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50 Funny Pics To Prove That The Best Way To Learn History Is Through Memes

Our avid readers will know how much we love memes here at Bored Panda, from science memes, viral 2020 memes, and very literal memes to more specific memes like jokes and memes for women to relate to and car memes to laugh at while you’re stuck in traffic. Because memes are the unofficial language of the internet and if you haven’t been off to the moon lately, you’ll surely know how to speak a word or two.

So this time, we have a special treat for your inner nerd or anyone who missed that once-in-a-lifetime chance to make their history teacher proud. Yep, we’re talking dates, events, and contexts that happened either far back or quite recently in the past.

Welcome to the history memes fueled by the r/HistoryMemes subreddit, where a whopping 2.7M members and self-confessed history experts crack jokes about the old days. Scroll down and upvote your favorites!

#1 I See What U Did There

Image credits: bea_ker

#2 Selective Breeding

Image credits: NoLifeLine

#3 A Joke Book From 1940

Image credits: Physics_Simon

Internet memes have been a widely used visual form of online rhetoric since the early 2000s. Today they have become a prominent method of communication across the internet, but as a research subject, they’re still not very well-examined.

With 20 years of communicating in memes, we still don’t know their exact implications, says Rebecca Ortiz, an assistant professor of advertising at the Newhouse School. “Research on internet meme effects is still in its infancy. But we can look to past media effects research to hypothesize how people may be influenced by them.”

#4 But At Least They Have The Cool Building With All The Flags In It

Image credits: cuntfruitcake93

#5 Professionals Have Standards

Image credits: SuperMegaPepega

#6 History Repeats Itself

Image credits: puffinleaves

We should never underestimate the power that social media and the content that’s surfing there has on our beliefs, identities, and culture. “The most shareable content on social media will reach the most people and potentially have the greatest effect,” she said.

Think of memes as bits of humor that capture shared cultural meanings and speak to some of the largest audience on our planet. “[They] are some of the most shareable pieces of content on social media and therefore they deserve scrutiny and better understanding as to how they may influence us,” Ortiz explained.

In that sense, understanding a meme is a way to bond with people and feel a strong sense of community. We as humans are wired to do so, so memes are the perfect gateway to that.

#7 Not The Tea

Image credits: prylex1

#8 Scientifically Proven

Image credits: TheHyyyype

#9 So Much Spice!

Image credits: Mr_Elijiah

#10 If You Don’t Believe Me Look At China Right Now

Image credits: valsagan

#11 They Here Cause You Dragged Them Her

Image credits: Baswdc

#12 Black Panther Flashbacks

Image credits: LightSwitch545

#13 Ah, Good Times

Image credits: tree_branch1

#14 Enslaving People Because Of Color Skin? Absolutely Barbaric!

Image credits:

#15 I Dont Think You Want

Image credits: SedoSedi

#16 Just Make Up Your Mind!

Image credits: eingutjungen

#17 A Toast To The Irish

Image credits: SunnyWolf17

#18 UK Is Like Belgium

Image credits:

#19 What A Nice Little White Girl

Image credits: Hottestfish69

#20 Life’s A Witch

Image credits: thelonecompanion

#21 A Rare Glimpse Of A History Meme In The Wild

Image credits: rexavior

#22 Oh Well Its Not Like We Can Do Anything About That

Image credits: karkeris

#23 *laughs In Nazi Gold*

Image credits: EliotHudson

#24 This Country Is Gonna Be Lit!

Image credits: subwanuno

#25 Literally Grave Robbers

Image credits: gofundmemetoday

#26 Also Forgot To Mention Hera Was His Sister…still A Classic Though

Image credits: Ben_Swolo501

#27 Ratatouille’s Revenge

Image credits: speedoc

#28 The Madlad

Image credits: ImnotaNixon

#29 I’m So Lucky

Image credits: Nonkel_Jef

#30 “George, I’ve Just Noticed Something…”

Image credits: chompythebeast

#31 Belgian History 101

Image credits: -MElonMusk

#32 It’s Not Even Close Really

Image credits:

#33 The Grand Tour Has A Lot Of Meme Potential

Image credits: PoliticsEnthusiast

#34 This Is In The Book I’m Reading

Image credits: Hazeandnothing

#35 God Is An Englishman

Image credits: Rob-With-One-B

#36 One Of Our Fellow Scholars

Image credits: GolHahDov

#37 Guten Tag, Polen

Image credits: turk_tangle_ig

#38 Coincidence? I Think Not

Image credits: ItsAndyRyan

#39 So True

Image credits: deadlyspawn187

#40 Oh No

Image credits:

#41 Not Sure If This Has Been Done Before

Image credits: PrimeMemeister

#42 All Road Lead To Rome

Image credits: Fadhilll

#43 Quick Fake China Is Asleep! Up-Vote Flag Of Real China

Image credits: Yhorm_The_Gamer

#44 Sparta, This Is

Image credits: Lean-II-Machine

#45 Faked Their Deaths

Image credits: rad302

#46 Manifest Destiny Be Like

Image credits: klayb

#47 Yeah, Someone Definitely Used A Ruler To Draw Some Of These Borders

Image credits: Geschiedenismemes

#48 Not Cool Andrew Jackson

Image credits: IUseRedditAmICoolNow

#49 We See Through Your Disguise, Himmler

Image credits: frankieluigi

#50 Are We The Baddies?

Image credits: klayb

50 Of The Worst Fashion Fails (New Pics)

Ah, fashion! It’s that wonderful thing that we used to care a lot about before the pandemic. Now that mass vaccination programs are continuing with great success in some countries, we can once again open up our wardrobes and take a peek at what we could potentially replace our overused sweatpants with. We’re going to have some people to impress pretty soon as lockdown regulations keep getting relaxed and summer is starting to hit its stride.

However, even if you feel lost in the stylish world of clothing and don’t know the difference between ‘Armani’ and ‘armadillo,’ you really shouldn’t worry all that much. Whatever you dress like, it really can’t be as bad as the photos of horrendously designed clothes that our dandy Bored Panda team collected to serve as a warning for everyone everywhere at all times. Socks with sandals? You wish things were that simple.

As you’re scrolling into this fashion disaster minefield, let your inner critic loose: let us know which items you think should go the way of the dodo, upvote the pics that you think are the worst of the worst, and share your personal tips for dressing well this summer in the comments. (PS—you’ll find more epic clothing disasters right here, here, and here.)

We got in touch with a fashion designer to tell us all about how to avoid making style mistakes (from over-accessorizing to wearing the wrong shoes), what colors are ‘in’ this summer, and why designing clothes is far harder than it might seem from the outside. You’ll find our full interview with her below.

