30 Times People Witnessed Something Interesting At The Beach And Just Had To Share It

If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “Life’s a beach,” you probably wondered what does it actually mean. A seagull swooping in and stealing your wallet? Or maybe that beached whales are some profound allegory for our society? Well, probably neither but it’s fun to entertain the possibilities.

We here at Bored Panda have compiled a series of the most unexpected things that took place at the seashore and it turns out, these pictures have the answers to the questions above. So if you thought that nothing ever really happens on a beach day, let us prove you wrong. It’s not just lazing around and baking in the sunshine. The same water you’re washing your troubles away can also spit out a giant squid right in your face. The sad part, though, is that it’s not all that exciting. Or romantic. There’s always a balding, middle-aged man to photobomb your best shots. But hey, at least you’ll never get bored with all these funny people around you.

Just bro things

Image credits: MattCloudy

There! Instead Of A Stupid Castle!

Image credits: yudoit

Good Ol’ Costco

Image credits: cupcakesk

Spotted On South Beach…wtf

Image credits: myfinnegan

I Guess Bringing A Folding Lawn Chair To The Beach Would Have Been Ridiculous

Image credits: Bruised_Bergina

I Feel Like I Just Missed A Miracle On The Beach…

Image credits: Auginer

Miami Is A Mario Kart Track Now

Image credits: LunchroomRumble

This Stack Of Pianos On A Beach At Low Tide

Image credits: itsmybike

Hurricane Irma Eroded Away The Dune This Pine Tree Was Growing On. Talbot Island State Park, Nassau Co., Florida.

Image credits: I_am_Jo_Pitt

This Was Build On A Beach Near Island Beach State Park (Where Chris Christie Was Sunbathing)

Image credits: xnowayhomex

These Neighboring Homes Have Very Different Aesthetics

Image credits: ashockofpink

Saw This Guy On The Beach. He Said His Grandkids Bought Him This Shirt

Image credits: mhinkleberry

Found This Rock Within A Rock On A Beach Walk

Image credits: Loubellbluebell

Found This Rock Within A Rock On A Beach Walk

Image credits: Loubellbluebell

Why My 14 Year Old Should Look Up From His Phone Sometimes

Image credits: mcafee97

My Mom Stumbled Into This Drug Dealer While In Jamaica.

Image credits: hotdogfinatic

My Grandfather Dressed As A Nurse At The Beach. Wasn’t Even A Costume Party, He Just Thought It Would Be Funny. 1950’s

Image credits: Raoul_Fluke

This Piece Of A Whales Spinal Column That Washed Up On The Beach

Image credits: Scaramuccia

My Buddy Jokingly Decided To Get A Henna Tattoo Of A Mustache While At The Beach. The Foreign Worker Didn’t Understand What He Was Saying, So She Asked Him To Write Down What He Wanted. This Was The Result.

Image credits: RyanHasWaffleNipples

On Vacation In California With My Best Friend And Took A Picture With Perfect Timing

Image credits: Noobytoe

Good Friends

Image credits: malsimian

We Live In The Future

Image credits: gbdallin

My Brother Found This Life-Bulb Washed Up On An Australian Beach. It Was All Alive And It Floated.

Image credits: tellamgood


Image credits: smol-milk

Wrong Wayve

Image credits: TheSANEG

Found This Gem In Venice Beach

Image credits: Doublebinded

Just A Pic That My Friend Took Down At The Beach The Other Day…

Image credits: sophielola_

While Walking On The Beach In Hawaii My Wife And I Found This Glass Ball That Had Become The Home Of Small Marine Ecosystem.

Image credits: Tio76

This Man Is Taking A Picture Of His Vape At The Beach

Image credits: Liber8Masses

My Goddaughter’s First Beach Experience

Image credits: Oath_Break3r

Enjoying A Day On The Beach

Image credits: bertie4prez


Image credits: danksmokelol

This Man At The Beach Has A Tiny Deck Chair To Rest His Head…

Image credits: oldelpaso91

ud83dudd25 Badass Osprey I Saw Today At The Beach Frying A Baby Shark For Dinner On A Power Line ud83dudd25

Image credits: BenDover04

Found An Almost Perfectly Spherical Rock At The Beach.

