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50 Pets Who Thought They Were Hiding, But Actually Weren’t

Pets are a wonder — they never stop brightening up our days with their hilarious shenanigans and weird little quirks. After all, looking at them jumping, pouncing, and getting us just as excited for the day as they are is a source of entertainment right there.

However, sometimes our beloved goofballs feel this overwhelming urge to crouch behind furniture, run underneath the bed, or bury their heads in the couch. Especially when they’ve done something mischievous. But while some of them are true masters of camouflage, others hilariously try to go unnoticed and fail in the best possible way.

Today, we bring you a list full of amusing pictures of our beloved four-legged friends who are so terrible at playing hide-and-seek, their owners just had to take a brief pause from laughing, snap a photo, and share it with everyone online. So continue scrolling, upvote the ones that made you smile, and make sure to check out Part 1 of this post right here!

#1 I Got You, Fren

Image credits: DelayedACK

#2 Hashbrown Hasn’t Completely Figured Out Hiding Yet

Image credits: auspatri

#3 Hiding In Plain Sight

Image credits: tuayfoo_the_samoyed

The concept of hide-and-seek is uncomplicated to us humans — one hides, the other seeks. But our pets seem to have their own idea of what going under the radar actually means. Whether they get scared, chew on something they’re not supposed to, or simply want to act all goofy, our companions are drawn to the cozy confines of private spaces. But the truth is, we can often see them in plain sight.

To find out more about this peculiar urge to hide and what we should do about it, we reached out to Kate Mornement, Ph.D., who goes by the handle @petbehaviourist on Instagram. Being a qualified animal behaviorist and founder of the consultancy Pets Behaving Badly, she strives to help people better understand these charming creatures living under their care.

She told Bored Panda that animals usually hide because they’re afraid. “When pets hide, they’re telling us they’re scared or need space. Things that often cause pets to hide include loud noises, unfamiliar people or animals, and things they associate with unpleasant experiences, such as the cat carrier coming out before a vet visit.”

#4 He Got In Trouble For Barking (We Live In An Apartment) So He Threw A Tantrum And Went To Hide Under The Fridge

Image credits: shamls

#5 There’s Nowhere To Hide At The Vet’s Office

Image credits: SeveralBookkeeper

#6 Found A Loose Seal In My Bathroom

Image credits: ihopethiscomesoffwitty

Kate explained that some sneaky critters also try to go unnoticed when they have an object they shouldn’t have. “They hide because they’ve learned that that delays or prevents the item being taken away,” she added.

It seems this behavior is based on their natural instinct to escape potential danger. “It’s part of the ‘fight, flight or freeze response’ which is a survival instinct,” Kate told us. “Hiding when you’re eating food is also a survival instinct. If you eat alone, you consume more compared to eating with others competing for the same food.”

#7 Hiding From The Vet

Image credits: tiffanywebb87

#8 My Friend’s Dog Is Terrible At Hide And Seek

Image credits: DontFearZombies

#9 My Kitten Likes To “Hide” In This Jar, And Her Brother Is Confused

Image credits: MyLittleGirl

Pets move around in their surroundings using impressive senses of smell, sound, and vision. But as you scroll through this list, it can be quite surprising to see how many pets are simply terrible at the art of stealth. Even cats, the most celebrated hiders out there, seem to hilariously fail sometimes. Though they’re trying their best, and we love them for it.

#10 My White Cat Attempting To Hide So I Can’t Clip His Nails

Image credits:

#11 I Finally Figured Out Where Tank The Cat Has Been Hiding. I Only Saw Him Because A Bird Chirped On TV And He Stuck His Head Up Slightly. Who Sees Him?

Image credits: Ellekm730

#12 Master Of Disguise

Image credits: Otomasoteraph

When asked why some of our four-legged friends can’t seem to find a well-concealed hiding spot, Kate noted it’s probably because they don’t understand the concept of the game.

“I think we misinterpret a lot of our pets’ behavior in general, so it’s important to learn how to read your pet’s body language to ensure you understand them and can help them overcome any fears they may have,” she continued.

Still, happy pet owners enjoy taking pictures of and genuinely laughing at these funny failures: “Sometimes our pets do goofy things that make us laugh. Sharing these moments with others who can relate makes us feel good.”

#13 My Big Boy Likes To “Hide” When It’s Time To Leave The Park

Image credits: sharkee1

#14 You Can’t See Me

Image credits:

#15 They Both Chose The Same “Hiding” Place At The Vet

Image credits: _flower_

The good news is that you can indeed help your pet stop spending so much time hiding under or behind objects. “Training pets not to hide under things involves helping them be comfortable with the situation that causes them to hide,” the animal behaviorist explained.

“For example, if your pet hides when visitors arrive, teach your pet that visitors predict good things by having the visitor throw your pet their favorite treats. Also, ask visitors not to approach your pet or try to interact until your pet initiates interaction. This will help alleviate their fear over time,” she added.

So if you ever want to try out hide-and-seek with your beloved companion, Kate said that playing games with pets is a fun way to bond with them. “Just make sure that your pet is also enjoying the game!”

#16 I Wonder Where My Cat Is Hiding

Image credits: gavinsblog

#17 Found This Little Guy Today. He Felt Safe Hiding In My Girlfriend’s Hair

Image credits: butitsa10-33

#18 Google Reminded Me Of How My Dog Used To Hide In The Couch

Image credits: Entershikari

#19 Trip To The Vet. She Thinks We Can’t See Her

Image credits: itskaymay

#20 All Time Hide And Seek Winner

Image credits: FifthEyeBlinded

#21 This Cat Thinks She Is Hiding And Can’t Be Seen

Image credits: Jax7284

#22 I’m A Shelter Photographer And This Kitten Was Not A Big Fan Of My Camera. This Was Her Idea Of “Hiding”

Image credits: finstantnoodles

#23 My Cat Truly Thinks He’s Successfully Hiding From Me

Image credits: BottomShelfWhiskey

#24 I’ll Just Hide In Here, So No One Can See Me

Image credits: issius

#25 Hiding After Being Fussed At

Image credits: wattzilla

#26 Velma Thinks We Can’t See Her Behind The Curtain

Image credits: the8itch

#27 Favorite Hiding Spot

Image credits: Phil_MCrackin

#28 My Cat And His Incredible Hiding Skills

Image credits: Cotran61

#29 Worst Hide And Seek Player Of All Time

Image credits: NAEEMP

#30 Stealth Doggo

Image credits: Hexyyyy

#31 Hide And Not Too Much Seek

Image credits: cameltoe681

#32 Nothing To See Here

Image credits: CyberBuda

#33 Simba Doesn’t Quite Get Hide And Seek Yet

Image credits: ishkish69

#34 When Lola Is Tired Of Playing She Hides From Our Other Dog So She Can Get Some Rest. This Is Her Hiding

Image credits: nickgonzalez771

#35 This Is My Mom’s Cat. I Think She’s Beautiful. She Hides From Birds

Image credits: tafunast

#36 She Did Her Best To Hide

Image credits: yunoookumura

#37 My Cat’s Attempt At Hiding From The Vet

Image credits: sgthompson640

#38 His Favorite Hiding Spot

Image credits: Cheosta

#39 Watching Our Guests Sneakily

Image credits: HalalMead

#40 Maybe If I Hide Here, She Won’t See Me

Image credits: luna_belle0825

#41 Absolutely Unexpected Trap

Image credits: Did-ko

#42 That Feeling When You’ve Found The Perfect Hiding Space. Nobody Will Find Me Here

Image credits: pennythecoonhound

#43 A Master Of Stealth

Image credits: camperjohn64

#44 My Husband Took Our Cat To The Vet Today

Image credits: ohiob

#45 He Doesn’t Know We Can See Him

Image credits: JuanaLesbaPorelano

#46 We Brought Home A Cat. He’s A Little Scared, So He’s “Hiding”

Image credits: Neverstillcreations

#47 Knew My Cats Were Plotting To Kill Me, Ninja Hiding On My Way To The Bathroom

Image credits: espan1

#48 My Huge Senior Dog Is Afraid Of Fireworks, And It Is Well Known That The Shower (Where He Clearly Doesn’t Fit) Is The Safest Place To Hide From Them

Image credits: So_queer

#49 This Is Snacks. This Is Where Snacks Hides When She Gets Yelled At

Image credits: ashleyandracchio

#50 He Meows Really Loud And Then He Goes And Hides Here For 20 Mins. He Thinks He’s Hidden

Image credits: Cheeznchips

“Bored Panda Best Comment Awards”: 50 Funny Times The Comments Made Our Posts So Much Better (New Pics)

Ah, the comment section—it’s full of life. Sometimes, people there spark conversations about a variety of social issues. Other times, they’re going livid over someone else’s opinion. Or maybe they’re simply enjoying a spicy argument and, of course, grabbing a box of metaphorical popcorn along the way. And when the comments tend to go from plain insulting to inspiring in mere seconds, ​​we’re sure glad they’re there.