#1 Where Is Uranus? My 9-Month-Old’s PJs Leave No Doubt

Image credits: DasFinkin

#2 Balenciaga’s $2,145 Bag That Looks Exactly Like IKEA’s 99-Cent Tote Bag

Image credits:

#3 The Pockets On Women’s Trousers

Image credits: Iwantmyteslanow

Bored Panda reached out to Nigerian fashion designer Oyinda Akinfenwa, who’s got her hand on the pulse of the fashion industry, to hear about some style dos and don’ts. Oyinda runs her own brand called Janore that specializes in multifunctional dresses and is always very stylish. So she knows what works and what’s a fashion disaster.

According to Oyinda, fashion designers have it tough. Creative blocks and a lack of good materials can take a toll on the final quality of the product. What’s more, she revealed that if all the nuances of production—from the way your clothes are made and how long it takes to who is making them—aren’t taken into account, the end result suffers, too.

“It’s hard to notice your own mistakes on your outfits until someone points them out because to you, it seems amazing because it is your work and you want to be proud of it, without realizing it may not be exactly as good as you think,” the Nigerian designer explained to Bored Panda why professionals can have a blindspot to some mistakes that seem obvious to someone else. “It’s really hard for creatives to give themselves criticism most times because of how hard we work to create the pieces we have, so most times we tend to not try to over-analyze the result.”

#4 Red Nail Stockings

Image credits: pkkballer22

#5 How Many Ways Can You Read It In?

Image credits: KoheFish

#6 The Color And Positioning Of The Lace Used On These Women’s Underpants

Image credits: lessons_learnt

Oyinda believes that one of the biggest fashion mistakes that people tend to make most often is over-accessorizing. “People tend to add too much on when the outfit they’re wearing already has a lot going on which makes it seem tacky. Also, it takes away from the outfit because no one will be looking at the outfit, just be confused about what is going on with the entire dressing,” she said that less is more and that we should stay clear of looking like a chaotic jumble when we want to impress others.

Another major mistake is wearing the wrong shoes. Oyinda noted that a pair of shoes can make or break the entire outfit. “This is very common as people tend to wear the wrong shoes for certain outfits which really brings down the whole look, by the time you start admiring them and get to their feet and you’re disappointed by their shoes.”

A quick way to up your fashion game is getting your nails done. Also, Oyinda said that wearing knuckle rings can make you look stylish because they “elevate your look no matter what you’re wearing.” As for this summer, the Nigerian fashion designer suggested that we fully embrace all shares of green and also go for clothes in yellow, orange, and black! 

#7 Why Those Pants Look Like That One Soccer Ball Everyone Has But Doesn’t Know Where It’s From

Image credits: dionnebytdionne

#8 $490 To Look Like You Don’t Know How To Wear Glasses

Image credits:

#9 Lock Up Your Daughters vs. Does My Butt Looks Fat In This Diaper?

Image credits: dreamer-imfinite

At its core, looking good—no matter what you wear—is all about confidence. If you think you’re the bomb, the very best, the most fashionable person in the room, then all eyes are going to be on you as you’re pulling it off and embracing the spotlight.

There is a ‘however’ coming, though. No matter how confident you might be, there are some clothing items that objectively look bad. Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, but the Council of Style got together and agreed that there are some things that you just don’t do when designing clothes. And many of these mistakes you’ll find in this list.

#10 So My Sister Had A Clemson Mask Made For Her

Image credits: TBoneTheOriginal

#11 Maison Margiela Pre-Destroyed Sneakers For $1425

Image credits:

#12 This Clothing Brand For Kids

Image credits: dylho

According to ‘MasterClass,’ avoiding fashion faux pas is possible with a bit of friendly advice. The first thing that they recommend is having fun and experimenting with various clothes, colors, cuts, and fabrics!

Play around a bit with different combinations and find out what works for you. You might be surprised to discover something new about your tastes and what looks good on you. (And don’t forget, having a friend over to give you an honest opinion never hurts!)

#13 Girls Is Can What?

Image credits: GayStorkLord

#14 My GF Got This Jacket Because It Has Pockets

Image credits: PhilosopherStriking1

#15 Giving Up Is Simply An Option

Image credits: DiscordAddict_

Another piece of advice that you should keep in mind at all times concerns clothing size. Always, always, always find the right fit. Tailored clothes look incredible on you, no matter your body size. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the peak of your athleticism or if you’re plus-sized: when the clothes you wear fit your current body size, shape, and form, they become that much more stylish. And that helps boost your confidence, too.

#16 Nordstrom Sells Jeans With Fake Mud On Them For $425

Image credits:

#17 There Are Holes In The Bottom Of This Shoe The Perfect Size For Some Pebbles

Image credits: maowang99

#18 I Just Realized That My “Los Angeles” T-Shirt Has New York Skyline In The Back

Image credits: gvinpi

What’s more, even as you’re experimenting with new pieces, you should have some timeless clothing items in your wardrobe that go with anything. For instance, I have a couple of trench coats that look fabulous with everything that I wear and I love them to bits.

Though, keep in mind that not every outfit will fit every occasion, no matter how confident and trendy you might look. Read the room, dress for the occasion, and find unique ways to bring a bit of personal flair to your outfit no matter the event.

#19 Plant Dyed Underwear On Etsy

Image credits: Glycine_max

#20 My Wife Has Had This Sweater For Over A Decade And She Still Questions Why They Didn’t Use The Eagle As The V

Image credits: Little-Coin

#21 Oh Great, A Shirt That Makes It Look Like You Got In A Fight With A Bottle Of Mustard And Lost

Image credits: hanzhog

Even if you have to wear a uniform to work or you’re going to a black-tie gala, there are ways to make you stand out and make others say, “Wow, you’re amazing!” In my experience, something easy to try if you’re feeling a tad shy would be going for colorful and expressive socks. Just make sure that they’re not fashion disasters waiting to happen.

#22 Pants That Make You Look Really Pissed

Image credits: Lord_H1D30U5

#23 Marge Simpson Has Two Mouths On The Official Simpsons Pajamas

Image credits:

#24 These Gucci Shoes Are Intentionally Made To Look Dirty

Image credits:

#25 Just Gonna Put It Right There On The Crotch Huh?

Image credits: SpookyVoidCat

#26 So My Boss Found Out That I’m A Fan Of The House Of 1000 Corpses Movies And Bought Me A Captain Spaulding Mask. This Showed Up

Image credits: ReallyNotBobby

#27 Don’t Ask Me How I Found This

Image credits: AufWiedersehenAhole

#28 Pants That Start With A Stain

Image credits: ChefPete22

#29 Pedo Power??

