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People Share What They Found Thrown Away And The Phrase ‘One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure’ Has Never Been So Real (35 New Pics)

Argh, me hearties, there’s treasure to be found in the unlikeliest of places and it’s not just doubloons I’m talking about. You have to keep your one good pirate eye out and, before you know it, you’ll be bringing home useful, gorgeous, and exciting things that friendly strangers left lying for you on the sidewalk.

If you’re lucky enough to live in New York City or if you’ve ever visited the Big Apple as a tourist, then you probably know all about stooping—people leaving behind things they no longer need on the sidewalk in front of their homes for others to ‘adopt’ and enjoy. It’s a proud tradition that the ‘Stooping NYC’ Instagram account documents.

“Stooping is so popular in NYC because it really is an activity that’s built into the culture of being a New Yorker. Unlike other cities, New York is transient and that means that people are always moving. No one apartment is quite like another, and so this activity of putting items that no longer fit/serve a need is something that has long existed,” the couple told Bored Panda. Be sure to read on for our interview with the couple behind the wildly popular ‘Stooping NYC’ account. They told Bored Panda all about the ever-growing account, their passion project, and their wonderful community that they’re building each day.

After you’re done scrolling through this list and upvoting your fave photos, you can enjoy our previous post about the ‘Stooping NYC’ account right over here.

#1 And We’re Equal Parts Speechless And Jealous

Image credits: stoopingnyc

#2 Oh Wow!!! 193 Moffat St. Bk.

Image credits: stoopingnyc

#3 The Plant Mother Load

Image credits: stoopingnyc

The ‘Stooping NYC’ account is changing people’s attitudes towards giving new life to discarded furniture. The couple is getting rid of the stigma one great post at a time. “We’ve tried to ‘game-ify’ the activity, making it feel like a scavenger hunt. And I think because of this, we have seen it become popular and trendy with an entirely younger audience (75% of our followers are 18-35 years old),” they shared.

The founders have to deal with such a massive number of submissions, my jaw literally dropped when they mentioned it to me. “On a typical weekday, we get hundreds if not one thousand submissions. On the weekend (especially at the end of the month), we get thousands of DM submissions,” they revealed how much awesome content their fans send them every single day.

#4 Therapy, But Make It Chic. 254 Gates Avenue

Image credits: stoopingnyc

#5 *Immediately Googles How To Decorate My House*

Image credits: stoopingnyc

#6 Check Out This Plant Angel Stooper! She Does This Every Week! 600 10th Ave In Hell’s Kitchen

Image credits: stoopingnyc

However, by now, the couple has developed an eye for the kind of stooping pictures and objects that they know their community will gush over: “Anything high value, super colorful, unique and weird. That means that we end up prioritizing everything from beautiful velvet couches, neon-colored swivel chairs, copper claw-foot tubs, beanie baby collections, a pastel pink SMEG fridge and… as of this week…a collection of ’90s erotica on VHS.”

‘Stooping NYC’ is much more than a passion project for the founders. It’s a way to let loose their creativity and even get closer as partners. “We both really love the creative outlet this gives us, as a couple we love the fact that we have this together (we end each day with a ‘stoop review’), and more than anything we love the community we have built. So we definitely feel an obligation to that community to keep up with everything coming in, knowing that we have the privilege of giving people so much joy through what we post,” they told Bored Panda.

Looking off into the future, the couple hopes to hire someone to help them deal with the vast flow of incoming submissions if they ever make any money from their mega-passion project.

#7 Guys. Good News And Bad News. Good News. This Is Amazing. Bad News. The Stoopers Told Us They Saw It Yesterday And Don’t Know If It’s Still There. Someone Has To Go Check! Jackson St. Between Cherry And Madison

Image credits: stoopingnyc

#8 What A Heavy Gem! 23rd Btwn Broadway And 6th

Image credits: stoopingnyc

#9 Your Parents Were Lying When They Said Nothing Good Happens After Dark. Stooping Success From Last Night!

Image credits: stoopingnyc

I was also curious to find out what the most interesting thing they’ve decided to ‘adopt’ was. “Early on, we found a beautiful antique typewriter on the stoop that we brought home for a friend. But aside from that, we really stick to the ‘Stoop Laws’ we have created: we never go get something before it’s been posted, we only post what’s already out on the stoop and we never hold items for specific stoopers.”

They continued: “On a daily basis though, there are items we post that we absolutely would love to be lucky enough to get (if we ever had a place large enough to fit it all).”

The couple feels “extremely lucky” and privileged to be able to reach so many people and give them the opportunity to introduce new pieces of furniture and objects into their lives. It’s a way to give folks the opportunity to build new memories around new-old items.

#10 Well Damn. Is It Weird I’m Half Expectating To Open This And Have It Be A Magical Portal? Corner Of 6th Ave And 12th St In Park Slope!