Our readers have proven time and again how curious, funny, and wholesome they can be. Some of you commenters offer even better content than the picture itself. To celebrate your creativity and wit, we have compiled a list of some of the best and most upvoted comments we found floating around our page.

We here at Bored Panda love clever humor, and we know that you do too. So continue scrolling, see if yours made the list, and share even more hilarious wisdom under the pics below! Also, be sure to check out Part 1 of this post right here.


Image credits: Chrissie M.


Image credits: MauKini

To learn more about witty comments and how to improve our comedy skills, we spoke to Abigail Paul, a standup comedian, improviser, and actress with an irreverent and original comedy brain. Having performed improvisation, standup comedy, and theatre in venues all over Germany, the US, and the EU, she was kind enough to share her thoughts on why people leave comments in the first place.  

“Today’s reader has the advantage over their predecessor that they feel part of the action,” she said. “In comedy, we are always looking to create content that an audience member will relate to, so when someone leaves a fantastic comment on an article or picture, it helps us feel connected, a little less alone.” 

“It shows us that someone else, maybe many people, think the same way we do,” Abigail mentioned. “We take great comfort in not being alone on our ideas.”


Image credits: Lorraine R


The standup comedian revealed that the secret to a successful comment is probably equal parts true and surprising. An unexpected remark “that just has shock value isn’t as highly regarded as one that is embedded in truth.” 

“In comedy terms, your picture or article you are commenting on is your setup. Your witty comment is the punchline,” she explained. “There are lots of ways to be funny, but a great punchline will usually have excellent use of wordplay, exaggeration, or make an analogy to something else so the reader can maybe see the topic in a new light.” 


Image credits: william mcgloin


Image credits: Caffeinated Hedgehog

“The most important thing is usually an element of surprise. Good comedy writers use misdirect as well as a magician does. We think we see you going to one place and you go somewhere unexpected. Audiences love a twist,” Abigail said, providing true crime podcasts as an example.

According to her, leaving a comment and letting out a few chuckles helps us bond with others. “Comedy is the most fun thing humans can share (besides pizza),” she said. “The pandemic has forced a lot of comedy experiences online. It hurt live comedy a lot, but new spaces have thrived online because people need to connect and laugh. The upside is you can find ways to be funny at home in your PJs.”


Image credits: Robert T


Image credits: Wolfowl

If you want to improve at writing clever comments online, you need to practice. “Comedy is a skill,” Abigail told us. “The more you write, the better you usually get.” But it’s important “not to get too precious about your work. Notice which clever comments you are writing get lots of likes or replies, and see if you can dissect why that comment is working.” 

“If something isn’t working, don’t worry too much about why. A lot of good writing is throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks.” She advised you to focus on what works and try to replicate your own formula. “Also – edit. Are there any words you can take out, but the comment is still really funny? Then do. The more concise you are, the better it is for your reader.”


Image credits: LottieH


Image credits: Pitsburgh rare

Abigail is now busy with her new organization in Frankfurt called English Comedy Frankfurt, aiming to bring fun shows with diverse audiences and comedians. So if you want some tips on writing for standup, be sure to check out her website and follow her work on Twitter.


Image credits: Aleksandra Elias


Image credits: Eric Mikalo


Image credits: kurisutofu


Image credits: Julia Atkinson


Image credits: Misterscooter


Image credits: River Webb


Image credits: JuJu


Image credits: Anne


Image credits: Clare Bond


Image credits: Stuart Miller


Image credits: BorPand8


Image credits: Iggy


Image credits: Andres Tejeda


Image credits: JRibax


Image credits: Full Name


Image credits: Iggy


Image credits: Chucky Cheezburger


Image credits: Stephanie Did It


Image credits: cybermerlin2000


Image credits: David K


Image credits: KJ


Image credits: White Wolf


Image credits: Eva the Egg


Image credits: Truth Monster


Image credits: Ammy Pattie


Image credits: chi-wei shen


Image credits: Julia Atkinson


Image credits: Candace Fitzpatrick


Image credits: Jayne Kyra


Image credits: Holly D


Image credits: Sarah


Image credits: pandaponium.


Image credits: Vero


Image credits: Don Golosso


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Image credits: Cactus McCoy


Image credits: Steve Barnett


Image credits: Don Golosso


Image credits: James016


Image credits: Stephanie Did It

50 Times People Had Such Wholesome Coworkers, They Just Had To Share It Online

People say that how we live our days is how we live our life. For many of us, a significant amount of time is spent at work. While we search for the ideal work-life balance by making big and small changes in our daily routine, we might not realize that the biggest morale booster is sitting right in front of us.

Of course, there are countless stories about office bullies and ruthless bosses who can make our days bitter. Yet, we might end up complaining too much and forgetting that our jobs can actually be nice. Especially if we’re surrounded by like-minded and lovely people.

We have compiled a list of some of the most wholesome coworkers many would be delighted to work with. Continue scrolling and upvote the pictures that made you smile the widest! After you’re done with this list, make sure to check out our previous posts to get a full picture of the working experience right here, here and here.

#1 Heartwarming

Image credits: im_just_laur

#2 My 88-Year-Old Coworker Showed Me His Binder Of Love Poems He Writes. 2 Months Of Work And I Got My Coworker Published And Delivered His First Book

Image credits: saxesun

Having great relationships with the people you work with can positively impact your emotional well-being and professional success. Whether it’s venting about your manager or chit-chatting about the weekend plans, close bonds alleviate the stress you might be feeling in your current position. 

Bored Panda has reached out to Sharlyn Lauby, a human resources professional, speaker, and the voice behind HR Bartender, a blog dedicated to talking about different workplace issues. The site has been recognized as one of the “Top 5 Blogs HR Pros Love to Read” by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

She was kind enough to share her thoughts and insights about workplace relationships and what part they play in the office. According to Lauby, having good bonds with the people you work with is very important.

#3 I’ve Been Biking To Work In The Cold Every Morning, My Coworker Noticed And She Made Me This Scarf And Beanie

Image credits: Then_Ad7687

#4 Wholesome Coworkers

Image credits: maryclaireee7

“Gallup [a global analytics and advice firm based in the United States] has some classic research that says there’s a correlation between having friends at work and employee engagement,” she told us. “It makes sense. No one really wants to spend the kind of time we do working with people that they don’t like being around.”

However, Lauby does feel the need to discuss what makes for a good working relationship. “This doesn’t mean that there won’t be challenges. All relationships have tough moments,” she added. “That’s one of the reasons building good working relationships is important. When you have a good working relationship, you can work through those challenging times a little easier.”

#5 The President Of Our Company Is A Giant Kid, So For His Birthday We Made His Office Into A Ball Pit

Image credits: CivilRiceOnionRing

#6 Today’s My Birthday. When The Clock Hit Midnight, The Security Guy Who I Barely Know And The Only Other Person On Site Turned The Corner And Surprised Me With This

I work 3rd shift monitoring the machines at a tourist attraction.
A great start to what could have been a lonely day.

Image credits: Dumb_Reddit_Username

The desire to feel connected to others is a basic human need. The positive social interactions we have with each other can boost our mental and physical health. Besides the fact that getting along with your coworkers helps you get through difficult obstacles, it also makes the work environment more pleasant.

“Another benefit ties back to the definition of a good working relationship,” Lauby continued. “Hopefully, you can be yourself. When you build good relationships, this should allow you to feel safe and comfortable being your authentic self. It’s great for you as an individual and it’s great for the teams that you’re working with.”

#7 My Office Has Been Working From Home For Weeks. I Had Sent Out An Email Asking That Anyone Who Has To Drop By The Office To Feed My Fish

I went in today for the first time – someone made a log book. I’m crying.


#8 My Cousin Worked At McDonald’s In Northern Ontario For Most Of His Life And Was A Manager There For The Majority Of His Career. He Passed Away Suddenly Last Monday

The 3 McDonald’s restaurants in that area flew their flags at half-mast in his honor. Such a beautiful gesture.