Image credits: F4NZ4I

#30 Gucci Sells Jeans With Fake Grass Stains

Image credits:

#31 Socks For Squared Feet

Image credits: smodanc

#32 This Dolce Gabbana Jute Dress Costs $2118

Image credits:

#33 My Girlfriend Went Thrifting And Found This. Also The Jordans Are Fake If That Wasn’t Obvious Enough

Image credits: Andrei399

#34 English-Words-In-A-Shirt Type Hoodie. Non-Ironic Taipei, Taiwan

Image credits: umbrellapokedeye

#35 Cowboy Boots, Frozen Themed, And A Random Hole. Yup Shoes

Image credits: Zuzufatcat

#36 Where’s The Rest Of It?

Image credits: 1AbbyRoad

#37 This Elsa Backpack Has A Mask On It So You Can Wear It. But If It’s On The Backpack, Elsa Looks Dead On The Inside

Image credits: ItsDiana5454

#38 $425 Artsy Jeans Look More Like A Crime Scene

Image credits:

#39 This Message On A Child’s Sweater

“Take and go”

Image credits: IellaAntilles

#40 The Print On These Used Bikini Bottoms

Image credits: catscanary

#41 Fat Mily Weekend 2018

Image credits: Pliny_the_middle

#42 Underwear With Edward Cullen’s Face On It For The Purest Twilight Fans

Image credits: NkBasya

#43 These Shoes Let Me Take The Road With Me

Image credits: TheTwoWipeWonder

#44 This Shirt Looks Like A Used Pad

Image credits: donnapetrapan

#45 Arrived From Amazon Today, Still Trying To Work Out What The Hell They Say

Image credits: Mandala_tattoogirl

#46 Still Beats The Alternative

Image credits: Amanuet

#47 Never Up

Image credits: paca0713

#48 The American Flag On My Dad’s New Hoodie

Image credits: Benohnomark

#49 Tybalt’s Clothes From One Of The Romeo And Juliet Movies. Who Thought This Was A Good Idea?

Image credits: ThatWolficorn

#50 A**

Image credits: bunsharu

‘That’s It, I’m Architecture Shaming’: 40 Architecture Examples That Look So Bad, People Just Had To Shame Them

Some buildings will absolutely fascinate you with their stunning designs, genius architectural decisions, and the sheer power of their aesthetics. This article isn’t about these kinds of buildings, however. Nope! Not all buildings are made equal, you see, and the ‘bad’ ones need to be shamed publicly so that others don’t copy their designs. So we’ll be focusing exclusively on just plain terrible architectural decisions.

And the worst of the worst end up on the ‘That’s It, I’m Architecture Shaming’ Facebook group where users mercilessly prod and poke bad design. It’s fun, it’s educational, it’s something cool to scroll through during your next coffee break. 

Remember to upvote your fave photos that you love to hate and be sure to follow the architecture-shaming Facebook group if you like their stuff. They’re a growing community with awesome content.

Bored Panda spoke about what separates good and bad design, the need to democratize the access to quirky private property designs, as well as about the roles that architecture plays with an expert in the field from Sweden who has a background in urban planning. You’ll find our full interview with her below.

#1 I Dunno, Slim Doesn’t Seem To Be Digging This Situation

Image credits: architectureshaming

#2 I Do Not Give A Damn How Well It’s Cantilevered Or How Strong The Struts Are. I Do Not Have The Kind Of Luck It Would Take To Set Foot In This House

Image credits: architectureshaming

#3 This Pillar Was Straight Last Week. This Is The First Floor Of A Seven-Floor Building

Image credits: architectureshaming

The Sweden-based urban planning expert explained to Bored Panda that while public spaces must meet safety and accessibility standards, aesthetic standards can be much more fluid for buildings. The expert spoke to Bored Panda on the condition that she remain anonymous. (Remember, just because you’re an expert in something and want to be helpful doesn’t mean that you always like the limelight… unlike quirky architecture which just begs you to look at it!)

“Most of the time, the elements of the built environment should be in harmony amidst each other and with the surroundings. However, sometimes, something bolder and out-of-the-box might form an engaging contrast,” she said. However, the urban planning expert shared with Bored Panda that, in her personal opinion, our built environments have to engage us, as well as stimulate our minds and senses. In fact, she believes that architecture’s ability to make us think is one of its most powerful aspects.

#4 The Cactus Is *chef’s Kiss

Image credits: architectureshaming

#5 This Is Not Photoshopped

Image credits: architectureshaming

#6 Opera And Ballet Theatre Of Cheboksary (Russia)

Top: original picture
Bottom: slightly photoshopped picture

Image credits: architectureshaming

“There are circumstances where the architecture should create a sense of calmness and safety, yet there are instances in which it is not bad if the architecture provokes us and makes us think, ‘Why don’t I like the look of this building?’”

The urban planner said that we should give people the freedom to express themselves as they wish when it comes to designing their private property. As long as they have the means, nearly everything is allowed, in her opinion.

#7 That Gives Me Anxiety

Image credits: architectureshaming

#8 I Might Like This If Those Were Slides

Image credits: architectureshaming

#9 A Friend Of Mine Cross-Posted This And It Made Me Think Of Y’all

Image credits: architectureshaming

“Quirky architecture comes from our innate desire to demonstrate our uniqueness. However, not everyone who has the means has an average taste for aesthetics. Yet, as long as it is for the people who inhabit or use their private space, I mean why not?” she told Bored Panda that as long as you’re not actively harming anyone else with how bad your designs are, you should be able to be as unique as you want. Even if it falls short of objective aesthetic standards.

#10 This Looks Like A Place A Villain Would Live

Image credits: architectureshaming

#11 Who Remembers Those Gerbil Enclosures That Look Like This?

Image credits: architectureshaming

#12 I’ll Meet Your Brutalism, And Raise You This

Image credits: architectureshaming

However, the expert acknowledged that others in the industry might not see things the way that she does. Others, she said, believe that private property must be in harmony with the surroundings.

“But, I think that we should not cross that thin line where architecture becomes reserved for only the wealthy and for those with ‘good taste’ (whoever decides that). I’m only talking about private property here, though. When it comes to public space, there should be a consensus between the public and the professional about the design,” she said that the rules for the private and public spheres are very different.

#13 Art Nouveau On Psychedelics

Image credits: architectureshaming

#14 Um… What Is This?

Image credits: architectureshaming

#15 “Sharkitecture”

Image credits: architectureshaming

The urban planning expert also had some advice when it comes to design. “Firstly, even though I often advocate for unconventionally looking buildings, I do not encourage purposefully provocative architecture. The building should be designed with the intention to accommodate and protect society. It should create a sense of safety but not be boring,” she told Bored Panda that we ought to strike a balance between uniqueness and service, expression and community.