Image credits: Aura_Void

A 40-Ton Barge Washed Up On Our Local Beach After Some Heavy Storms This Week

Image credits: gangbangkang

A Reindeer Joined Us On The Beach Today Outside Harstad, Norway

Image credits: Blofsa

This Pebble I Found On The Beach Looks Like A Ghost

Image credits: diodenkn

So My Friend Found A Message In A Bottle While Fishing.

Image credits: NOT_A_NINJA_

Good Friends

Image credits: malsimian

My Boyfriend Decided To Take My Dog To The Beach Today For Some u201cQualityu201d Time Together

Image credits: AlexandraTheGr347

There’s A Penis Carved Into The Beach In Bing’s Background Image.

Image credits: velocipenis

The Opposite Of A Problem

Image credits: earthmoonsun

How Girls Take Pictures At The Beach

Image credits: Mandylost

Spotted Some True Love On The Beach Today

Image credits: jerkidiot

Today I Fucked Up

Image credits: BuhBuk

My Very White Friend Got Burnt After Our First Beach Day In Nantucket. Then Something Magical Happened.

Image credits: scubaguygreg

A Day At The Beach.

Image credits: Yoko8th

There’s A Reason You Aren’t Allowed To Park On This Beach

Image credits: killermonkey87

Atlantis Bahamas Sign.

Image credits: -FattyMcLoudMouth-

I Present My Ginger Girlfriend At The Beach.

Image credits: dmcneary

Taking Too Long To Take A Photo Of Her Food On The Beach

Image credits: Arbayest

So I Went To The Beach And Saw This…

Image credits: wakefool

E Is For Existential Crisis

Image credits: czarcaztic

I Photobombed A Girl On The Beach Taking Pictures, Told Them About It And Had Them Send It To Me.

Image credits: neigelthornberry

Don’t Mind Me, Just Walking My Bear.

Image credits: Yggdrasil53

Reading On The Beach

Image credits: raymichel

I Love Hiking To These Hard To Reach Places, The Ones Untouched By Humans

Image credits: dsfgorg

Yep, Nailed It.

Image credits: TDX

Dodge Tried To Shoot A Commercial For A $60,000 Truck At My Local Beach

Image credits: markesmongu

Well Crafted Beach Photobomb

Image credits: reddiholix

Resting Beach Face

Image credits: grixorbatz

Saw This On A Beach In Singapore

Image credits: Jetemple

Why You Shouldn’t Fall Asleep At The Beach

Image credits: CertifiedPuppyRapist

Like A Boss

Image credits: vivienne178

Found This Woman On The Beach Yesterday. I Guess It’s Sea Star Mating Season.

Image credits: war3rd

He Picks The Best Time And Place To Poop Sometimes

Image credits: bodieotis

Tried To Look Talented In The Background Of A Family Portrait. Failed.

Image credits: GaryGronk

Yep, Nailed It.

Image credits: TDX

A Radical Concept.. Bali 2017

Image credits: RajBandar

Go Go Gadget

Image credits: therealgesus

I Found This Sign By A Hotel Outside On The Beach.

Image credits: Jacksonspace

A Romantic Horseback Ride On The Beach

Image credits: poizonidea

I Have Been Waiting For This Day All My Life.

Image credits: thebonershoppe

A While Back, We Tried To Take Family Photos At The Beach. The Results Were………..unexpected.

Image credits: mainstreetsteve

Yesterday I Saw A Huge Wave Get In The Way Of Some Pregnancy Pictures, Also A Naked Guy.

Image credits: ahatzz11

In Singapore And Found This Sign At The Beach

Image credits: Nesbarnes

We Drove Around Trying To Figure Out Why The Hell All The Liquor Stores Were Closed In Myrtle Beach At 7:30 When We Finally Found This Gem..