Image credits: Jean_Marie_1989

If you want to improve the way you communicate with your colleagues and make the bonds even stronger, there are some things you should keep in mind. Lauby emphasized that credibility is one of the first things she thinks of when it comes to being a good coworker. 

“Do what you say you’re going to do. Deliver on time. Be that person others count on,” she elaborated. “And if for whatever reason you can’t, go to your colleague or team and let them know. Hopefully, before they figure it out. You can ask to renegotiate your commitment.”

#9 God Bless The Co-Workers

Image credits: cnn

#10 A Coworker Of Mine With Down Syndrome Makes Me A Card Every Christmas

Image credits: nickm78

On a final note, being a person of your word goes a long way in building relationships. Sharlyn Lauby wants to remind you that all of the things we discussed—strengthening personal bonds, being credible—are important for both in-person and virtual working relationships.

#11 My Sister Is Fighting Cancer & It’s Been Absolutely Brutal. It’s Really Taken A Toll On Me & My Work Performance Has Dropped Significantly, I Feared I’d Get Fired

Instead, my coworkers presented me with this care package to comfort my sister through chemo, a hand-painted card & a $750 donation.

Image credits: barelylunar

#12 My Hometown PD Threw This Brave Officer A Birthday Party. Happy Birthday, Max

Image credits: everdayday

#13 My Wonderful Colleague Is Having A Baby, So I Made Her A Zookeepers Baby Blanket

Image credits: nixknits

#14 Happy Retirement To My Coworker That Always Brought Us Candy. Thanks For Always Being Awesome, Mark

Image credits: Dabrina_Meah

#15 I Took Care Of My Colleague’s Snail While She Was Gone And It Unexpectedly Had Babies. I Threw A Baby Shower For Her To Come Back To. Congrats, Loki

Image credits: outofthedesert

#16 I Work At A Small Family Owned Italian Restaurant And My Boss Let’s Me Study When We’re Slow So He Brought Me A Small Pizza And Said “Snack While You Study”

I worked a 12-hour shift today and he fed me three times and made me a sandwich to take home. He’s an angel walking among us.

Image credits: Erin Smith

#17 To Have A Boss Like This

Image credits: clairewillett

#18 New Friend/Coworker Of Mine Couldn’t Afford A New Computer. I Built A New One And Gave Him My Old One For Free. He Was So Happy He Asked Me To Take His Picture

Image credits: JumpyyyKO

#19 Today Is My Birthday. My Coworkers Know I’m On A Diet But I Told Them They Were More Than Welcome To Still Get A Cake For Themselves To Enjoy

Instead, this was waiting for me when I got to work. Truly made my day and was quite delicious!

Image credits: itchypoopsarethebest

#20 A Note From A Coworker During A Dark Time. It’s Been 3 Years And I Still Look At It When I Need A Pick-Me-Up

Image credits: yodelaheehoo66

#21 Tomorrow Is My Last Day At My Current Job And My Coworkers Knew I Liked Anime So One Of The Older Ladies Made Me An “Anime” Quilt

Image credits: AccordianAttack

#22 My Mama Retired As An Emergency Room Nurse Yesterday And Her Coworkers Threw Her A Huge Party

Image credits: Kvk1991

#23 My Wife Made This Last Night For A Coworker That Had Her 10-Year-Old Chihuahua, Lucy, Passed Away Unexpectedly Of Heart Failure

Apparently, she seemed completely fine on Sunday, but Monday she was gone. As anyone who has experienced the loss of a beloved pet knows, it can be traumatizing, especially when you have no time to prepare for it. She missed work on Monday (I would’ve taken it off too) and then told my wife about it yesterday.


My wife being the sweet person she is came home later that day and told me the sad news, then got out our iPad and started working on the picture above. She claims she has no art talent, but I think she did a pretty great job. The ears on the top are an outline of Lucy’s ears.

Image credits: dev0urer

#24 I’m A Nice Colleague

Image credits: Hijae

#25 I Have The Best Coworkers In The World. Down With Lymphoma For A Bit And They Just Made Day

Image credits: CarnalSanders

#26 The Restaurant I Work For Is Closing Until Further Notice. My Manager Gave Me A Gift

Image credits: Fappy-McHandsome

#27 I’ve Been Snapping Selfies On Unattended Phones At Work. Today My Coworkers Gave Me Photo Albums Of The Selfies They Found On Their Phones

One of the most heartfelt birthday gifts I’ve ever gotten.

Image credits: TrailRatedRN

#28 The Janitor At My Mom’s Work Bought Her A Fancy Christmas Ornament With This Written On The Box

He is a very sweet elderly man. Since he and my mom are such good friends, he made her this.

Image credits: lucador

#29 My Wife Had To Cancel Her Baby Shower Due To Corona, So Her Co-Workers Threw Her A Surprise Mini One In The Break Room

Image credits: Euskaltano

#30 Me As A Boy In 1965 With Newly Completed Model Airplane Minutes Before Destroying It On Maiden Flight. Also Me 56 Years Later With Surprise Christmas Gift From Coworker Of Identical Replica

Additional info: It’s a control line plane, it flies in a big circle, it’s not a remote control. You have a handle and two steel cables to control the elevator, pull the top of the handle back the plane goes up, push it down it goes down, do it wrong it crashes violently. 


Yes, I work at a wonderful place with some terrific people and consider most of them dear friends. 


He mentioned that he was building planes with his kids, and I showed him a lo-res version of that old picture I had received from my daughter. He contacted my daughter, got the hi-res, then acquired all the parts necessary to build the plane over several months (the propeller came from Uzbekistan). Then, surprise!

Image credits: No-Mathematician7105

#31 The 66-Year-Old Receptionist Where I Work Prints Out Memes On Paper And Puts Them On The Wall

Image credits: tokensbro

#32 His Wife Called In To Sing Happy Birthday Over Video Chat

Image credits: Eeenesto_

#33 A Co-Worker Makes These Boxes For Charity On His Lunch Break, And He Needed Leather So I Asked If He’d Like My Departed Dad’s Jacket, And He Came Up With This For Me Today

I work with this amazing gentleman that spends his breaks and lunches making these beautiful boxes for charity auctions (I know – so sweet!) He took me aside to show me his first box of 2020, and I asked him if he’d be interested in my dad’s old leather coat since I’m having a hard time getting rid of his stuff. Well, today he brought me this black walnut box made with the leather from my dad’s favorite jacket. It brightened up the office and all of us were so touched. What a sweet man!! This is such a cherished thing for me. Yes, I am definitely making him an authentic British shepherds pie and some English treats to thank him (he’s English, but we live in Canada). I hope this cheers you all up during this dreary and frightening time! Good people exist everywhere!

Image credits: Ehellegreg

#34 This Was My Face Of Pure Happiness When A Coworker Brought Two Kittens By The Office Yesterday. Sat There For An Hour While They Cuddled On My Lap

Image credits: jelly_jam_toast

#35 My 72-Year-Old Grandma Not Only Cleans Schools, But Cleans Schools Better Than Everyone She Works With. Her Teachers Always Make Sure She Knows

Image credits: Peabo721

#36 Today Was My Boyfriend’s Last Day At His “Big Box Mart” Job. The Company Itself Did Not Acknowledge His Last Day, But A Coworker In The Bakery Made Him This

Image credits: kmonizzle

#37 My Girlfriend’s Boss Makes Her Healthy Lunches Because She Has Fainting Spells

Image credits: Metallschleifer

#38 Told My Coworker A Story About My Brother Eating All The Charms Out Of The Cereal Box Before I Got To Them Growing Up

I literally thought you had to be lucky to get charms. He dropped these in my office today.

Image credits: mccarthybergeron

#39 Boss Is A Marvel Fan And Recently Had Open-Heart Surgery, So A Co-Worker And I Got Him A MK 1 Arc Reactor

Image credits: KerberosPanzerCop

#40 The Other Day I Slipped And Fell At Work As I Was Wearing Old Worn Out Shoes, So My Coworker Gave Me A Fresh Pair Of Non Slips When She Found Out About The Incident

Image credits: EvilVileLives

#41 Coworker’s Wife Spent 10 Hours Making This For Me After My Cat Passed Away

Image credits:

#42 We Were Surprised By My Coworker Who Put Together This Dinner Date Table For Us, Complete With A Personalized Menu And Three Course Meal

Was supposed to be celebrating my honeymoon with my wife in Italy this week. Extremely thankful!