#16 A House I Used To Drive Past In A Little Iowa Town. All I Ever Heard From Locals Was That This Place Had A Terrible Leaking Problem When It Rained

Image credits: architectureshaming

#17 Toilet-Shaped House (Named Haewoojae), Built By Sim Jae-Duck, The Chairman Of The Organizing Committee Of The Inaugural General Assembly Of The World Toilet Association

Image credits: architectureshaming

#18 I Wonder Who Thought This Would Be A Good Idea

Image credits: architectureshaming

What’s more, the expert from Sweden pointed out that accessibility, inclusiveness, and empowerment should also be key features of any architectural project. “Also, I prefer somewhat complex but systemic designs. Minimalistic and box like floor plans are good in some cases where easy access is necessary (for example, hospitals) yet they can be completely mind-numbing while more complex floor plan designs are more mind-stimulating (for example, good for schools, in my opinion).”

#19 The “Snail House” In Bulgaria Actually Does Look Like A Snail

Image credits: architectureshaming

#20 You Too Can Have Your Own White Castle

Image credits: architectureshaming

#21 I Will Haunt Your Dreams! Residential Building In Belgium

Image credits: architectureshaming

At the time of writing, the ‘That’s It, I’m Architecture Shaming’ community had 64.1k members. However, it’s growing so rapidly, that by the time you’re reading this, dear Pandas, that number could be much, much higher. Just in the last week alone, the group grew by over 7.3k members. And they’ve made upwards of a thousand posts in the last month.

#22 Interesting Concept

Image credits: architectureshaming

#23 I Think Syndrome From The Incredibles Lived Here

Image credits: architectureshaming

#24 Can We All Just Take A Moment And Acknowledge That Prince Produced Some Great Music, But He Lived In A Water Treatment Station

Image credits: architectureshaming

Because of this fast growth and the issues that came with it, the administrator of the ‘Architecture Shaming’ group, Oregon-based Matthew Brühn, addressed the community and the changes that took place in April. In short, the rules are much more structured now.

#25 Bangkok’s Elephant Building. The Tusks Are A Bowling Alley In My Imagination

Image credits: architectureshaming

#26 This Is Plane Awesome

Image credits: architectureshaming

#27 They Drew The Line At A Fountain In The Kitchen

Image credits: architectureshaming

Matthew pointed out that the admins have been getting tired of the “massive influx of negativity” that came with more and more members joining the community. While the admin expressed his admiration for how wonderful many members are, he also noted that the group will start filtering out overly-aggressive posts.

#28 Why?

Image credits: architectureshaming

#29 Saw This On A Walk Today. A Table Lamp, In A Glass Box, Hanging From The Roof Of A Carport

Image credits: architectureshaming

#30 Spotted This Gem In Tel Aviv

Image credits: architectureshaming

“Don’t take it personally; we’re just trying to create an atmosphere where we can all have fun and be kind. There’s now the equivalent of a small city of us all here now, so that will be more difficult,” Matthew pointed out. He added that mentions of politics and religion will be deleted while all potential new members have to answer some questions before they get in. Which, at the end of the day, leads to a friendlier and happier community that, we’re sure, plenty of you Pandas will want to join.

#31 Surrealist Neighborhood

Image credits: architectureshaming

#32 This Building Has My City In A Uproar

Image credits: architectureshaming

#33 Forbidden Waffle In Santiago

Image credits: architectureshaming

#34 The Glorious Flower Of Communist Brutalism That Is The Former Central Post Office In Skopje, Macedonia. Some People Want It Preserved

#35 This Place Is All Curb Appeal

Image credits: architectureshaming

#36 Please Don’t Take It Too Seriously, Just A Surprised House

Image credits: architectureshaming

#37 Kind Of Reminds Me Of A Church (Granted, A Strange One) But It’s Actually A House With A 6,000 Sq. Ft. Garage… And Its Own Car Wash

Image credits: architectureshaming

#38 I’ve Been Looking At Homes Trying To Get Ideas For When We Move In A Few Years And I Came Across A House That Was Perfect In Every Way Except One

What in the ever living fudge is this – one pass thru is ‘eh, but this one has three-at different levels plus the added detriment of the worlds worst architectural detailing around it. Please someone else tell me that you hate this as much as I do. I know it’s probably more interior design but it’s just so ugly.

Image credits: architectureshaming

#39 Just

Image credits: architectureshaming

#40 Car Dealership Trying For More Of A Classy Look!

Image credits: architectureshaming

30 Cringey Posts That Show What Happens When People Celebrate Just A Little Too Early

They say not to count your chickens before they hatch. ‘Cause by doing so, you raise the chances for an instant loss of karma, dignity, and self-confidence, like, triple.

If you’ve ever been near the finish line raising your arms high in the sky, only to feel a cold wave of wind passing through while you enjoy the moment of not-earned victory, you need no further explanation. And if you are one of the lucky ones who hasn’t had their fair share of premature celebration-turned nightmare, please stay that way and keep on scrolling to see what not to do to become one of many.

Thanks to the subreddit r/Prematurecelebration, we now have the full-on archive of cringey glory that is a product of people celebrating just a microscopic little bit too early. So you’d better get ready to crack up big time.

#1 Random Selection

Image credits: Unlimited_negativity

#2 Rip

Image credits: coolman11450

To find out more about the community behind the r/Prematurecelebration subreddit, Bored Panda reached out to one of its moderators, u/N8theGr8, who was happy to share some insights.

The mod told us that the subreddit was created by u/potato88, who’s now a suspended user, back in 2013. Some time ago, though, the subreddit had no moderators, so the admins gave it to the current mod team, u/N8theGr8 said.

But since the subreddit revolves around a “kind of niche topic,” it’s not as active as it could be. “But we have half a million subscribers and it stays relatively active,” they added. Right now, the subreddit has 525k members in total and their community is still growing.

#3 Death And Taxes

Image credits: Ebadd

#4 Good Idea To Straight Up Tell Everyone That You’re Scamming A Company

Image credits: yeetlolbeans

When asked about the whole concept of premature celebration that the subreddit as all about, the moderator explained that it “just means celebrating some kind of win or victory before you really should.”

“Like a guy who runs a race and then slows down right at the end to do a victory jump and throw his arms in the air, only to be passed by the 2nd-place guy who then wins the race. Or ‘Dewey Defeats Truman’ newspaper held up by President Truman.”