Image credits: stoopingnyc

#11 Holy Holy Holy Holy Holy Holy. Lafayette In Between Marcus Garvey And Lewis

Image credits: stoopingnyc

#12 *Googles What Decor Items Go Best In An Oversized Bird Cage* North Henry And Richardson

Image credits: stoopingnyc

“One person’s trash is another person’s treasure!” the ‘Stooping NYC’ account declares. And however cliched it might sound, it’s really true. Somebody might not need that oversized plant taking up their entire living room, but others will go out of their way to give it a new forever home.

The same goes for vintage couches, beautiful SMEG fridges (oh how I wish I could have one of those…), and quirky furniture. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a tiny bit jealous. There are unique items getting stooped every single day that would look great in your apartment, right next to your coffee table.

Just because you’re tired of something and need to freshen up your home doesn’t mean that it won’t be welcomed by someone else. New Yorkers understand that perfectly. Hence, stooping.

#13 Long Time Stooper. First Time Success!

Image credits: stoopingnyc

#14 Jaw Drop. Classon Ave And Quincy Street

Image credits: stoopingnyc

#15 Sfarrellnyc Snagged An Absolute Beauty! Congrats On Your Stooping Success

Image credits: stoopingnyc

The way the ‘Stooping NYC’ account works is simple. Whenever somebody spots something stooped (or has something they plan on stooping), they send the couple running the account a photo and a location. People are also encouraged to brag about their jaw-dropping, envy-inducing finds under the #stoopingsuccess hashtag.

Within the last half-a-year alone, the ‘Stooping NYC’ account has grown from 80k+ followers to over 143k treasure hunters on Instagram. Half of the appeal is looking at the weird and beautiful things that others have found. Who doesn’t enjoy looking at pretty pics?

However, the other half is that ‘Stooping NYC’ an active community: you’re encouraged to participate, to go outside, hunt, photograph, smile, and share. And during the continuing Covid-19 pandemic, we all badly need something to keep us busy during our downtime.

#16 It’s Like If An Accordion Met A Keyboard

Image credits: stoopingnyc

#17 Hot Damn. Hustle!!! Meserole & Lorimer

Image credits: stoopingnyc

#18 Tell Me You’re A New Yorker, Without Telling Me You’re A New Yorker… Jcportuondo Knows How To Make The Mta Regal Af!

Image credits: stoopingnyc

“People are craving for things to do, and it’s become a social activity and community when socializing hasn’t really been a thing,” the couple, who prefer to remain anonymous, told Will Gleason from ‘Time Out.’

In a phone interview with Gleason, the couple told him that the number of submissions they’re getting has been rising as the pandemic continues. They can hardly keep up with the number of submissions they get each and every day.

#19 It Does Say Not Heavy… Armoire In Front Of 567 Bainbridge St. In Brooklyn! Cute Pup Not Included

Image credits: stoopingnyc

#20 NYC… You Never Cease To Amaze Us! 101st St Just Off Columbus

Image credits: stoopingnyc

#21 Drafting Table On Washington Ave Between Atlantic And Fulton

Image credits: stoopingnyc

One misconception that some of the community members have is that they believe there’s a vast team running the account. There isn’t. It’s just a loving couple working full-time jobs and taking care of their son. So some social media users are naturally disappointed that their stooping pics didn’t get featured without realizing that the founders are human beings with limited time and energy, just like them.

The couple started the project around a year and a half ago, in 2019. That’s right, just before the pandemic that changed everything! Back then, they focused on sharing their own finds on New York’s sidewalks. However, when the lockdowns hit full-force in 2020, they stopped posting because they were concerned about the health and safety protocols.

#22 Red Alert!!! This Is Outside Getting Snowed On. Go Get It! Gorgeous And Great Condition. Sterling Place And Flatbush Ave

Image credits: stoopingnyc

#23 Run To These!!! Clear Chairs! St Marks And 6th Ave Park Slope!

Image credits: stoopingnyc

#24 Now There’s No Excuse To Stop Those Piano Lessons! This Little Guy Will Fit Nicely In Your Studio! Baby Piano On 3rd And 72nd!

Image credits: stoopingnyc

In the summer of 2020, however, they started up posting again. Lots of New Yorkers were moving out of the city and giving away plenty of things they couldn’t take with them or didn’t want to. “We saw full apartments on the stoop in summer and fall, what was clearly people leaving the city. We had a lot of that and now that’s normalized a bit.”

“Now we’re kind of back to the gamification of it, and honestly it makes me feel even more responsible on weekends because I know there are people who think it’s a ‘stooping day.’ I think people are craving for things to do, and it’s become a social activity and community when socializing hasn’t really been a thing,” the couple told ‘Time Out.’

#25 These Two Beauties Are Officially Off The Market!