Image credits: JRosie279

#43 Couldn’t Afford New Work Boots, These Were On My Workbench This Morning

They got my size and everything. $179 I just could not afford at the moment.


Everyone wears them in the company. Also, they are the best!


I’ve been struggling with my old pair and just had a week off with a planter wart in my heel. It was removed but I’ve been unable to fully walk properly for a while.

Image credits: Oldmate81

#44 My Coworker Blessed Me With A Christmas Miracle. $500 Cash

The card says: “Hey Boo! Okay, so I might have felt awful when you told me that you would walk all the way home from work, so I set up a GoFundMe (don’t worry, I didn’t use exact names). I managed to raise a bunch of money, hoping you could set it aside for a car, but now maybe it can help fix yours now. Merry Christmas!”

Image credits: Arkater

#45 My Coworker’s Photo Of Her Dog On Her Desk And My Christmas Present To Her

Image credits: giiglesandtickles

#46 My Mom Is A Nurse And She Spent All Of Today Making Facemasks For Her Coworkers

Image credits: DeanAbstract

#47 Co-Worker Checking In Due To Having The Weekend Away From My GF And Feeling A Bit More Of Top Of My Depression

Image credits: geeitswill

#48 I Draw Little Pictures Daily For My Coworkers To Find In The Morning After I Leave Third Shift

Image credits: MissChemistryNerd

#49 My Coworker Is Having A Hysterectomy. So The Department Had A Food Day

Image credits: tjackso6

#50 Wife Just Made Over 100 Truffles For Her Coworkers. Now She Gets To Go On The Train Into Boston With These. She’s The Best

Image credits:

50 Moments People Realized They Were Dating Or Married To An Idiot

Man, relationships start off so great. The initial, sweeping romance often consumes a couple when they first get together. In this stage, you feel as if you’ve found a perfect match, someone who is both similar and new. Someone compatible. You want to spend as much time with them as possible, and enjoy each other’s boundaries melting away. But that exposes our less glamorous attributes too.

In an attempt to show the unexpected turns their love life has taken, women are confessing to the internet how husbands and boyfriends are testing their limits. So we at Bored Panda decided to put these complaints together and see if we can all somehow grow from it.

From little everyday crimes (such as eating cheese like an animal) to bigger offenses (like hitting on your partner’s married niece), here are a million ways to frustrate and disappoint your partner.

By the way, I feel like we also need to include a disclaimer. This publication doesn’t mean that all men are garbage and every woman is a saint. I’d say it’s more of a study to see what common relationship problems women go through.

#1 My Husband Is Technologically Challenged

Image credits: Southernsofia123

#2 My Husband Bought Memory Foam For “His Side Of The Bed”

Image credits: distanceformed

According to some estimates, almost 50 percent of all marriages in the United States will end in divorce or separation. But what exactly makes sustaining a romantic relationship so hard?

Well, in 2020, a team of scientists led by Menelaos Apostolou of the University of Nicosia in Greece found that fading enthusiasm, long work hours, and lack of personal time and space are the three most common problem areas that prevent people from staying together. However, if it offers you some reassurance, they also think that only 30% of adults find it easy to maintain long-term romantic relationships.

#3 This Is Where The Plate Goes After Dinner. Not In The Dishwasher. Not On The Counter. Not Even In The Sink. It Should Be Perfectly Balanced On The Sink, Just Like This

Image credits: barbdittert

#4 I Split Up With My Boyfriend Yesterday. I Fell Asleep While He Was Packing And He Stole My Toilet

Image credits: shelblikadoo

When it comes to the top challenge (fading enthusiasm, it can be explained by the fact that many people find long-term relationships to be tiring and they get bored quickly. They also sometimes realize that the passion and romantic love fades sooner than they might’ve expected. Fading enthusiasm is especially problematic among people who dislike routines.

Long work hours is one of those factors that might seem a little bit surprising at first but later sound really logical. In fact, some have already speculated that divorce rates can be predicted by the length of a spouse’s commute. This research adds credibility to this notion — partners who spend many hours working or prioritize their career over their relationship are, not surprisingly, less involved and less successful in the latter.

#5 100% Will Rip Open A Bag Like A Damn Raccoon And Then Notice It’s Resealable

Image credits: beingtwiceasnice

#6 Asked My Husband To Do A Maternity Photoshoot. Don’t The Dogs Look Great?

Image credits: badbanananana

#7 I Was Complaining To My Boyfriend That We Never Cuddle Anymore And This Was His Solution

Image credits: kakozlow

Feeling suffocated or lacking sufficient me time is the third most common reason why people have difficulty maintaining romantic relationships. Those who feel constrained by their commitment, or (whether or not it’s justified) feel that their partner is constantly nagging them, will have issues working on and sustaining it.

The publication said that other common problems were character issues, clinginess, and bad sex.

#8 Sent My Husband To Buy A Baby Shower Gift Bag

Image credits: MangoBlisters

#9 My Husband Doesn’t Want The Case To Get Scratched And Cause An “Eyesore”

Image credits: flyawaysweetbird

#10 My Aunt’s Skeevy Boyfriend Went From Asking What My Husband And I Want For Christmas To This Garbage In 2 Minutes

Image credits: kate_mili

#11 My Boyfriend Puts The Butter Away Like This In The Fridge Door. Fully Exposed And Touching The Fridge I Haven’t Washed In Months

Image credits: How_you_like_meow

But coming back to what we briefly mentioned in the intro of this publication, it’s important that no gender is the bad one. Just the individuals. Dr. Kristie Overstreet, a clinical sexologist and psychotherapist, highlighted that men face their own unique set of relationship issues—and a lot of them have to do with the way guys are raised. (Keep in mind that these differences are not relegated to just men in heterosexual relationships; they apply to all men in every kind of relationship.)

Fear of rejection, hiding depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues, pressure to be the financial provider, and performance anxiety around sex are just some of the things that men frequently worry about in relationships.

“Men are taught from a young age to not talk about their problems or struggles. Men aren’t allowed to show or express emotions,” Overstreet told Men’s Health. This can actually be the root cause of many romantic conflicts. After all, managing emotions and communication is vital for every couple.

#12 Instead Of Cleaning Up The Sugar He Spilled, My Boyfriend Decides This Is Perfectly Reasonable Instead

Image credits: Cracktestdummy96

#13 My Boyfriend’s Gaming Set Up

Image credits: Sassandride

#14 My Boyfriend Doesn’t Throw Away Empty Toilet Paper Rolls. Instead, The Top Of The Toilet Becomes His Garbage Display Area

I take out the garbage regularly, but I wanted to see how long this would go on for – it’s been 2 weeks.

Image credits: areyouasmoker

#15 Texted My Husband To Show Him My Brilliant Idea For Making Sure I Drank My Full 1 Liter Of Water Before My Ultrasound

Image credits: sabby55

#16 These Gum Piles My Husband Keeps Leaving Around The House

Image credits: Dena-P

#17 Instead Of Rinsing His Cup Between Drinks, My Boyfriend Will Just Refill It With Whatever Since It “Mixes In His Stomach Anyway”

Image credits: gr8cornh0lio

#18 The Way My Boyfriend Sliced This Avocado

Image credits: jgo215

#19 Husband’s Gift To His Wife

Image credits: BlueCrown21

#20 I Asked My Husband To Stop At The Store And Get Coriander

Image credits: borkborkporkbork

#21 On This Table, You Can See All The Gifts My Husband Has Bought Me For Last Christmas, Our Anniversary, My Birthday, And Mother’s Day

Image credits: zuklei

#22 I’m Breaking Up With My Boyfriend

Image credits: thatoneguyalex

#23 My Roommate Got A New Boyfriend, He Used My Clippers, Didn’t Brush Them When He Was Done, Didn’t Clean Out The Sink And Clogged It Too

Image credits: 3×10

#24 When My Husband Goes Out In Public Like This

Image credits: new2thespectrum

#25 When You Ask Your Husband To Load The Dishwasher

Image credits: soundworks789

#26 Holiday With A New Boyfriend – He Opens Bread Like This

Image credits: PrinceWilliamsnutsack

#27 Gave A Girl A Compliment About Her Shirt, Received This From Her Boyfriend

Image credits: TidyWhip

#28 My Boyfriend’s Job Title Is Actually “Solutions Engineer.” This Was His Solution

