50 Times When Students Realized They Have Absolutely Awesome Teachers (New Pics)

Teachers don’t have to be stuffy, boring, and angry — they can be the most awesome and hilarious authority figures in your life. Those people are educators who go above and beyond the call of duty, using humor and shock to help their students learn about life.

Bored Panda collected the most exquisite examples of teachers doing funny things, so you can enjoy yourself while waiting for the weekend to start. It’s lists like these that really make you appreciate school more and not groan when thinking of an approaching Monday. Scroll down, upvote your favorite pictures, and leave a comment somewhere below about the funniest teacher stories that you know. And be sure to share this post with your family, friends, and fave teachers.

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#1 This Is How History Professor Teaches About The First Man In Space

Image credits: OMGLMAOWTF_com

#2 My High School Art Teacher’s Amazing Van Gogh Costume

Image credits: vitaefinem

#3 A Little Wisdom From My Physics Professor

Image credits: brockhd

Humor is a wonderful learning tool and helps us retain information much better. That’s because humor activates the dopamine reward system in our brains, stimulates our long-term memory, as well as our goal-oriented motivation.

Or, to put it succinctly, we remember that which makes us laugh. It’s a fact that has been known throughout history. And it’s one of the main reasons why people living throughout history have suggested that jokes (especially naughty ones) help us remember things quicker and better. The next time you need to memorize something, try associating it with something funny and shocking.

#4 Our Professor Wears His Hat And Cape Every Time He Conducts An Experiment

Image credits: DealSupreme

#5 Today Was “Meme Day” At My Old High School For Homecoming Week. I Appreciate This Science Teacher Even More Now

Image credits: Ginger_King

#6 My School Just Got A Ton Of New iMacs. This Is What They Did With The Boxes

Image credits: AndrewStuderFilms

Sarah Henderson explains on Edutopia that humor helps unite separate individuals into a cohesive, supportive community. That’s very important in the classroom (not to mention outside the classroom as well).

#7 “My Face Physically Hurts From Smiling So Much Today, I Love Teaching You Guys” – My Professor, Who’s Such A Good Soul

Image credits: MattyIce6969

#8 Genius Teacher

Image credits: ShinyCharrmander

#9 Sitting In My Immunology Class When

Image credits: pants2422

However, not all forms of humor are equal in the classroom: the humor that educators use has to be related to the topic for us to retain the information for longer. But cruel or forced humor, as well as sarcasm, doesn’t always have the same positive benefits that genuine laughter does.

#10 There Is A Student In Class Who Likes To Draw A Cat Of The Day. One Day That Student Wasn’t In Class So The Teacher Drew One Instead

Image credits: CynilAli

#11 My Professor’s Door (Once You See It…)

Image credits: CantFindBacon

#12 Students Were Asking This Professor If His Shirt Is Missing The 2nd Part

Image credits: Jerrinq

#13 On A Door In The Health Sciences Building At School

Image credits: BootsOfDanger

#14 Our Teacher Told Us To Get In Groups And Practice Theses Shakespearean Insults, I Love English A Lot More

Image credits: karthilogan

#15 My Teacher Raises A Picture Of His Own Face To Make Sure No Student Is Lost During The Fire Drill

Image credits: ImIsaacOk

#16 My Professor Doesn’t Believe In Laser Pointers So He Uses A Fishing Pole With A Foam Finger Attached And I Can’t Contain Myself During A Lecture

Image credits: kirstenteigg

#17 After Not Taking Attendance All Quarter, My Teacher Assistant Was Out Of Town On Exam Day. This Was The Last Question

Image credits: dovahkid

#18 All Set For My Meeting With The Student That Missed More Than 30 Classes This Semester And Emailed Me To Set Up An Appointment To Talk About His Grade