#5 2020 Is Going So Great

Image credits: supermoo7000

#6 Too Soon

Image credits: iAmbee35

#7 Showing Off A Bottle Of Johnny Walker

Image credits: RogerDat143

#8 Rollerblader Prematurely Celebrates Victory Then Gets Robbed

Image credits:

#9 Oops

Image credits: Libra_Dan_iella

#10 Microsoft Employees Holding A Funeral For The iPhone Following The “Success” Of Their Windows Phone

Image credits: Alexius08

#11 Stalker, 30, Who Called Police To Brag ‘I’ll Never Be Caught’ Is Jailed

Image credits:

#12 Good Lasagaaa

#13 My Friend’s Two Most Recent Snaps On His Story

Image credits: jeberly4

#14 Congrats…

Image credits: dirtymick87

#15 Four Years Ago

Image credits: RunGamerRun

#16 That Escalated Quickly

Image credits: gordonbombay42

#17 Rip Gary F

Image credits: ehh22

#18 Meirl

Image credits: Balkan_

#19 Influencer Brags About Her Easy Life In Bali On Twitter, Gets Deported Over It

Image credits: kristentootie

#20 New York Times Article From 1924

Image credits: prisongovernor

#21 The Toronto Blue Jays React To All The Cancelled Mlb Games Recently

Image credits: jaysleafsraps12

#22 Celebrating Too Early

Image credits: helloworldn

#23 A Youtuber Who Said Veganism And God Cured Her Cancer Has Died Of Cancer

Image credits:

#24 This Showed Up In My Tech News Feed

Image credits: davethekidd

#25 Never Obsolete

Image credits: SeiriusPolaris

#26 Does This Count?

Image credits: ljb6879

#27 No Title Needed

Image credits: JustAwesome360

#28 So… Can I Get My Job Back Or Nah?

Image credits: AristonD

#29 Congrats, You Played Yo’self

Image credits: SassonEmam

#30 Self Explanatory

Image credits: cheddoar

The redditor u/N8theGr8 continued: “When you’re so close to the end that victory looks assured is when a lot of people let their guard down, and don’t have the situational awareness to realize that someone else is trying to win too. It’s fine to celebrate early, but make sure you’re in a safe position to do so.”

40 Times Doggos Acted So Ridiculously When Riding In Cars That Their Owners Just Had To Take A Pic

Our best friends, our bestest boys and girls, can become real goofballs the moment they set their paws inside cars. After all, dogs love showing off their playfulness no matter where they are. But cars have something magical about them that brings out the inner puppy in some doggos.

To brighten up your day and give you something to smile about, Bored Panda has collected some of the funniest and most wholesome photos of dogs riding in cars and all the shenanigans that they get up to. Remember to upvote your fave pics and share photos of your car canines in the comments.

While there are lots and lots of dogs that adore being chauffeured around because car rides give them a sense of adventure and resemble going hunting, other canines have an aversion to vehicles. However, there are ways to encourage your dog to love cars. The Arizona Humane Society told Bored Panda that owners have to use positive reinforcement to get dogs to behave in a certain way. Read on for the AHS team’s insights.


Image credits: Trevor Jones



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Kelsey Dickerson from the Arizona Humane Society explained that dogs can be very responsive to their owners’ moods and will often respond to their tone of voice, body language, and demeanor in any situation.

“It is always recommended to use positive reinforcement when your pet is exhibiting behavior that is wanted by giving them high-value treats, verbal praise, and love!” she explained. So if you want your dog to learn to love car rides, positive reinforcement is the way to go and you should steer clear of punishing your pet.

“It is especially important to never punish your pet after it has exhibited a behavior you do not like unless you are actually catching them in the act. When you punish a pet for something it did previously, they do not have the cognitive ability to understand what you are punishing them for and it may even increase the unwanted behavior by causing your pet to have extra stress and anxiety.”



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Friends dog was hanging out my car window, looks like a ewok on a speeder.

Image credits: Winterbound

One reason that dogs might avoid car rides is that they associate the trips with negative experiences. For instance—going to the vet or getting carsick.

Meanwhile, shelter dogs might have had traumatic experiences linked to cars that you don’t know about.

Whatever the reason why your dog might be afraid of cars, the steps that you can take to encourage your dog to join you on car rides are simple enough. They just require patience, love, and understanding.


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If your dog is carsick, The Spruce Pets suggests that you get over-the-counter medicine to ease their motion sickness. Obviously, ask your vet for their advice first. Oh, and just to be safe, avoid going for a ride whenever your dog just ate.

However, if your dog is scared of car rides, you’ll have to put in much more effort. But the gist is simple: bit by bit, you have to help your dog associate rides with positive experiences. Treats, praise, toys, and belly rubs can help you ‘bribe’ your dog to approach the vehicle and then get inside.

The important thing is to make sure that your dog doesn’t feel trapped inside. Keep up the encouragement as you start up your engine; make sure to go for shorter trips first. And remember—you can’t rush these things, but soon enough your doggo will a happy car-riding goofball like the rest of ‘em.







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Doing some moving and forgot my dog’s first toy as a puppy was in the backseat – he’s a bit excited about finding it.

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It’s good we got him a car seat so he could be more comfortable in the car

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One of my dogs farted, I looked back in time to see this

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Image credits: EllisHazzard


Arrived at my destination, then turned around to check on my dog who was sitting in the back seat.

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40 Times People Experienced Pareidolia And Captured It For Everyone To See (New Pics)

We see faces and familiar shapes everywhere we look. In clouds. In the bark of trees (or Ents as they prefer to be called). In the brick wall in the office kitchen. And just glancing at a car, we can tell that some of them are happy (or less than enthusiastic) to see us.

If you tend to see faces, animals, and other things in everyday objects, too, then you’ve encountered the wonderfully weird phenomenon known as pareidolia! It’s an experience a lot of human beings share because we’re wired to look for familiar patterns in random streams of information.

Scroll down for the full interview. Bored Panda has collected some of the most interesting and pareidolia-inducing pics, so scroll down, upvote your faves, and let us know which ones you liked the most and why. Oh, and let us know if you can’t spot anything familiar in any of the photos! We spoke with professor Kang Lee from the University of Toronto about pareidolia in detail, so be sure to read on for the full insightful interview.

And when you’re done with this list, have a look through our earlier posts about pareidolia right here and here. And let’s not forget about this one right here!

#1 This Is Why Literal Fairy Tales Exist

#2 What The Hell Is So Funny Steve?

Image credits: CloudyAero

#3 I Want To Believe

Image credits: mattythedog

“Pareidolia illustrates the interaction between the visual cortex and the frontal cortex of the human brain. It suggests that our brain is highly sensitive and expecting to encounter and process some special classes of objects in our environment because they are biological and socially important to our adaptions to the environment,” professor Lee explained to us.

“For example, when you are walking in a dark street in the evening, your brain is on high alert to detect whether any threat will jump out any moment. In this case, you are more likely to have face or human pareidolia because it is important for you to err on the side of caution if you mistake a tree as a human being.”

The professor pointed out that this is the reason why pareidolia often occurs in ambiguous situations. “However, for some people, their frontal cortex’s expectation for certain objects (e.g., faces) become so high that they see faces in many situations where no faces exist.”

“Even in this kind of situation, it is normal. There is nothing wrong with these individuals,” he stressed. “Pareidolia is different from paranoia or delusion or abnormal vision of individuals with psychosis. In fact, a recent study shows that those people with pareidolia tend to be more creative. Also, people who are religious may be able to see religious icons in non face objects as well.”