Image credits: 8Ariadnesthread8

#29 How My Boyfriend Uses Cheese

Image credits: mood_alchemy

#30 My Husband Eats Apple With A Spoon

Image credits: thirdculturegurl

#31 My Sister Asked For A Nintendo Switch For Christmas. Her Boyfriend Must Have Misunderstood

Image credits: WildInSix

#32 My Boyfriend Put Salt Instead Of Rice In The Rice Cooker, Been Wondering For An Hour Why It Was Taking So Long To Cook

Image credits: bumbeel

#33 Got My Boyfriend Some Nice Cookies Imported From Holland, Turns Out He’s A Monster

Image credits: Griefcatpartytime

#34 Husband Used My Favorite Knife As A Garden Tool

Image credits: ColoradoCrazyChicken

#35 Husband Puts His Coffee Mug Next To 2 Empty Coasters

Image credits: mybellasoul

#36 The Lights In My Boyfriend’s Bathroom

Image credits: BrokeArtMajor

#37 So My Sister Got Goalie Gloves For Christmas From Her Boyfriend For ‘Being A Keeper’

Image credits: slizzers

#38 Wife Likes To Store Things In The Oven. I Don’t. That’s Why I Don’t Check It

Image credits: A-Seabear

#39 My Boyfriend Leaves Empty Packages In The Fridge

Image credits: anonysmoker

#40 My Husband Leaves A Tiny Bit In The Bottom Of Snack Bags And Puts Them Back In The Cabinet

He says he’s “saving it for later.” There are now ten bags with little or next to nothing in them. The problem is he never eats them, buys new ones, and after a few weeks I have to throw them away.

Image credits: BendyJ

#41 When Your Husband Says He’ll Take Care Of Lunch

Image credits: hgt2f

#42 The Way My Boyfriend Left His Ice Cream Cone While He Went To Pee

Image credits: BestioleRaccoon

#43 I’ve Waited For So Long, Then My Husband Drove The Car

Image credits: misterne

#44 How My BF Opens Cereal

Image credits: illLieonceaday

#45 My Sisters Boyfriend Cut A New Loaf Of Bread Like This

Image credits: ChiefEcho

#46 My Boyfriends Food Cupboard. I Think He Just Upends His Shopping Bags Directly In The Cupboard Rather Than Unpack

Image credits: lellielellelelle

#47 The Way My Boyfriend Eats Pizza

Image credits: smrco

#48 My Husband Never Finishes A Pack Of Gum Before Opening A New One

Image credits: BooksAreAddicting

#49 When Bae Put His Beer Away By Himself. What Is This Mess?

Image credits: the_mrs_affolter

#50 My Sister’s Boyfriend Thought A Rock, From His Backyard, Was A Good Christmas Gift For Her

Image credits: WmXVI

50 Funny Pics To Prove That The Best Way To Learn History Is Through Memes

Our avid readers will know how much we love memes here at Bored Panda, from science memes, viral 2020 memes, and very literal memes to more specific memes like jokes and memes for women to relate to and car memes to laugh at while you’re stuck in traffic. Because memes are the unofficial language of the internet and if you haven’t been off to the moon lately, you’ll surely know how to speak a word or two.

So this time, we have a special treat for your inner nerd or anyone who missed that once-in-a-lifetime chance to make their history teacher proud. Yep, we’re talking dates, events, and contexts that happened either far back or quite recently in the past.

Welcome to the history memes fueled by the r/HistoryMemes subreddit, where a whopping 2.7M members and self-confessed history experts crack jokes about the old days. Scroll down and upvote your favorites!

#1 I See What U Did There

Image credits: bea_ker

#2 Selective Breeding

Image credits: NoLifeLine

#3 A Joke Book From 1940

Image credits: Physics_Simon

Internet memes have been a widely used visual form of online rhetoric since the early 2000s. Today they have become a prominent method of communication across the internet, but as a research subject, they’re still not very well-examined.

With 20 years of communicating in memes, we still don’t know their exact implications, says Rebecca Ortiz, an assistant professor of advertising at the Newhouse School. “Research on internet meme effects is still in its infancy. But we can look to past media effects research to hypothesize how people may be influenced by them.”

#4 But At Least They Have The Cool Building With All The Flags In It

Image credits: cuntfruitcake93

#5 Professionals Have Standards

Image credits: SuperMegaPepega

#6 History Repeats Itself

Image credits: puffinleaves

We should never underestimate the power that social media and the content that’s surfing there has on our beliefs, identities, and culture. “The most shareable content on social media will reach the most people and potentially have the greatest effect,” she said.

Think of memes as bits of humor that capture shared cultural meanings and speak to some of the largest audience on our planet. “[They] are some of the most shareable pieces of content on social media and therefore they deserve scrutiny and better understanding as to how they may influence us,” Ortiz explained.

In that sense, understanding a meme is a way to bond with people and feel a strong sense of community. We as humans are wired to do so, so memes are the perfect gateway to that.

#7 Not The Tea

Image credits: prylex1

#8 Scientifically Proven

Image credits: TheHyyyype

#9 So Much Spice!

Image credits: Mr_Elijiah

#10 If You Don’t Believe Me Look At China Right Now

Image credits: valsagan

#11 They Here Cause You Dragged Them Her

Image credits: Baswdc

#12 Black Panther Flashbacks

Image credits: LightSwitch545

#13 Ah, Good Times

Image credits: tree_branch1

#14 Enslaving People Because Of Color Skin? Absolutely Barbaric!

Image credits:

#15 I Dont Think You Want

Image credits: SedoSedi

#16 Just Make Up Your Mind!

Image credits: eingutjungen

#17 A Toast To The Irish

Image credits: SunnyWolf17

#18 UK Is Like Belgium

Image credits:

#19 What A Nice Little White Girl

Image credits: Hottestfish69

#20 Life’s A Witch

Image credits: thelonecompanion

#21 A Rare Glimpse Of A History Meme In The Wild

Image credits: rexavior

#22 Oh Well Its Not Like We Can Do Anything About That

Image credits: karkeris

#23 *laughs In Nazi Gold*

Image credits: EliotHudson

#24 This Country Is Gonna Be Lit!

Image credits: subwanuno

#25 Literally Grave Robbers

Image credits: gofundmemetoday

#26 Also Forgot To Mention Hera Was His Sister…still A Classic Though

Image credits: Ben_Swolo501

#27 Ratatouille’s Revenge

Image credits: speedoc

#28 The Madlad

Image credits: ImnotaNixon

#29 I’m So Lucky

Image credits: Nonkel_Jef

#30 “George, I’ve Just Noticed Something…”

Image credits: chompythebeast

#31 Belgian History 101

Image credits: -MElonMusk

#32 It’s Not Even Close Really

Image credits:

#33 The Grand Tour Has A Lot Of Meme Potential

Image credits: PoliticsEnthusiast

#34 This Is In The Book I’m Reading

Image credits: Hazeandnothing

#35 God Is An Englishman

Image credits: Rob-With-One-B

#36 One Of Our Fellow Scholars

Image credits: GolHahDov

#37 Guten Tag, Polen

Image credits: turk_tangle_ig

#38 Coincidence? I Think Not

Image credits: ItsAndyRyan

#39 So True

Image credits: deadlyspawn187

#40 Oh No

Image credits:

#41 Not Sure If This Has Been Done Before

Image credits: PrimeMemeister

#42 All Road Lead To Rome

Image credits: Fadhilll

#43 Quick Fake China Is Asleep! Up-Vote Flag Of Real China

Image credits: Yhorm_The_Gamer

#44 Sparta, This Is

Image credits: Lean-II-Machine

#45 Faked Their Deaths

Image credits: rad302

#46 Manifest Destiny Be Like

Image credits: klayb

#47 Yeah, Someone Definitely Used A Ruler To Draw Some Of These Borders

Image credits: Geschiedenismemes

#48 Not Cool Andrew Jackson

Image credits: IUseRedditAmICoolNow

#49 We See Through Your Disguise, Himmler

Image credits: frankieluigi

#50 Are We The Baddies?

Image credits: klayb

50 Of The Worst Fashion Fails (New Pics)

Ah, fashion! It’s that wonderful thing that we used to care a lot about before the pandemic. Now that mass vaccination programs are continuing with great success in some countries, we can once again open up our wardrobes and take a peek at what we could potentially replace our overused sweatpants with. We’re going to have some people to impress pretty soon as lockdown regulations keep getting relaxed and summer is starting to hit its stride.

