How You Can Improve Conversion With Call Tracking

Call Tracking Software For Your Business

Wake up, people! This is the era of digital marketing, and if you don’t use call tracking for your business, you have been sleeping under a rock somewhere. Grab a cub of your most robust coffee, splash some Woodinvile Whiskey in there if you need, and get ready to learn about the value of call tracking.

Many digital marketers use resources like cookies and read receipts to understand how effective their digital marketing campaigns are. Most of these tools are incredibly useful for tracking engagement and conversion, but some marketers are missing the boat when it comes to call-tracking. Tracking inbound calls is a great way to find out which campaigns have been useful for you. You can add unique tracking numbers to postcard mailers, landing pages, social media profiles, and email campaigns.

Setting up your call tracking software should be pretty straight forward. You will need to create an account, buy a number, and configure the forwarding options. Here I’ll list this process in detail for you.

Find a Call Tracking Solution

This shouldn’t be difficult, and there are dozens of companies out there that offer Call Tracking for businesses. Call Fire, Call Rail, Call Tracking Pro, and Plateau Telecom are a few of the top companies online providing these services.

Create an Account

Login and Crete an account. Here you will be able to order your numbers, assign call forwarding options, setup voicemails, and add additional recipients for the calls to be forwarded to.

Purchase Numbers

If you have an affiliate site that sells a widget, or if your business would benefit from a custom number, you can try different numbers for different sites. You can buy a number for each social profile, paid ads, and for the various landing pages on your website. It’s relatively cheap to purchase numbers, so it makes sense to invest in multiple numbers for tracking.

Call Forwarding

You will want to configure the forwarding options so that the calls can be answered and tracked correctly. Having multiple recipients available to handle those calls would be ideal. You can create unlimited forwarding options, allowing you to forward the calls to the office, and personal cell phones.

Call Recording

As any digital marketer will tell you, conversion continues through to the point of sale. Recording the conversations, your prospects or having with your call center, receptionist, or sales team is a great way to track the effectiveness of those individuals once the call reaches the office. Having recordings to reference is also beneficial if there is a miscommunication with the client.

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, and that stands true with inbound phone calls. The first time a prospect calls your business, it’s the first and most impactful impressions they will have. That is the moment where the call needs to be answered, and the individual taking the call needs to be knowledgeable enough to help the caller with any questions or concerns they may have.

Call tracking is one of the most affordable and most effective tracking options out there. By allocating custom numbers to specific landing pages, social properties, and directory listings like Yelp, you will gain a real understanding of the effectiveness of those campaigns and branded company profiles.