#4 These Two Rocks Look Like A Mother Breastfeeding Her New Born Child

Image credits: xaeminn

#5 I Thought That Lady Was A Muppet

Image credits: brockomaba

#6 Let Us Out

Image credits: kabloona

Professor Lee highlighted that pareidolia as a phenomenon shows how powerfully our imaginations (which comes from our frontal cortex) can affect our perception (which takes place first in the visual cortex which is located in the occipital lobe in the back of our head).

He added that pareidolia also tells us that “what we see are not things over there in the world but actually the co-creation of what is out there physically and what is in our mind mentally through our expectations and imaginations.”

“Pareidolia is a broader phenomenon as it extends to touch and sound and other sensory channels. For example, you sometimes sense your phone vibrating when it is not, it is a tactile form of pareidolia. When you hear voices in a noisy environment, it is an auditory form of pareidolia.”

#7 Pigeon Poops Portrait Of Itself On A Leaf

Image credits: Koda_Has_A_Top_Hat

#8 Pulled The Door Handle Off And He Was As Shocked As I Was

Image credits: MonsterPooper

#9 I Found A Piece Of Driftwood That Looks Like A Dragon’s Head

Image credits: MarliePwns

“If someone reports seeing Jesus in a piece of toast, you’d think they must be nuts,” professor Lee previously told BBC Future. “But it’s very pervasive. We are primed to see faces in every corner of the visual world.” According to him, our imaginations exert a very powerful influence over our perceptions.

(On a semi-related note, no wonder we keep bumping into things—we’re too busy imagining what it’d be like to fly on the back of a fire-breathing dragon.)

#10 There Is A Lion Wearing Sunglasses On The Belly Of This Grasshopper

Image credits: opi_q

#11 The Snow On Top Of This Mountain That Looks Like A Lizard

Image credits: mcspecies

#12 This Boiled Egg Exploded While Cooking And Looks Like A Snail

Image credits: monkeyman9608

According to Live Science, people who are religious or have very strong beliefs about the supernatural see faces in objects and landscapes more often. Cosmologist Carl Sagan thought that pareidolia is a survival mechanism that helps us recognize faces from a distance and determine whether we’re being approached by an ally or an enemy.

Meanwhile, legendary artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci saw pareidolia as an artistic device: “If you look at any walls spotted with various stains or with a mixture of different kinds of stones, if you are about to invent some scene you will be able to see in it a resemblance to various different landscapes adorned with mountains, rivers, rocks, trees, plains, wide valleys, and various groups of hills.”

There’s also something called the electronic voice phenomenon, aka auditory pareidolia, where people hear hidden messages that were supposedly placed there on purpose by songwriters. And that… that’s given rise to plenty of conspiracy theories, like the one that began circulating in 1966 that musician Paul McCartney had supposedly died and been replaced by a lookalike. Conspiracy theorists looked for clues in The Beatles songs and album covers.

#13 Whatever This Chair Is Going Through I Can Relate

Image credits: thirddegreebernie

#14 Dragon Tree

Image credits: nelad1234

#15 This Ashy Potato That Looks About Done With Life

Image credits: meebit

#16 This Overflowing Cupcake Ended Up Looking Like An Elephant

Image credits: Skyblue_Monty

#17 A Cute Dog But Actually Just Rust

Image credits: XiaoRJ

#18 Scared Switches

#19 My Drink Looks Like A Crocodile Is Looking At Me

Image credits: wikings2

#20 I See Sid

#21 I’m Flying

Image credits: claporga

#22 “Yer A Hazard, Harry”

Image credits: tiatiaaa89

#23 Chomp

Image credits: mok525zy

#24 The Dog’s Ear Is Another Dog

Image credits: davideftw

#25 Looks Like There’s A Goddess In This Orange

Image credits: theone1221

#26 This Shadow Looks Exactly Like A Man’s Head. Lone Peak, Big Sky, Montana

Image credits: clarkbarniner

#27 Bubbles That Form A Little Cat Shape

Image credits: HowAboutNo69

#28 My Car Seems Pretty Happy About The Snowstorm

Image credits: nearpractical

#29 This T. Rex Shaped Cactus

Image credits: P10_WRC

#30 I Wonder Which Song Was On

Image credits: Axel-Magoche

#31 What Did He See

Image credits: HashTheDankEngine

#32 Stupid Sexy Flanders

Image credits: abdlforever

#33 She’s Having Twins

Image credits: plazma421

#34 This Orchid Really Looks Like An Eagle

Image credits: kYlejAEnz

#35 Alien Pickle

Image credits: MaxMelisson

#36 The Ice In My Glass Sort Of Looks Like A Face

Image credits: HOOKMAN-BUTTZ

#37 The Pattern On My Dog’s Chest Looks Like A Cat Mid Sneeze

Image credits: VintageRice

#38 Dog Stick I Found

Image credits: AidanOrsargos

#39 This Pure-Bread My Friend Got At A Restaurant

Image credits: HolyCoconuts

#40 Found A Rock That Looks Like A Shark

Image credits: gdarb

Instead Of Taking Their Unappreciative Kids Out, This Family Took Their Modem On A Day Trip To The Seaside

Parenting is difficult in the 21st century. With easy access to technology, it’s harder and harder to keep your kids away from screens and get them to be active outside and with their family members. However, there is always a solution!

Like when your kids refuse to go on a fun family trip, you get rid of their internet connection by taking your modem on the trip instead. That’s exactly what Australian parents Cassie Langan and her husband did. Not only that, they took a whole bunch of photos of the modem having the time of its life. The story was so awesome, it went viral.

Bored Panda reached out to Cassie in order to hear more about her story, how her kids reacted, and what the internet’s response was like. Cassie was happy to talk to us. Scroll down for the full interview.

While we’re on the topic of tech, after you’re done with this post, why don’t you check out our in-depth article about a mom who forbids her kids from using phone and TV screens and the positive effects this has.

More info: Facebook

Two Aussie parents took their modem on a trip to the beach when two of their three kids refused to spend some quality family time together

Image credits: Cassie Langan

Image credits: Cassie Langan

Image credits: Cassie Langan

Image credits: Cassie Langan

According to Cassie, her husband works as a truck driver. That means that he’s on the road all week and only comes back home to his family on the weekends. Meanwhile, Cassie said that her “daughter works weekends and I work in retail, so I often work weekends too.”

Image credits: Cassie Langan

Image credits: Cassie Langan

Image credits: Cassie Langan

“It’s not often that we are all home at the same time,” she noted. “So Chris and I thought we’d take the kids on a day trip to Warrnambool to go to the model train show that was on there, as hubby and the boys love trains.”

