Benefits of Having Good Incident Management Software

software safety management systems

Too many people sleeping on the job, it’s time to Wakeup! Do you realize how many accidents happen every year as the result of sleep employees? Thousands! Seriously people, it’s time to Wakeup and pay attention to what’s happening around you.

In business, we like to think that everything will go smoothly, and there’s nothing wrong with hoping for the best. However, there also needs to be a plan in place just in case the worst happens, and this is where incident management software comes in. 

In case you haven’t seen this type of software before, it’s installed to alert team members when there’s a problem with an IT service. With a solution like this in place, downtime is limited, and you aren’t losing potential customers just because of a small issue with your IT services. Not only is the team alerted to the problem, some software solutions will create a report and even automate a workflow to ensure the problem is resolved as quickly as possible. 

Why have safety management software in your business? 

Boost Productivity 

In years gone by, there would be an element of guessing about incidents and the resolution required to get back up and running. Now, an incident management program will remove this guesswork and follow a set procedure. For example; 

  • Identify the problem 
  • Categorize the incident 
  • Set a priority level 
  • Respond to the incident 
  • Analyze whether there are patterns and trends to this incident and others like it 

When multiple incidents happen at the same time, the priority ranking ensures that the most serious issues are dealt with as early as possible. Meanwhile, smaller problems are fixed whenever the resources become available. 

 Help with Documentation and Reporting 

What happens when the shareholders, directors, or another stakeholder wants to see a report on IT service management and effectiveness? With an incident management system in place, it’s suddenly much easier to document performance and the utilization of resources. 

Visibility and Credibility 

Often, complaints and issues will come from the customer directly. Of course, customers need to feel as though their voice is heard and this is where the brilliant ticketing system is useful. Even when communicating with staff who have reported a problem, a ticketing system allows the other party to manage expectations and see that the problem is actually being investigated rather than ignored. 

When customers feel they have a voice, they feel valued by the company and it’s possible to build credibility within the market. At the same time, the IT department enjoys the system because tickets are organized and assigned rather than two people doing the same work. 

Quick Resolutions and Top Service 

With the biggest problems having top priority assigned to them, they’re more likely to get resolved quickly. Rather than wasting time on basic problems, the IT team can use their time more efficiently and this leads to the best possible service for all involved. If the website has crashed or a particular contact form isn’t working, it goes through the system and gets fixed with speed. For the customer, they see that this is a company that knows what they’re doing. You gain credibility, respect, and a reputation for brilliant service. 

Data Feedback 

As the final benefit of choosing incident management software, they gather data from all the incidents that pass through the software, and this has the potential to be invaluable. You can review; 

  • The time spent on each ticket 
  • The speed of dealing with each priority level
  • Patterns and trends of incidents 
  • Severity of incidents 
  • Difficulty of incidents to resolve 

By setting parameters, you can even use the software to meet SLA requirements. Therefore, you should now start to see why so many businesses are implementing this type of software. By forgoing this technology, you don’t get the data, your customers are left in the dark, and your resources are deployed poorly!

50 Times When Students Realized They Have Absolutely Awesome Teachers (New Pics)

Teachers don’t have to be stuffy, boring, and angry — they can be the most awesome and hilarious authority figures in your life. Those people are educators who go above and beyond the call of duty, using humor and shock to help their students learn about life.

Bored Panda collected the most exquisite examples of teachers doing funny things, so you can enjoy yourself while waiting for the weekend to start. It’s lists like these that really make you appreciate school more and not groan when thinking of an approaching Monday. Scroll down, upvote your favorite pictures, and leave a comment somewhere below about the funniest teacher stories that you know. And be sure to share this post with your family, friends, and fave teachers.

We know you can’t get enough of hilarious educators, so when you’re done scrolling through this list, check out our previous posts about the most awesome teachers ever, funny teachers who know how to deal with students, as well as the epic times that teachers trolled their students.

#1 This Is How History Professor Teaches About The First Man In Space

Image credits: OMGLMAOWTF_com

#2 My High School Art Teacher’s Amazing Van Gogh Costume

Image credits: vitaefinem

#3 A Little Wisdom From My Physics Professor

Image credits: brockhd

Humor is a wonderful learning tool and helps us retain information much better. That’s because humor activates the dopamine reward system in our brains, stimulates our long-term memory, as well as our goal-oriented motivation.

Or, to put it succinctly, we remember that which makes us laugh. It’s a fact that has been known throughout history. And it’s one of the main reasons why people living throughout history have suggested that jokes (especially naughty ones) help us remember things quicker and better. The next time you need to memorize something, try associating it with something funny and shocking.

#4 Our Professor Wears His Hat And Cape Every Time He Conducts An Experiment

Image credits: DealSupreme

#5 Today Was “Meme Day” At My Old High School For Homecoming Week. I Appreciate This Science Teacher Even More Now

Image credits: Ginger_King

#6 My School Just Got A Ton Of New iMacs. This Is What They Did With The Boxes

Image credits: AndrewStuderFilms

Sarah Henderson explains on Edutopia that humor helps unite separate individuals into a cohesive, supportive community. That’s very important in the classroom (not to mention outside the classroom as well).