Image credits: stoopingnyc

#26 Just Plop On Down And Get To Work! Park Ave S And 31st

Image credits: stoopingnyc

#27 Start The Carrrrrrrrr!!! This Beauty Is On Warren St Between B’way And Church St!

Image credits: stoopingnyc

There’s an issue with stooping, though. As the account gets ever more popular, the chances that you can race to the curb and grab what you like keep decreasing: you’re competing against people with similar tastes who might be closer to the object of your desire. 

The couple had some advice for those who keep striking out and arriving too late at what (they believe) should rightfully be theirs. “Knowing the garbage days in boroughs helps a lot. Sundays in Brooklyn are always amazing because Monday is a garbage day. The Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Soho, and Ridgewood are also good places to head outside of Brooklyn. So turn your alerts on to get away from the Instagram algorithm showing you a post too late, plan to go to the best areas and wait in those areas.”

#28 Listen, We Don’t Ask For Much… But We Have An Ask. Before Picking This Beautiful Piano Up, Can We Hear A Song Or Two? We’ll Play Them Here! Carlton Ave Between Myrtle And Willoughby!

Image credits: stoopingnyc

#29 Jaw Drop! Across From 389 Lincoln Pl In Prospect Heights!

Image credits: stoopingnyc

#30 Guys… Holy S**t! Fidi – Beaver And S. William!

Image credits: stoopingnyc

Which photos did you like the most? Were there any items that you’d love to have at home, dear Readers? If you live in NYC, do you partake in the ancient tradition of stooping? Did the SMEG fridge steal your heart just like it did mine? Let us know below—we can’t wait to hear what you have to tell us.

#31 Guys… Get Ready. Today Is Going To Be A Great Stooping Day! Here. We. Go. 2nd Between 57th And 58th

Image credits: stoopingnyc

#32 Now These Are Some Stoopers In The Wild

Image credits: stoopingnyc

#33 Make Looking At Yourself Fancy Af. In Front Of 234 Skillman Ave

Image credits: stoopingnyc

#34 Omg! Say What? Empire And Rogers!

Image credits: stoopingnyc

#35 Guys… We Have To Do A Caption Contest Here!!! Go! 20th And 6th In Chelsea

Image credits: stoopingnyc

40 Times People Found The Most Unexpected Old Things

Time flies, they say. Oh boy, it does. But it only becomes obvious when you come across something from the past. Quite often, it’s a high school pic of your 14-year-old goth self rocking that camera. That’s a friendly reminder of your cringy legacy full of hopes and dreams before reality hit.

Other times, we come by stuff that’s as old as history itself. And some specimens are weirder than others. Cocaine tablets and a syringe from a 100-year-old nursing kit? Found it. Uranium glassware that glows? Yep. An antique door that helps you find the keyhole in case you’re drunk? Got it. Please enjoy Bored Panda’s compilation of the most amusing objects brought to you from the past by a bunch of people-turned-time-travelers.

#1 I Found This Taped Up In The Toy Aisle Of Goodwill. Couldn’t Tell What It Did But Thought I Could Detail It. Took A $3 Gamble And Then This Happened

Image credits: Cursed_0ne

#2 My Grandfather Had A Miniature Set Of All Of Shakespeare’s Plays. It’s 111 Years Old

Image credits: FX114

#3 These Intricate Old Keyholes

Image credits: Clevercapybara

Some of us get lucky and find some quirky old pieces of history in the attic or after we move houses. That sounds like a good opportunity to make some quick cash, but there’re some things you should know before selling your item to the antique dealer.

Do some research beforehand—go on the internet to find some information, and evaluate the item’s condition. Keep in mind that in most cases, you’re likely gonna get 20 to 50 percent off the real retail price.

Sometimes, antique dealers will ask you to state a price you’d like to get. So get ready for a little bit of negotiation. Make sure the dealer is genuinely interested in what you have, and you are truly ready to part with it. If it’s a precious heirloom from your family, you’d better think twice before selling it.

#4 A Nice Couple Found My Great Grandpa’s Purple Heart In A Forclosed Home In A Box Labled “Trash” And Returned It To My Family

Image credits: Phabricated_Phocks

#5 My Friend Just Found This Little Statue While Digging In His Own Garden

The archeologists from the museum told him that it is probably from a grave dating back to 3-4000 years ago. It has been found in Castell’ Arquato, PC, Italy. He proceeded to give it to the Museum Of Parma.

Image credits: lodeluxMeaLux

#6 Found In The Pocket Of My Grandpa’s WW2 Bomber Jacket

Image credits: itskateinabox

You’ve probably noticed that people use a variety of different terms like vintage, retro, or antique to refer to whatever “old” stuff they have. But these are not synonymous and, in fact, refer to very different things. A true antique, for example, is an object that’s 100 years of age or even older. Every antique item belongs to a different period⁠⁠—for example, Art Nouveau or Art Deco⁠⁠—and these may have a couple of decades separating them.