Image credits: Cassie Langan

Image credits: Cassie Langan

Image credits: Cassie Langan

However, things did not go as planned: “Our 17-year-old daughter refused to go and our 10-year-old son had a tantrum listing all the reasons why it was unfair that we were making him go.”

Image credits: Cassie Langan

Image credits: Cassie Langan

Image credits: Cassie Langan

Cassie continued: “Our 13-year-old son was the only one who reluctantly agreed to go. In the end, we said to the kids that if they weren’t going to go, we’d take the modem instead and they said ok.”

Image credits: Cassie Langan

Image credits: Cassie Langan

When they all got back home from their trip, something magical had happened. “When we got home, our 17-year-old was so bored she actually cleaned her room and spent time with her younger brother.”

Image credits: Cassie Langan

Image credits: Cassie Langan

Image credits: Cassie Langan

“When I showed my 10-year-old the photos, he said that ‘it’s not fair, we hate him and love the modem more,’ and stormed off to his room,” Cassie told us about her children’s reactions to what happened.

“The reason I made the post public is that there is so much on social media at the moment about politics, bushfires, drought, and people having a hard time in general that I thought if my post brightened one person’s day, it would be worth it,” she said. And we’ve got to say, it’s working. It certainly brightened up our day.

“I am absolutely blown away by how many times it has been shared and the number of people who it made a difference to their day. As for my kids, after the post went viral…. they finally see the funny side.”

The story took the internet by storm

This Instagram Account Collects Funny And Strange Things Spotted On Public Transport (40 Pics)

This page is the best-kept secret of the entire ‘Humans of’ series. Heck, maybe of the entire internet. Humans of Trolleybuses (Humans of Trūlai) offers a glimpse into the funny side of Lithuanian public transport, and it’s really colorful, too. Extravagant clothing, questionable luggage, they feature it all.

The creator of the page, Rokas Stasevičius, said he started it after one memorable encounter. Rokas was taking a trolleybus when one of the passengers, a drunk, was smoking inside of it, singing chanson songs and, after being kicked out of the vehicle, waved Rokas goodbye with a smile on his face. This pretty much sums up what content to expect from Humans of Trolleybuses.

More info: Instagram | Facebook


“Time spent with cats is never wasted.”

Image credits: humansoftrulai

For the most part, Humans of Trolleybuses relies on its community. “At the height of the page’s popularity, it was receiving about 15-20 submissions per day,” Rokas told Bored Panda. “To decide if a particular picture is worth a post, I’m trying to figure out whether it would enrich social media or trash it. At first, I consider the originality of the photo/video. It can’t be a repost or something lame in general as the idea behind the project is to create unique, independent content that isn’t toadying to anything or anyone.”


Image credits: humansoftrulai

“Ideally, the photo/video makes up for about half of the entire gag. The other half is the caption, so, the more interesting and abstract the image or recording is, the more freedom there is to create a captivating caption.”

“The best captions usually come spontaneously, during the first viewing of the submitted material,” Rokas added. “If you’re overthinking it, it might end up too complex, forced, and only you and a couple more people can understand it. I don’t have one rule on how to craft the perfect caption, I just try to feel it out, make it something that compliments the picture/video without overpowering it.”


Remember stuart little? this is him now. feel old yet?

Image credits: humansoftrulai

Today is also a tougher period for Humans of Trolleybuses. Rokas attributes the lower number of submissions and posts to the transition the page is making from Facebook to Instagram. “I believe that it’s only a matter of time before the project becomes what it recently was.”

He thinks that many people are drawn to Humans of Trolleybuses probably because they relate to the trolleybuses themselves. “It doesn’t matter how uncomfortable or slow they are. People sympathize with them and people need quality content which can also be funny.”


Image credits: humansoftrulai


Image credits: humansoftrulai


Image credits: humansoftrulai


Image credits: humansoftrulai


Image credits: humansoftrulai


Image credits: humansoftrulai


When the other girl wears the same dress on prom as you

Image credits: humansoftrulai


Image credits: humansoftrulai


Image credits: humansoftrulai


When she used to call me on my cellphone

Image credits: humansoftrulai


Not sure how to feel on this one

Image credits: humansoftrulai


Meanwhile in Klaipėda

Image credits: humansoftrulai


Image credits: humansoftrulai


Image credits: humansoftrulai


Image credits: humansoftrulai


>you’re not hungry

>this baba asks you if you’re hungry

>what do you do?

Image credits: humansoftrulai


Dobby is no longer a free elf, he has a master

Image credits: humansoftrulai


If it’s stupid but it works, it ain’t stupid

Image credits: humansoftrulai


Image credits: humansoftrulai


Image credits: humansoftrulai


Wonder woman – Vengeance of Trolleybuses

Image credits: humansoftrulai


Image credits: humansoftrulai


Image credits: humansoftrulai


Image credits: humansoftrulai


Image credits: humansoftrulai


How do you see yourself in 20 years?

Image credits: humansoftrulai


Image credits: humansoftrulai


Image credits: humansoftrulai


Summertime sadness begins

Image credits: humansoftrulai


“Shine bright like a trolleybus”

Image credits: humansoftrulai


Image credits: humansoftrulai


Relax fm

Image credits: humansoftrulai


Image credits: humansoftrulai


Image credits: humansoftrulai


Image credits: humansoftrulai


Image credits: humansoftrulai


When you are straight af

Image credits: humansoftrulai

50 Times When Students Realized They Have Absolutely Awesome Teachers (New Pics)

Teachers don’t have to be stuffy, boring, and angry — they can be the most awesome and hilarious authority figures in your life. Those people are educators who go above and beyond the call of duty, using humor and shock to help their students learn about life.

Bored Panda collected the most exquisite examples of teachers doing funny things, so you can enjoy yourself while waiting for the weekend to start. It’s lists like these that really make you appreciate school more and not groan when thinking of an approaching Monday. Scroll down, upvote your favorite pictures, and leave a comment somewhere below about the funniest teacher stories that you know. And be sure to share this post with your family, friends, and fave teachers.

We know you can’t get enough of hilarious educators, so when you’re done scrolling through this list, check out our previous posts about the most awesome teachers ever, funny teachers who know how to deal with students, as well as the epic times that teachers trolled their students.

#1 This Is How History Professor Teaches About The First Man In Space

Image credits: OMGLMAOWTF_com

#2 My High School Art Teacher’s Amazing Van Gogh Costume

Image credits: vitaefinem

#3 A Little Wisdom From My Physics Professor

Image credits: brockhd

Humor is a wonderful learning tool and helps us retain information much better. That’s because humor activates the dopamine reward system in our brains, stimulates our long-term memory, as well as our goal-oriented motivation.