Image credits: raygmoney33

My Wife Wanted A Picture Of Her On The Beach During Holiday, I Improvised A Little.

Image credits: Shermanate

Friend Decided To Pack A Truck Load Of Snow And Drive It Down To Long Beach With Beautiful Results

Image credits: Reliance376

Hanging Out At The Beach

Image credits: CharlieDarwin2

Oh, My

Image credits: CharlieDarwin2

I Shall Blend In To Hide From The Crab People

Image credits: itsjurboy

I Shall Blend In To Hide From The Crab People

Image credits: itsjurboy

It’s As If It Was Meant To Be

Image credits: Michachondriak

Yes, Hi. Could I Reserve A Table For 1, By The Beach But Make Sure I Donu2019t Have A View? Perfect.

Image credits: powpowzilla

Slow News Day

Image credits: needadistractionva

First Time To The Ocean, And This Is What He Does.

Image credits: jonah78

Spring Break Photobomb

Image credits: NotASurferrr

Sandcastle With Extremely Clean Lines.

Image credits: pdmcmahon

Let’s Drive On The Beach They Said…

Image credits: Shady_Slim

Geometric Sandcastle

Image credits: dittidot

Saw This Inspirational Beach Message This Morning

Image credits: boxjohnson

Where Lightning Struck Sand

Image credits: Proteon

Just Throw A Towel Down To Save A Spot For Us

Image credits: JiveMonkey

P-38 Found On Welsh Beach

Image credits: Fais-moi-un-bisou

Mexico’s Hardest-Working Ice Cream Guy

Image credits: notthefunyun

Photobombed By A Dolphin

Image credits: mrpickem1

A Photoshoot Of A Jetta Went Wrong Last Night

Image credits: Troy_Davis

That’s One Patient Dog.

Image credits: GallowBoob

How To Use Sand To Freak People Out

Image credits: jdk

Sighted In Myrtle Beach Today. Time To Get Hammered.

Image credits: HessianMurk

That One Time Batman Showed Up On My Mom’s Ride At White Sands

Image credits: Jolliver1114

This Perfect “Story In Three Panels” Of My Cousin.

Image credits: All-Seeing_Elon

We Took My Cat To The Beach And There Happened To Be A Professional Dancer Having A Photo Shoot. Obviously This Happened Because Buns’ Day Wasn’t Confusing Enough.

Image credits: sollysocksify

This Guys Grand Kids Bought Him This Shirt

Image credits: bakablitz

Going, Going, Gone. My Daughter And Me At The Beach.

Image credits: irishwover

Here Is My Favorite Photo From My Old College Cheer Squad… [x-Post From /R/Perfecttiming]

Image credits: creedofwheat

I Couldn’t Think Of A Clever Title. Here’s My Friend Buried In The Sand The Second Before He Was Beaned In The Head With A Football.

Image credits: mzkpenguin

Fuck You Im A Sandcastle

Image credits: holycrapmyskinisblac

Why Go All The Way To Egypt?

Image credits: topbloopers

Mount Ruffmore

Image credits: sunbolts

Worst. Trap. Ever.

Image credits: dingari

Family Day At The Beach

Image credits: elsewhere1

This Is A Turtle With A Knife Strapped To Its Shell, Secured With An Army-Cameo Bandana. I Bumped Into It On The Beach, 1/4 Mile From Where The Water Meets The Sea. Curious If It Was Someone’s Pet, I Traced Its Trail In The Sand, Which Lead Straight Into The Water. Retired Ninja Turtle?

Image credits: Janook

Mr. Crab’s First Dollar

Image credits: capecoddaveb

My Dog Was Totally Cool About Us Burying Him.

Image credits: EllBellWOOF

Oh Hey… Sorry… Didn’t Realize You Were Taking A Picture

Image credits: onlyflysims

Creative Sprite Ad, Creepy Chair Guy.