The term “vintage” usually covers older items in general. If you go “vintage shopping,” you’re shopping for items that have distinctive vintage styles and usually date to anything from the ’40s to ’70s. Meanwhile, the term “collectible” is used for newer items that date to the ’80s, ’90s, and even ’00s. The word “retro” refers to vintage-inspired styles and vibes and may be used for art, fashion, graphic and interior designs, and objects.

#7 I Found These 60-Year-Old Condoms In My Basement

Image credits: dawoooo

#8 My Late Grandma Still Had Her TV Operating Guide From 1962

Image credits: Rogation

#9 The Filament Of This Antique Light Bulb Is Shaped Like Flowers

Image credits: Proteon

#10 My Barbershop Still Uses Their Original Cash Register From 1904

Image credits: baggedlunch

#11 My Great Great Aunt’s 100-Year-Old Nursing Kit Has A Vile Full Of Cocaine Tablets And A Syringe

Image credits: Crepes_for_days3000

#12 This Page From An Illustrated Captain’s Log From 1777

Image credits: albrock

#13 After A Construction Company Caused A Local Reservoir Level To Sink 10 Feet, A 600-Year-Old Buddha Carving Was Found

Image credits: 49and8

#14 Roman Coin I Found In France While Metal Detecting. Emperor Constantine I. Minted In Trier (Treveri), Germany. Bronze. 306-337 A.D.

Image credits:

#15 My Friend Was Splitting Logs And Found An Arrowhead

Image credits: blunt_hound

#16 This Antique Door From 1380 In Regensburg, Germany, Helps Finding The Keyhole After You Drank Too Much Wine

Image credits: alphapaul98

#17 This Railway Ticket We Found In Our Barn. The Stamp On The Back Says Aug 18, 1890

Image credits: everymomentwonderful

#18 Found An Old Monopoly Set In The Walls Of My 1925 House

Image credits: murphman84

#19 This Antique American Pledge Of Allegiance Does Not Reference God

Image credits: GlengarryGlenCoco

#20 36 Vettes From An 80s Promtional. One From Each Production Year From 1953 To 1989 Found Sitting In A Nearly Abandoned New York City Storage Lot For About 25 Years

Image credits: eaglemaxie

#21 My Grandma Has Original Moon Landing Printing Plates From The Time Magazine Cover

Image credits: Wbrimley3

#22 Grandpa Still Uses A Decades Old Computer That Still Runs DOS, Typing And Printing And Storing Things On Floppies

Image credits: potatohead657

#23 2000-Year-Old Green Serpentine Stone Mask Found At The Base Of The Pyramid Of The Sun, Teotihuacán, Mexico

Image credits: innuendoPL

#24 New Orleans Still Has Horse Hitches In Various Parts Of The City

Image credits: barrydingle504

#25 Lovely Antique Aquarium

Image credits: Proteon

#26 This Old Sundial Has Muli-Oriented Panels That Show Time Of Countries All Around The World

Image credits: Aman-Kino

#27 An Old Cup That Keeps Your Moustache Dry

Image credits: strychnine213

#28 I Found An Old Lunar Globe Where The Far Side Of The Moon Is Still Uncharted

Image credits: Andromeda321

#29 Mom Found My Old McDonald’s Food Toys That Turned Into Robots

Image credits: Thehurricane22

#30 Have You Ever Wondered How Music Was Typed Before Computers? This Rare Vintage Typewriter From The 1950s Lets You Type Sheet Music

Image credits: mwichary

#31 Vintage Freddie Mercury Queen Plate, 1980s

Image credits: eaglemaxie

#32 I Found This Old Lightbulb In My Grandparents’ House Finished In 1902 And It Still Works

Image credits: gap343

#33 Found This Old Calculator In My Great Grandmother’s Attic

Image credits: eggnoodlericecakes

#34 I Found This Cleaning Out Grandma’s House

Image credits: Abyss-Base-Jumper

#35 Old European Houses Have A Shoe Scraper By The Door So That You Could Clean The Mud Off Your Soles Before Entering

Image credits: Berenicids

#36 Found Three 1969 Newspapers About The Moon Landing In An Old Chest In The Attic

Image credits: Sloppypiggyjoe

#37 Jackpot Find At An Antique Market In Greenwich Village NYC. Poison Ring

Image credits: imcarissa

#38 Found This Coin In My Grandma’s Collection Of Old Stuff. Turns Out, It’s From The Year 1797

Image credits: Ihaha07

#39 Old School Nintendo Cards From My Grandma

Image credits: yalexn

#40 Vintage Forbidden Candy Identification Chart

Image credits: LinkDude80