Or, to put it succinctly, we remember that which makes us laugh. It’s a fact that has been known throughout history. And it’s one of the main reasons why people living throughout history have suggested that jokes (especially naughty ones) help us remember things quicker and better. The next time you need to memorize something, try associating it with something funny and shocking.

#4 Our Professor Wears His Hat And Cape Every Time He Conducts An Experiment

Image credits: DealSupreme

#5 Today Was “Meme Day” At My Old High School For Homecoming Week. I Appreciate This Science Teacher Even More Now

Image credits: Ginger_King

#6 My School Just Got A Ton Of New iMacs. This Is What They Did With The Boxes

Image credits: AndrewStuderFilms

Sarah Henderson explains on Edutopia that humor helps unite separate individuals into a cohesive, supportive community. That’s very important in the classroom (not to mention outside the classroom as well).

#7 “My Face Physically Hurts From Smiling So Much Today, I Love Teaching You Guys” – My Professor, Who’s Such A Good Soul

Image credits: MattyIce6969

#8 Genius Teacher

Image credits: ShinyCharrmander

#9 Sitting In My Immunology Class When

Image credits: pants2422

However, not all forms of humor are equal in the classroom: the humor that educators use has to be related to the topic for us to retain the information for longer. But cruel or forced humor, as well as sarcasm, doesn’t always have the same positive benefits that genuine laughter does.

#10 There Is A Student In Class Who Likes To Draw A Cat Of The Day. One Day That Student Wasn’t In Class So The Teacher Drew One Instead

Image credits: CynilAli

#11 My Professor’s Door (Once You See It…)

Image credits: CantFindBacon

#12 Students Were Asking This Professor If His Shirt Is Missing The 2nd Part

Image credits: Jerrinq

#13 On A Door In The Health Sciences Building At School

Image credits: BootsOfDanger

#14 Our Teacher Told Us To Get In Groups And Practice Theses Shakespearean Insults, I Love English A Lot More

Image credits: karthilogan

#15 My Teacher Raises A Picture Of His Own Face To Make Sure No Student Is Lost During The Fire Drill

Image credits: ImIsaacOk

#16 My Professor Doesn’t Believe In Laser Pointers So He Uses A Fishing Pole With A Foam Finger Attached And I Can’t Contain Myself During A Lecture

Image credits: kirstenteigg

#17 After Not Taking Attendance All Quarter, My Teacher Assistant Was Out Of Town On Exam Day. This Was The Last Question

Image credits: dovahkid

#18 All Set For My Meeting With The Student That Missed More Than 30 Classes This Semester And Emailed Me To Set Up An Appointment To Talk About His Grade

Image credits: David Red

#19 A Series Of Unfortunate Events

“Professor Hendel, I am writing this email very embarrassingly. As I began writing my paper, I wrote out the template. Unfortunately, I could not remember your last name, so I filled it with something completely unprofessional. It was my intention to change the name before submission, but it completely slipped my mind. I attempted to resubmit the assignment but was unable to. I am so very sorry for the lack of respect that was used and again I apologize for this mistake. I hope that this does not reflect what you think of me and that the next assignment I can address by the correct name. Thank you again and I am so sorry. Thank you, Zoey”

Image credits: zoeyoxley

#20 Spotted In The Window Of A Biology Professor Office At A Community College

Image credits: ktbird7

#21 My Professor Asked Me To Bring My 7-Week-Old Kitten To The Class. He Learned A Lot About Poetry

Image credits: maddigains

#22 My Professor Gets The Internet

Image credits: ccxxcc

#23 The Coolest Math Teacher In Town

Image credits: longslowclap

#24 So My Drivers’ Ed Teacher Only Has 3 Fingers On His Left Hand And Took Advantage Of It When He Went To A Museum

Image credits: Andreastheslimjim

#25 My Biology Professor Was Wearing An Awesome Tie Yesterday

Image credits: Hindu_Wardrobe

#26 My Teacher Hand Draws/Writes Memes And Jokes Every Day

Image credits: Liar_of_partinel

#27 My Math Teacher’s Board Today

Image credits: superman743

#28 My Professor Exploding A Hydrogen Balloon Looks Like Defense Against The Dark Arts

Image credits: mycynicalaccount

#29 Frustrated With The Same Old Questions, My Professor Ripped Off His Shirt In The Middle Of Lecture

Image credits:

#30 This High School History Teacher Has Been Drawing Picture Of The Day For His Students The Past Five Years

Image credits: jmayne

#31 This College Professor Has Been Dressing Up As Papa Smurf For Halloween For Five Years

Image credits: iam_dtliv

#32 I See Your Teacher’s Yearbook Photo, And I Raise You This. 2 Years In A Row

Image credits: xSpaz

#33 My Teacher Said If The Class Could Get An 80% Test Average On Our First Exam He Would Dress Up As Batman For A Day. A Pic From The Day We Got Our Test Results Back

Image credits: shutupdangit

#34 My Professor Gave Me A Present Today

Image credits: Littleboycat

#35 My History Teacher’s Presidential PEZ Collection

Image credits: ParanormalPoptart

#36 My Professor Brought In A 10 Mb Hard Disk From The 1960’s

Image credits: sixfivezerotwo

#37 My Teacher Nailed His Student’s Phone To The Wall For Using It In Class 20 Years Ago. It’s Still There Til This Day

..or he just probably bought an old phone and nailed to scare students.

Image credits: Dansawsumting

#38 Newton’s Third Law Of Motion: As Demonstrated By My Professor, A Skateboard, And A Fire Extinguisher

Image credits: likwitsnake

#39 My Professor Lost His Pointer. He’s Been Using This For The Past Couple Classes

Image credits: adambrukirer

#40 A Theorem And A Proof

Image credits: croco_duck

#41 College Professor Advice

#42 My Professor Wore This Today With No Explanation

Image credits: poguitar

#43 One Of My Old Teachers Does Different Costumes For Her Yearbook Photo Every Year

Image credits: Mausbarchen

#44 My Physics Teacher Made A Flow Chart Of Where He Is At

Image credits: Frozen_matter

#45 Professor’s Dog

Image credits: FearmyBeard21

#46 A Group Of Co-Workers Messed With A Teacher Who Was Very Picky About His Chair By “Borrowing” It Every Weekend And Taking It To All Sorts Of Crazy Places And Taking Pictures

Image credits: TheFifthCan

#47 Professor Reads His Reviews During The Course

Image credits:

#48 We Had A Test Today And My Teacher Couldn’t Make It So He Told The Sub To Put This On The Screen

Image credits: Dragonkeepe

#49 My Professor Said He Spent Two Hours Trying To Match His Powerpoint With His Tie

Image credits: coltonkemp

#50 My Teacher Put Up A Picture Of Himself On His Door So It Looks Like He’s In His Office

Image credits: baked_potato17