Image credits: CallMeOneLove

Girlfriend Asked For A Romantic Horse Ride On The Beach And A Picture For Her Mom This Was The Result

Image credits: hookhead19

My So Came Across A Woman In A Full Mermaid Suit At The Beach. Also Could Be An Actual Mermaid.

Image credits: cford12

Saw This Awesome Toothless Kite On The Beach

Image credits: hockeykidjsp

Every Beach Should Have One Of These…

Image credits: flyfishing11

My Favorite Picture Of My Brother And His Wife While Teaching My Other Brother To Surf

Image credits: ScarletF

Photobumb Of 2014

Image credits: buttlers

My Lady Friend Wanted A Piggy Back Picture On The Beach And A Random Biker Watching The Sunset Said He Wanted One Too

Image credits: sizertl

Sweet Old Man At The Beach: “Would You Like Me To Take A Photo Of You Two Love Birds?” My Wife: “Yes Please!”. Nailed It

Image credits: Tyguy462

How Girls Take Pictures At The Beach…

Image credits: gaybatman

I Found This At My Local Dog Beach Today

Image credits: jerrrrryyyyy

naughty boy

Image credits: Kendra Moriah

Finally An Answer To The Age Old Question “Do Raccoons On A Beach In Panama City, Fl Like Fritos?”

Image credits: reddit.com

Officially The Creepiest Sand Sculpture At Revere Beach This Weekend

Image credits: jaredmay76

You Have To Stay 10′ Feet Away From The Wild Ponies On Assateague, Even If They Steal Your Spot

Image credits: poop_artist

Just A Dog Going For A Walk On The Beach…

Image credits: gsuberland

Pigs Love Going To The Beach

Image credits: lnfinity

Told My Dad To Grab The Sunscreen Before We Hit The Beach. Sit Down And He Hands Me This…

Image credits: Delusions0fGrandeur

First Time To The Ocean, And This Is What He Does

Image credits: jonah78

pink Coffin float

Image credits: andrew_greenbum


Image credits: KevlarYarmulke

Sunscreen genius

Visual Representation Of Why Women Live Longer Than Men

beach umbrella

This Lady Brought An Air Mattress To The Beach

Image credits: Go_Blue_

Dads are the worst

Dragged This Down To The Beach

Image credits: BaconRabbit

The NSFW Surfboard

seagull has no boundaries

The Day I Unconsciously Matched Clothes With The Beach

Image credits: lucsgueds

New tinder pic

Car Filled With Pebbles And Sand

Image credits: BenSimWise

innovative shower

Image credits: misfitgallerylj

beach body

Lots Of Girls Taking Instagram Pics At The Beach Today…my Gf Is The One Snorkeling

Image credits: marcviz

I Was Stood Taking A Photo Of My Girlfriend In The Sea, Then Realised So Was Every Other Instagram Boyfriend

Image credits: Lewy-G

Saw These Stacked Stone Arches At The Beach This Morning

Image credits: ianhouser

Giant Squid Washed Up In Wellington New Zealand.

Image credits: Petaaa

Best Vacation Ever

Image credits: Gemini421

Brought My Puppy To The Beach. Took Him About 2 Minutes To Eat Enough Sand To Learn He Isn’t Supposed To Eat Sand.

Image credits: emaN_A_esoohC

Atlas 5 Launch Today At Cape Canaveral Viewed From Playalinda Beach. Amazing To See Live In Person.

Image credits: KyleRitt

“I Have Become A Beach Dogtowel”

Image credits: GallowBoob

Not Something You Find On The Beach Everyday.

Image credits: RetardedEdisonTwin

I Didn’t Wear My Watch To The Beach And Got A Strip Of Sunburn.

Image credits: friendofmany

This Kilo My Mom Found Washed Up On A South Florida Beach This Morning.

Image credits: raisingrebelles

Piece Of Dried Seaweed With One End Stuck In Sand Drew Concentric Circles As It Was Rotated By The Wind.

Image credits: chiken_cs

I Went To The Beach In La And The Magnetic Clasp Of My Bag Attracted Metal Fragments Out Of The Sand

Image credits: BeigianBio