#7 “My Face Physically Hurts From Smiling So Much Today, I Love Teaching You Guys” – My Professor, Who’s Such A Good Soul

Image credits: MattyIce6969

#8 Genius Teacher

Image credits: ShinyCharrmander

#9 Sitting In My Immunology Class When

Image credits: pants2422

However, not all forms of humor are equal in the classroom: the humor that educators use has to be related to the topic for us to retain the information for longer. But cruel or forced humor, as well as sarcasm, doesn’t always have the same positive benefits that genuine laughter does.

#10 There Is A Student In Class Who Likes To Draw A Cat Of The Day. One Day That Student Wasn’t In Class So The Teacher Drew One Instead

Image credits: CynilAli

#11 My Professor’s Door (Once You See It…)

Image credits: CantFindBacon

#12 Students Were Asking This Professor If His Shirt Is Missing The 2nd Part

Image credits: Jerrinq

#13 On A Door In The Health Sciences Building At School

Image credits: BootsOfDanger

#14 Our Teacher Told Us To Get In Groups And Practice Theses Shakespearean Insults, I Love English A Lot More

Image credits: karthilogan

#15 My Teacher Raises A Picture Of His Own Face To Make Sure No Student Is Lost During The Fire Drill

Image credits: ImIsaacOk

#16 My Professor Doesn’t Believe In Laser Pointers So He Uses A Fishing Pole With A Foam Finger Attached And I Can’t Contain Myself During A Lecture

Image credits: kirstenteigg

#17 After Not Taking Attendance All Quarter, My Teacher Assistant Was Out Of Town On Exam Day. This Was The Last Question

Image credits: dovahkid

#18 All Set For My Meeting With The Student That Missed More Than 30 Classes This Semester And Emailed Me To Set Up An Appointment To Talk About His Grade

Image credits: David Red

#19 A Series Of Unfortunate Events

“Professor Hendel, I am writing this email very embarrassingly. As I began writing my paper, I wrote out the template. Unfortunately, I could not remember your last name, so I filled it with something completely unprofessional. It was my intention to change the name before submission, but it completely slipped my mind. I attempted to resubmit the assignment but was unable to. I am so very sorry for the lack of respect that was used and again I apologize for this mistake. I hope that this does not reflect what you think of me and that the next assignment I can address by the correct name. Thank you again and I am so sorry. Thank you, Zoey”

Image credits: zoeyoxley

#20 Spotted In The Window Of A Biology Professor Office At A Community College

Image credits: ktbird7

#21 My Professor Asked Me To Bring My 7-Week-Old Kitten To The Class. He Learned A Lot About Poetry

Image credits: maddigains

#22 My Professor Gets The Internet

Image credits: ccxxcc

#23 The Coolest Math Teacher In Town

Image credits: longslowclap

#24 So My Drivers’ Ed Teacher Only Has 3 Fingers On His Left Hand And Took Advantage Of It When He Went To A Museum

Image credits: Andreastheslimjim

#25 My Biology Professor Was Wearing An Awesome Tie Yesterday

Image credits: Hindu_Wardrobe

#26 My Teacher Hand Draws/Writes Memes And Jokes Every Day

Image credits: Liar_of_partinel

#27 My Math Teacher’s Board Today

Image credits: superman743

#28 My Professor Exploding A Hydrogen Balloon Looks Like Defense Against The Dark Arts

Image credits: mycynicalaccount

#29 Frustrated With The Same Old Questions, My Professor Ripped Off His Shirt In The Middle Of Lecture

Image credits:

#30 This High School History Teacher Has Been Drawing Picture Of The Day For His Students The Past Five Years

Image credits: jmayne

#31 This College Professor Has Been Dressing Up As Papa Smurf For Halloween For Five Years

Image credits: iam_dtliv

#32 I See Your Teacher’s Yearbook Photo, And I Raise You This. 2 Years In A Row

Image credits: xSpaz

#33 My Teacher Said If The Class Could Get An 80% Test Average On Our First Exam He Would Dress Up As Batman For A Day. A Pic From The Day We Got Our Test Results Back

Image credits: shutupdangit

#34 My Professor Gave Me A Present Today

Image credits: Littleboycat

#35 My History Teacher’s Presidential PEZ Collection

Image credits: ParanormalPoptart

#36 My Professor Brought In A 10 Mb Hard Disk From The 1960’s

Image credits: sixfivezerotwo

#37 My Teacher Nailed His Student’s Phone To The Wall For Using It In Class 20 Years Ago. It’s Still There Til This Day

..or he just probably bought an old phone and nailed to scare students.