However, even if you feel lost in the stylish world of clothing and don’t know the difference between ‘Armani’ and ‘armadillo,’ you really shouldn’t worry all that much. Whatever you dress like, it really can’t be as bad as the photos of horrendously designed clothes that our dandy Bored Panda team collected to serve as a warning for everyone everywhere at all times. Socks with sandals? You wish things were that simple.

As you’re scrolling into this fashion disaster minefield, let your inner critic loose: let us know which items you think should go the way of the dodo, upvote the pics that you think are the worst of the worst, and share your personal tips for dressing well this summer in the comments. (PS—you’ll find more epic clothing disasters right here, here, and here.)

We got in touch with a fashion designer to tell us all about how to avoid making style mistakes (from over-accessorizing to wearing the wrong shoes), what colors are ‘in’ this summer, and why designing clothes is far harder than it might seem from the outside. You’ll find our full interview with her below.

#1 Where Is Uranus? My 9-Month-Old’s PJs Leave No Doubt

Image credits: DasFinkin

#2 Balenciaga’s $2,145 Bag That Looks Exactly Like IKEA’s 99-Cent Tote Bag

Image credits:

#3 The Pockets On Women’s Trousers

Image credits: Iwantmyteslanow

Bored Panda reached out to Nigerian fashion designer Oyinda Akinfenwa, who’s got her hand on the pulse of the fashion industry, to hear about some style dos and don’ts. Oyinda runs her own brand called Janore that specializes in multifunctional dresses and is always very stylish. So she knows what works and what’s a fashion disaster.

According to Oyinda, fashion designers have it tough. Creative blocks and a lack of good materials can take a toll on the final quality of the product. What’s more, she revealed that if all the nuances of production—from the way your clothes are made and how long it takes to who is making them—aren’t taken into account, the end result suffers, too.

“It’s hard to notice your own mistakes on your outfits until someone points them out because to you, it seems amazing because it is your work and you want to be proud of it, without realizing it may not be exactly as good as you think,” the Nigerian designer explained to Bored Panda why professionals can have a blindspot to some mistakes that seem obvious to someone else. “It’s really hard for creatives to give themselves criticism most times because of how hard we work to create the pieces we have, so most times we tend to not try to over-analyze the result.”

#4 Red Nail Stockings

Image credits: pkkballer22

#5 How Many Ways Can You Read It In?

Image credits: KoheFish

#6 The Color And Positioning Of The Lace Used On These Women’s Underpants

Image credits: lessons_learnt

Oyinda believes that one of the biggest fashion mistakes that people tend to make most often is over-accessorizing. “People tend to add too much on when the outfit they’re wearing already has a lot going on which makes it seem tacky. Also, it takes away from the outfit because no one will be looking at the outfit, just be confused about what is going on with the entire dressing,” she said that less is more and that we should stay clear of looking like a chaotic jumble when we want to impress others.

Another major mistake is wearing the wrong shoes. Oyinda noted that a pair of shoes can make or break the entire outfit. “This is very common as people tend to wear the wrong shoes for certain outfits which really brings down the whole look, by the time you start admiring them and get to their feet and you’re disappointed by their shoes.”

A quick way to up your fashion game is getting your nails done. Also, Oyinda said that wearing knuckle rings can make you look stylish because they “elevate your look no matter what you’re wearing.” As for this summer, the Nigerian fashion designer suggested that we fully embrace all shares of green and also go for clothes in yellow, orange, and black! 

#7 Why Those Pants Look Like That One Soccer Ball Everyone Has But Doesn’t Know Where It’s From

Image credits: dionnebytdionne

#8 $490 To Look Like You Don’t Know How To Wear Glasses

Image credits:

#9 Lock Up Your Daughters vs. Does My Butt Looks Fat In This Diaper?

Image credits: dreamer-imfinite

At its core, looking good—no matter what you wear—is all about confidence. If you think you’re the bomb, the very best, the most fashionable person in the room, then all eyes are going to be on you as you’re pulling it off and embracing the spotlight.

There is a ‘however’ coming, though. No matter how confident you might be, there are some clothing items that objectively look bad. Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, but the Council of Style got together and agreed that there are some things that you just don’t do when designing clothes. And many of these mistakes you’ll find in this list.

#10 So My Sister Had A Clemson Mask Made For Her

Image credits: TBoneTheOriginal

#11 Maison Margiela Pre-Destroyed Sneakers For $1425

Image credits:

#12 This Clothing Brand For Kids

Image credits: dylho

According to ‘MasterClass,’ avoiding fashion faux pas is possible with a bit of friendly advice. The first thing that they recommend is having fun and experimenting with various clothes, colors, cuts, and fabrics!

Play around a bit with different combinations and find out what works for you. You might be surprised to discover something new about your tastes and what looks good on you. (And don’t forget, having a friend over to give you an honest opinion never hurts!)

#13 Girls Is Can What?

Image credits: GayStorkLord

#14 My GF Got This Jacket Because It Has Pockets

Image credits: PhilosopherStriking1

#15 Giving Up Is Simply An Option

Image credits: DiscordAddict_

Another piece of advice that you should keep in mind at all times concerns clothing size. Always, always, always find the right fit. Tailored clothes look incredible on you, no matter your body size. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the peak of your athleticism or if you’re plus-sized: when the clothes you wear fit your current body size, shape, and form, they become that much more stylish. And that helps boost your confidence, too.

#16 Nordstrom Sells Jeans With Fake Mud On Them For $425

Image credits:

#17 There Are Holes In The Bottom Of This Shoe The Perfect Size For Some Pebbles

Image credits: maowang99

#18 I Just Realized That My “Los Angeles” T-Shirt Has New York Skyline In The Back

Image credits: gvinpi

What’s more, even as you’re experimenting with new pieces, you should have some timeless clothing items in your wardrobe that go with anything. For instance, I have a couple of trench coats that look fabulous with everything that I wear and I love them to bits.

Though, keep in mind that not every outfit will fit every occasion, no matter how confident and trendy you might look. Read the room, dress for the occasion, and find unique ways to bring a bit of personal flair to your outfit no matter the event.

#19 Plant Dyed Underwear On Etsy

Image credits: Glycine_max

#20 My Wife Has Had This Sweater For Over A Decade And She Still Questions Why They Didn’t Use The Eagle As The V

Image credits: Little-Coin

#21 Oh Great, A Shirt That Makes It Look Like You Got In A Fight With A Bottle Of Mustard And Lost

Image credits: hanzhog

Even if you have to wear a uniform to work or you’re going to a black-tie gala, there are ways to make you stand out and make others say, “Wow, you’re amazing!” In my experience, something easy to try if you’re feeling a tad shy would be going for colorful and expressive socks. Just make sure that they’re not fashion disasters waiting to happen.

#22 Pants That Make You Look Really Pissed

Image credits: Lord_H1D30U5

#23 Marge Simpson Has Two Mouths On The Official Simpsons Pajamas

Image credits:

#24 These Gucci Shoes Are Intentionally Made To Look Dirty

Image credits:

#25 Just Gonna Put It Right There On The Crotch Huh?

Image credits: SpookyVoidCat

#26 So My Boss Found Out That I’m A Fan Of The House Of 1000 Corpses Movies And Bought Me A Captain Spaulding Mask. This Showed Up

Image credits: ReallyNotBobby

#27 Don’t Ask Me How I Found This

Image credits: AufWiedersehenAhole

#28 Pants That Start With A Stain

Image credits: ChefPete22

#29 Pedo Power??

Image credits: F4NZ4I

#30 Gucci Sells Jeans With Fake Grass Stains

Image credits:

#31 Socks For Squared Feet

Image credits: smodanc

#32 This Dolce Gabbana Jute Dress Costs $2118

Image credits:

#33 My Girlfriend Went Thrifting And Found This. Also The Jordans Are Fake If That Wasn’t Obvious Enough

Image credits: Andrei399

#34 English-Words-In-A-Shirt Type Hoodie. Non-Ironic Taipei, Taiwan

Image credits: umbrellapokedeye

#35 Cowboy Boots, Frozen Themed, And A Random Hole. Yup Shoes

Image credits: Zuzufatcat

#36 Where’s The Rest Of It?