Image credits: David Red

#19 A Series Of Unfortunate Events

“Professor Hendel, I am writing this email very embarrassingly. As I began writing my paper, I wrote out the template. Unfortunately, I could not remember your last name, so I filled it with something completely unprofessional. It was my intention to change the name before submission, but it completely slipped my mind. I attempted to resubmit the assignment but was unable to. I am so very sorry for the lack of respect that was used and again I apologize for this mistake. I hope that this does not reflect what you think of me and that the next assignment I can address by the correct name. Thank you again and I am so sorry. Thank you, Zoey”

Image credits: zoeyoxley

#20 Spotted In The Window Of A Biology Professor Office At A Community College

Image credits: ktbird7

#21 My Professor Asked Me To Bring My 7-Week-Old Kitten To The Class. He Learned A Lot About Poetry

Image credits: maddigains

#22 My Professor Gets The Internet

Image credits: ccxxcc

#23 The Coolest Math Teacher In Town

Image credits: longslowclap

#24 So My Drivers’ Ed Teacher Only Has 3 Fingers On His Left Hand And Took Advantage Of It When He Went To A Museum

Image credits: Andreastheslimjim

#25 My Biology Professor Was Wearing An Awesome Tie Yesterday

Image credits: Hindu_Wardrobe

#26 My Teacher Hand Draws/Writes Memes And Jokes Every Day

Image credits: Liar_of_partinel

#27 My Math Teacher’s Board Today

Image credits: superman743

#28 My Professor Exploding A Hydrogen Balloon Looks Like Defense Against The Dark Arts

Image credits: mycynicalaccount

#29 Frustrated With The Same Old Questions, My Professor Ripped Off His Shirt In The Middle Of Lecture

Image credits: reddit.com

#30 This High School History Teacher Has Been Drawing Picture Of The Day For His Students The Past Five Years

Image credits: jmayne

#31 This College Professor Has Been Dressing Up As Papa Smurf For Halloween For Five Years

Image credits: iam_dtliv

#32 I See Your Teacher’s Yearbook Photo, And I Raise You This. 2 Years In A Row

Image credits: xSpaz

#33 My Teacher Said If The Class Could Get An 80% Test Average On Our First Exam He Would Dress Up As Batman For A Day. A Pic From The Day We Got Our Test Results Back

Image credits: shutupdangit

#34 My Professor Gave Me A Present Today

Image credits: Littleboycat

#35 My History Teacher’s Presidential PEZ Collection

Image credits: ParanormalPoptart

#36 My Professor Brought In A 10 Mb Hard Disk From The 1960’s

Image credits: sixfivezerotwo

#37 My Teacher Nailed His Student’s Phone To The Wall For Using It In Class 20 Years Ago. It’s Still There Til This Day

..or he just probably bought an old phone and nailed to scare students.

Image credits: Dansawsumting

#38 Newton’s Third Law Of Motion: As Demonstrated By My Professor, A Skateboard, And A Fire Extinguisher

Image credits: likwitsnake

#39 My Professor Lost His Pointer. He’s Been Using This For The Past Couple Classes

Image credits: adambrukirer

#40 A Theorem And A Proof

Image credits: croco_duck

#41 College Professor Advice

#42 My Professor Wore This Today With No Explanation

Image credits: poguitar

#43 One Of My Old Teachers Does Different Costumes For Her Yearbook Photo Every Year

Image credits: Mausbarchen

#44 My Physics Teacher Made A Flow Chart Of Where He Is At

Image credits: Frozen_matter

#45 Professor’s Dog

Image credits: FearmyBeard21

#46 A Group Of Co-Workers Messed With A Teacher Who Was Very Picky About His Chair By “Borrowing” It Every Weekend And Taking It To All Sorts Of Crazy Places And Taking Pictures

Image credits: TheFifthCan

#47 Professor Reads His Reviews During The Course

Image credits: reddit.com

#48 We Had A Test Today And My Teacher Couldn’t Make It So He Told The Sub To Put This On The Screen

Image credits: Dragonkeepe

#49 My Professor Said He Spent Two Hours Trying To Match His Powerpoint With His Tie

Image credits: coltonkemp

#50 My Teacher Put Up A Picture Of Himself On His Door So It Looks Like He’s In His Office

Image credits: baked_potato17