Buying Property In Rocky Point Mexico

Investing In a Vacation Property In Mexico

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I like Rocky Point Mexico, you really can’t beat that trip to the sandy beach resort area. The beaches are beautiful, the sands are soft and powder like, the waters are blue, and the vibe is typically fun and entertaining. Rocky Point is a vacation destination for many families in the South West and the place starts to get real live during the holidays. The people show up there during the holidays to party, and the party is always live in Rocky Point. If you have never been there you are missing out on a great family vacation destination that is close to the border. It’s my preference to visit Mexico as close to the border as I can. Places like Cancun are a little deeper than I want to travel with my wife and kids. As a single guy I didn’t mind making the trip into the heart of Mexico, I have survived every situation thrown at me so far in life and the middle of Mexico didn’t bother me any, but traveling there with my family is a whole different story. That is why Rocky Point has been so appealing over the years. The real estate market there has been pretty affordable as the place has been developing over the last 15-20 years.


The condo projects are absolutely gorgeous and  we have thought about investing in one as a vacation property that we could rent throughout the year. The other option is buying a home either on the beach or buying a home just off the beach. Vacation properties have always been alluring to me as an investor, especially with places like VRBO and Air B&B out there giving me the opportunity to rent the property out to people traveling. The only issue I would have with a property in Mexico is managing it. After every vacation rental, someone would need to go in and clean the place to prepare it for the next family. If the property was here in the states we would have the same issue, except that we would probably purchase in state to make sure that we could have eyes on the property. Mexico does have some cleaning services and local maid services that could work but I would rather hire a property management company that has a local reputation for managing properties for American investments. There are a 100 reasons why I would hire a property manager as opposed to just hiring a maid service, even if the costs are substantially more than a maid service I think the level of accountability that a property management has to adhere to puts them at another level of trust than a maid service. If we do buy a vacation property in Mexico, we will probably connect with local American investors to see who they use to manage their properties and go with whatever makes sense. Rocky Point is a party hub, so vetting prospect renters will be key to making sure the lace doesn’t get trashed. Better Wake Up folks, the only thing getting trashed in my rental property will be me!