Image credits: 1AbbyRoad

#37 This Elsa Backpack Has A Mask On It So You Can Wear It. But If It’s On The Backpack, Elsa Looks Dead On The Inside

Image credits: ItsDiana5454

#38 $425 Artsy Jeans Look More Like A Crime Scene

Image credits:

#39 This Message On A Child’s Sweater

“Take and go”

Image credits: IellaAntilles

#40 The Print On These Used Bikini Bottoms

Image credits: catscanary

#41 Fat Mily Weekend 2018

Image credits: Pliny_the_middle

#42 Underwear With Edward Cullen’s Face On It For The Purest Twilight Fans

Image credits: NkBasya

#43 These Shoes Let Me Take The Road With Me

Image credits: TheTwoWipeWonder

#44 This Shirt Looks Like A Used Pad

Image credits: donnapetrapan

#45 Arrived From Amazon Today, Still Trying To Work Out What The Hell They Say

Image credits: Mandala_tattoogirl

#46 Still Beats The Alternative

Image credits: Amanuet

#47 Never Up

Image credits: paca0713

#48 The American Flag On My Dad’s New Hoodie

Image credits: Benohnomark

#49 Tybalt’s Clothes From One Of The Romeo And Juliet Movies. Who Thought This Was A Good Idea?

Image credits: ThatWolficorn

#50 A**

Image credits: bunsharu

‘That’s It, I’m Architecture Shaming’: 40 Architecture Examples That Look So Bad, People Just Had To Shame Them

Some buildings will absolutely fascinate you with their stunning designs, genius architectural decisions, and the sheer power of their aesthetics. This article isn’t about these kinds of buildings, however. Nope! Not all buildings are made equal, you see, and the ‘bad’ ones need to be shamed publicly so that others don’t copy their designs. So we’ll be focusing exclusively on just plain terrible architectural decisions.

And the worst of the worst end up on the ‘That’s It, I’m Architecture Shaming’ Facebook group where users mercilessly prod and poke bad design. It’s fun, it’s educational, it’s something cool to scroll through during your next coffee break. 

Remember to upvote your fave photos that you love to hate and be sure to follow the architecture-shaming Facebook group if you like their stuff. They’re a growing community with awesome content.

Bored Panda spoke about what separates good and bad design, the need to democratize the access to quirky private property designs, as well as about the roles that architecture plays with an expert in the field from Sweden who has a background in urban planning. You’ll find our full interview with her below.

#1 I Dunno, Slim Doesn’t Seem To Be Digging This Situation

Image credits: architectureshaming

#2 I Do Not Give A Damn How Well It’s Cantilevered Or How Strong The Struts Are. I Do Not Have The Kind Of Luck It Would Take To Set Foot In This House

Image credits: architectureshaming

#3 This Pillar Was Straight Last Week. This Is The First Floor Of A Seven-Floor Building

Image credits: architectureshaming

The Sweden-based urban planning expert explained to Bored Panda that while public spaces must meet safety and accessibility standards, aesthetic standards can be much more fluid for buildings. The expert spoke to Bored Panda on the condition that she remain anonymous. (Remember, just because you’re an expert in something and want to be helpful doesn’t mean that you always like the limelight… unlike quirky architecture which just begs you to look at it!)

“Most of the time, the elements of the built environment should be in harmony amidst each other and with the surroundings. However, sometimes, something bolder and out-of-the-box might form an engaging contrast,” she said. However, the urban planning expert shared with Bored Panda that, in her personal opinion, our built environments have to engage us, as well as stimulate our minds and senses. In fact, she believes that architecture’s ability to make us think is one of its most powerful aspects.

#4 The Cactus Is *chef’s Kiss

Image credits: architectureshaming

#5 This Is Not Photoshopped

Image credits: architectureshaming

#6 Opera And Ballet Theatre Of Cheboksary (Russia)

Top: original picture
Bottom: slightly photoshopped picture

Image credits: architectureshaming

“There are circumstances where the architecture should create a sense of calmness and safety, yet there are instances in which it is not bad if the architecture provokes us and makes us think, ‘Why don’t I like the look of this building?’”

The urban planner said that we should give people the freedom to express themselves as they wish when it comes to designing their private property. As long as they have the means, nearly everything is allowed, in her opinion.

#7 That Gives Me Anxiety

Image credits: architectureshaming

#8 I Might Like This If Those Were Slides

Image credits: architectureshaming

#9 A Friend Of Mine Cross-Posted This And It Made Me Think Of Y’all

Image credits: architectureshaming

“Quirky architecture comes from our innate desire to demonstrate our uniqueness. However, not everyone who has the means has an average taste for aesthetics. Yet, as long as it is for the people who inhabit or use their private space, I mean why not?” she told Bored Panda that as long as you’re not actively harming anyone else with how bad your designs are, you should be able to be as unique as you want. Even if it falls short of objective aesthetic standards.

#10 This Looks Like A Place A Villain Would Live

Image credits: architectureshaming

#11 Who Remembers Those Gerbil Enclosures That Look Like This?

Image credits: architectureshaming

#12 I’ll Meet Your Brutalism, And Raise You This

Image credits: architectureshaming

However, the expert acknowledged that others in the industry might not see things the way that she does. Others, she said, believe that private property must be in harmony with the surroundings.

“But, I think that we should not cross that thin line where architecture becomes reserved for only the wealthy and for those with ‘good taste’ (whoever decides that). I’m only talking about private property here, though. When it comes to public space, there should be a consensus between the public and the professional about the design,” she said that the rules for the private and public spheres are very different.

#13 Art Nouveau On Psychedelics

Image credits: architectureshaming

#14 Um… What Is This?

Image credits: architectureshaming

#15 “Sharkitecture”

Image credits: architectureshaming

The urban planning expert also had some advice when it comes to design. “Firstly, even though I often advocate for unconventionally looking buildings, I do not encourage purposefully provocative architecture. The building should be designed with the intention to accommodate and protect society. It should create a sense of safety but not be boring,” she told Bored Panda that we ought to strike a balance between uniqueness and service, expression and community.

#16 A House I Used To Drive Past In A Little Iowa Town. All I Ever Heard From Locals Was That This Place Had A Terrible Leaking Problem When It Rained

Image credits: architectureshaming

#17 Toilet-Shaped House (Named Haewoojae), Built By Sim Jae-Duck, The Chairman Of The Organizing Committee Of The Inaugural General Assembly Of The World Toilet Association

Image credits: architectureshaming

#18 I Wonder Who Thought This Would Be A Good Idea

Image credits: architectureshaming

What’s more, the expert from Sweden pointed out that accessibility, inclusiveness, and empowerment should also be key features of any architectural project. “Also, I prefer somewhat complex but systemic designs. Minimalistic and box like floor plans are good in some cases where easy access is necessary (for example, hospitals) yet they can be completely mind-numbing while more complex floor plan designs are more mind-stimulating (for example, good for schools, in my opinion).”

#19 The “Snail House” In Bulgaria Actually Does Look Like A Snail

Image credits: architectureshaming

#20 You Too Can Have Your Own White Castle

Image credits: architectureshaming

#21 I Will Haunt Your Dreams! Residential Building In Belgium

Image credits: architectureshaming

At the time of writing, the ‘That’s It, I’m Architecture Shaming’ community had 64.1k members. However, it’s growing so rapidly, that by the time you’re reading this, dear Pandas, that number could be much, much higher. Just in the last week alone, the group grew by over 7.3k members. And they’ve made upwards of a thousand posts in the last month.

#22 Interesting Concept

Image credits: architectureshaming

#23 I Think Syndrome From The Incredibles Lived Here

Image credits: architectureshaming

#24 Can We All Just Take A Moment And Acknowledge That Prince Produced Some Great Music, But He Lived In A Water Treatment Station

Image credits: architectureshaming

Because of this fast growth and the issues that came with it, the administrator of the ‘Architecture Shaming’ group, Oregon-based Matthew Brühn, addressed the community and the changes that took place in April. In short, the rules are much more structured now.

#25 Bangkok’s Elephant Building. The Tusks Are A Bowling Alley In My Imagination

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#26 This Is Plane Awesome

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#27 They Drew The Line At A Fountain In The Kitchen

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Matthew pointed out that the admins have been getting tired of the “massive influx of negativity” that came with more and more members joining the community. While the admin expressed his admiration for how wonderful many members are, he also noted that the group will start filtering out overly-aggressive posts.

#28 Why?

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#29 Saw This On A Walk Today. A Table Lamp, In A Glass Box, Hanging From The Roof Of A Carport

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#30 Spotted This Gem In Tel Aviv

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“Don’t take it personally; we’re just trying to create an atmosphere where we can all have fun and be kind. There’s now the equivalent of a small city of us all here now, so that will be more difficult,” Matthew pointed out. He added that mentions of politics and religion will be deleted while all potential new members have to answer some questions before they get in. Which, at the end of the day, leads to a friendlier and happier community that, we’re sure, plenty of you Pandas will want to join.

