2019 is officially the hottest month on record and if you are concerned about what that means for your future, or the future for your kids, you better wake the Fuk Up! This is the hottest month on record since July of 2016.

The earth is being polluted at a rate that has never existed before. China, the U.S. and other big industrial countries have been back-handing Mother Earth like it was the 1950’s and dinner wasn’t made yet. Well, Mother Earth got tired of the backhands, and 70 years later has returned to burn our souls. Hell, maybe with all the recent mass shootings, it’s a sign that we are closer to hell than we think. These idiots have no respect for human life and these tragedies may be an indication that hell is upon us.

So what do we do once we wake up? It’s time to go green! If you live in Washington State, California, or Colorado… you have probably already gone green, you Bob Marley spliff smoke’n hippy hooligan! Seriously though, time to re-think how you operate on a day to day basis. Somebody tell Taylor Schilling that Green is the new black!

There are some environmentally conscious changes you can make to your daily routine and none of this is new to anyone. So listen up while I drop some green knowledge on that azz!

 Car Pool – This is an easy one, you have been told for decades to car pool, the emissions and toxic fumes are automobiles produce is an ozone wrecker.

• Electric Car – Electric cars are a thing, you can actually buy a vehicle that is battery powered, saving the environment of toxic emissions.

• Solar Car – Elon Musk is becoming a leader in solar energy. The potential for solar powered cars, and solar powered roofing supplies make solar a great choice. Heck, you can even turn your garage solar!

Solar Home – The home is an energy consuming machine that the drains the electrical grid dry of energy on a daily basis. For those states that run heaters most of the year (Washington) or those state that run air conditioning units 24 hours a day all summer long (Arizona) turning your home into a solar powered machine is a great way to contribute and do your part!

• Limit Fossil Fuel Dependency – If you love toys, and I’m not talking toys for the bedroom…. I’m talking big-boy toys like side by side razors and boats, you need to consider limiting the use of these toys and start thinking about mountain biking and other non-fossil fuel dependent activities.

Look, some of you will read this and take notice that the hottest month on record just passed us by, and from the looks of things now these temperatures aren’t cooling anytime soon. Those people that acknowledge this may be willing to make a change, go-green, go-solar, go-electric, and contribute to this effort. Then there is the other group that will read this and say, ugh, huh-huh…. this is like stupid. Those individuals will walk away from this incredible article only to light up a smoke on the back porch while spying on the neighbor girl sun bathing. If he’s inspired by her, then maybe, just maybe she an electric car, or solar powered home and can influence this Beavis into going green for the sake of Mother Earth before she back-hands us back like it’s the 1950’s and she’s a man hating machine on the warpath.