#31 Surrealist Neighborhood

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#32 This Building Has My City In A Uproar

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#33 Forbidden Waffle In Santiago

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#34 The Glorious Flower Of Communist Brutalism That Is The Former Central Post Office In Skopje, Macedonia. Some People Want It Preserved

#35 This Place Is All Curb Appeal

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#36 Please Don’t Take It Too Seriously, Just A Surprised House

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#37 Kind Of Reminds Me Of A Church (Granted, A Strange One) But It’s Actually A House With A 6,000 Sq. Ft. Garage… And Its Own Car Wash

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#38 I’ve Been Looking At Homes Trying To Get Ideas For When We Move In A Few Years And I Came Across A House That Was Perfect In Every Way Except One

What in the ever living fudge is this – one pass thru is ‘eh, but this one has three-at different levels plus the added detriment of the worlds worst architectural detailing around it. Please someone else tell me that you hate this as much as I do. I know it’s probably more interior design but it’s just so ugly.

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#39 Just

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#40 Car Dealership Trying For More Of A Classy Look!

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30 Cringey Posts That Show What Happens When People Celebrate Just A Little Too Early

They say not to count your chickens before they hatch. ‘Cause by doing so, you raise the chances for an instant loss of karma, dignity, and self-confidence, like, triple.

If you’ve ever been near the finish line raising your arms high in the sky, only to feel a cold wave of wind passing through while you enjoy the moment of not-earned victory, you need no further explanation. And if you are one of the lucky ones who hasn’t had their fair share of premature celebration-turned nightmare, please stay that way and keep on scrolling to see what not to do to become one of many.

Thanks to the subreddit r/Prematurecelebration, we now have the full-on archive of cringey glory that is a product of people celebrating just a microscopic little bit too early. So you’d better get ready to crack up big time.

#1 Random Selection

Image credits: Unlimited_negativity

#2 Rip

Image credits: coolman11450

To find out more about the community behind the r/Prematurecelebration subreddit, Bored Panda reached out to one of its moderators, u/N8theGr8, who was happy to share some insights.

The mod told us that the subreddit was created by u/potato88, who’s now a suspended user, back in 2013. Some time ago, though, the subreddit had no moderators, so the admins gave it to the current mod team, u/N8theGr8 said.

But since the subreddit revolves around a “kind of niche topic,” it’s not as active as it could be. “But we have half a million subscribers and it stays relatively active,” they added. Right now, the subreddit has 525k members in total and their community is still growing.

#3 Death And Taxes

Image credits: Ebadd

#4 Good Idea To Straight Up Tell Everyone That You’re Scamming A Company

Image credits: yeetlolbeans

When asked about the whole concept of premature celebration that the subreddit as all about, the moderator explained that it “just means celebrating some kind of win or victory before you really should.”

“Like a guy who runs a race and then slows down right at the end to do a victory jump and throw his arms in the air, only to be passed by the 2nd-place guy who then wins the race. Or ‘Dewey Defeats Truman’ newspaper held up by President Truman.”

#5 2020 Is Going So Great

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#6 Too Soon

Image credits: iAmbee35

#7 Showing Off A Bottle Of Johnny Walker

Image credits: RogerDat143

#8 Rollerblader Prematurely Celebrates Victory Then Gets Robbed

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#9 Oops

Image credits: Libra_Dan_iella

#10 Microsoft Employees Holding A Funeral For The iPhone Following The “Success” Of Their Windows Phone

Image credits: Alexius08

#11 Stalker, 30, Who Called Police To Brag ‘I’ll Never Be Caught’ Is Jailed

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#12 Good Lasagaaa

#13 My Friend’s Two Most Recent Snaps On His Story

Image credits: jeberly4

#14 Congrats…

Image credits: dirtymick87

#15 Four Years Ago

Image credits: RunGamerRun

#16 That Escalated Quickly

Image credits: gordonbombay42

#17 Rip Gary F

Image credits: ehh22

#18 Meirl

Image credits: Balkan_

#19 Influencer Brags About Her Easy Life In Bali On Twitter, Gets Deported Over It

Image credits: kristentootie

#20 New York Times Article From 1924

Image credits: prisongovernor

#21 The Toronto Blue Jays React To All The Cancelled Mlb Games Recently

Image credits: jaysleafsraps12

#22 Celebrating Too Early

Image credits: helloworldn

#23 A Youtuber Who Said Veganism And God Cured Her Cancer Has Died Of Cancer

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#24 This Showed Up In My Tech News Feed

Image credits: davethekidd

#25 Never Obsolete

Image credits: SeiriusPolaris

#26 Does This Count?

Image credits: ljb6879

#27 No Title Needed

Image credits: JustAwesome360

#28 So… Can I Get My Job Back Or Nah?

Image credits: AristonD

#29 Congrats, You Played Yo’self

Image credits: SassonEmam

#30 Self Explanatory

Image credits: cheddoar

The redditor u/N8theGr8 continued: “When you’re so close to the end that victory looks assured is when a lot of people let their guard down, and don’t have the situational awareness to realize that someone else is trying to win too. It’s fine to celebrate early, but make sure you’re in a safe position to do so.”

40 Times Doggos Acted So Ridiculously When Riding In Cars That Their Owners Just Had To Take A Pic

Our best friends, our bestest boys and girls, can become real goofballs the moment they set their paws inside cars. After all, dogs love showing off their playfulness no matter where they are. But cars have something magical about them that brings out the inner puppy in some doggos.

To brighten up your day and give you something to smile about, Bored Panda has collected some of the funniest and most wholesome photos of dogs riding in cars and all the shenanigans that they get up to. Remember to upvote your fave pics and share photos of your car canines in the comments.

While there are lots and lots of dogs that adore being chauffeured around because car rides give them a sense of adventure and resemble going hunting, other canines have an aversion to vehicles. However, there are ways to encourage your dog to love cars. The Arizona Humane Society told Bored Panda that owners have to use positive reinforcement to get dogs to behave in a certain way. Read on for the AHS team’s insights.


Image credits: Trevor Jones



Image credits: metal_crab

Kelsey Dickerson from the Arizona Humane Society explained that dogs can be very responsive to their owners’ moods and will often respond to their tone of voice, body language, and demeanor in any situation.

“It is always recommended to use positive reinforcement when your pet is exhibiting behavior that is wanted by giving them high-value treats, verbal praise, and love!” she explained. So if you want your dog to learn to love car rides, positive reinforcement is the way to go and you should steer clear of punishing your pet.

“It is especially important to never punish your pet after it has exhibited a behavior you do not like unless you are actually catching them in the act. When you punish a pet for something it did previously, they do not have the cognitive ability to understand what you are punishing them for and it may even increase the unwanted behavior by causing your pet to have extra stress and anxiety.”



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Friends dog was hanging out my car window, looks like a ewok on a speeder.

Image credits: Winterbound

One reason that dogs might avoid car rides is that they associate the trips with negative experiences. For instance—going to the vet or getting carsick.

Meanwhile, shelter dogs might have had traumatic experiences linked to cars that you don’t know about.

Whatever the reason why your dog might be afraid of cars, the steps that you can take to encourage your dog to join you on car rides are simple enough. They just require patience, love, and understanding.


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If your dog is carsick, The Spruce Pets suggests that you get over-the-counter medicine to ease their motion sickness. Obviously, ask your vet for their advice first. Oh, and just to be safe, avoid going for a ride whenever your dog just ate.

However, if your dog is scared of car rides, you’ll have to put in much more effort. But the gist is simple: bit by bit, you have to help your dog associate rides with positive experiences. Treats, praise, toys, and belly rubs can help you ‘bribe’ your dog to approach the vehicle and then get inside.

The important thing is to make sure that your dog doesn’t feel trapped inside. Keep up the encouragement as you start up your engine; make sure to go for shorter trips first. And remember—you can’t rush these things, but soon enough your doggo will a happy car-riding goofball like the rest of ‘em.







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Doing some moving and forgot my dog’s first toy as a puppy was in the backseat – he’s a bit excited about finding it.

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It’s good we got him a car seat so he could be more comfortable in the car

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One of my dogs farted, I looked back in time to see this

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Image credits: EllisHazzard


Arrived at my destination, then turned around to check on my dog who was sitting in the back seat.

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