Image credits: Dansawsumting

#38 Newton’s Third Law Of Motion: As Demonstrated By My Professor, A Skateboard, And A Fire Extinguisher

Image credits: likwitsnake

#39 My Professor Lost His Pointer. He’s Been Using This For The Past Couple Classes

Image credits: adambrukirer

#40 A Theorem And A Proof

Image credits: croco_duck

#41 College Professor Advice

#42 My Professor Wore This Today With No Explanation

Image credits: poguitar

#43 One Of My Old Teachers Does Different Costumes For Her Yearbook Photo Every Year

Image credits: Mausbarchen

#44 My Physics Teacher Made A Flow Chart Of Where He Is At

Image credits: Frozen_matter

#45 Professor’s Dog

Image credits: FearmyBeard21

#46 A Group Of Co-Workers Messed With A Teacher Who Was Very Picky About His Chair By “Borrowing” It Every Weekend And Taking It To All Sorts Of Crazy Places And Taking Pictures

Image credits: TheFifthCan

#47 Professor Reads His Reviews During The Course

Image credits:

#48 We Had A Test Today And My Teacher Couldn’t Make It So He Told The Sub To Put This On The Screen

Image credits: Dragonkeepe

#49 My Professor Said He Spent Two Hours Trying To Match His Powerpoint With His Tie

Image credits: coltonkemp

#50 My Teacher Put Up A Picture Of Himself On His Door So It Looks Like He’s In His Office

Image credits: baked_potato17

What Exactly Are Surfactant Cleaners?

Wake up! It’s Saturday morning and it’s time to help mom clean the house. I remember those days growing up, Saturdays sucked almost as bad as the school week. Mom would crank her music on, open the bedroom door, and say wakeup, it’s time to clean! I hated that with a passion. Well, fast forward all these years and here I am writing about surfactant cleaners, and little did I know back then, I was using them to clean that kitchen every weekend.

So What Are Surfactants?

The word surfactant is derived from a sequence of words called “Surface Active Agents.” The actual surfactants are molecules that are used to help reduce the tension of water on a given surface and helps it spread more evenly. To simplify this statement, why don’t we say that surfactants make water even wetter. Surfactants are also penetrating agents that are designed to get deep into the crevices of any service and loosen the soil so that cleaning becomes more efficient.

So How Does A Surfactant Work?

When you add chemical surfactants to water, you help the water spread more evenly over a surface. If you clean your kitchen counter and spray a chemical on the surface, you may notice that the liquid beads up on the surface of the counter. This chemical reaction allows the water to spread more evenly across the surface of your counter, penetrate cracks and crevices, loosen dirt and grime, and clean the surface more efficiently. Surfactants are made up of multiple molecular elements. There is a head and a tail, one attracts water (head), and the other repels water (tail). When surfactants are not present in water, the water will bead tightly. When surfactants are added to water they the beads flatten and cover more surface area. Adding surfactants to cleaning products helps the solution to spread more evenly and covers more of the surface you are trying to clean. 

Why Surfactants Are Perfect For Cleaning

When you spray a degreasing cleaning solution on a surface for cleaning purposes, the tail of the surfactant works its way into direct contact with the surface area. During this process, it will wedge itself between the surface and the dirt and grime that is on the surface area. By doing this, the surfactant element is loosening the dirt particles from the surface area, making it easier to clean. This process is referred to as roll-up and is referencing the event when the surfactant roll up the dirt particles as it makes contact with the surface area. Products like Aqua-cleen degreaser additives are added to household cleaning supplies to create this unique. As this happens, the hydrophobic tails of the surfactant cling to the dirt since it is not water. This allows the cleaning solution to bind with the soil and will enable you to clean more efficiently. 

Surfactants In The Home

Most household cleaning solutions consist of surfactants that help you every time you clean your kitchen or bathroom. Surfactants make cleaning faster and help keep surface areas clean and free of dirt particles. Surfactants can be found in the best laundry detergent, dishwashing soap, toilet cleaners, shower cleaners, and other interior and exterior residential cleaning supplies.

Advertising Agencies – What Can You Expect for Your Business

how to market your business online

In today’s world, advertising and the wider marketing section of your business has the potential to be a catalyst. With one marketing campaign, all your Christmases can come at once and the business can propel towards its goals. Alternatively, it could not only drain your marketing budget but drown the business too. 

With such high stakes, you may consider an advertising agency. If this is the case, allow us to explain what you can expect from the experience! 

A Reliable, Experienced Partner

First and foremost, the reason we choose a professional in any field is for their experience and insights. Whether an accountant or a car mechanic, we need their guidance in an area in which we don’t feel comfortable or simply need assistance. With an advertising agency, this is no different; they’ve worked in the area for some time, understand the strategies that work (and the ones that don’t!), and this has the potential to save lots of time and money. Media buying, video production, and digital marketing all require the expertise of an experienced marketing agency. Companies like Beyond Theory offer premier marketing services that cater to the needs of all business types.

As you continue to grow, the agency will stand beside you and contribute in whatever way you need. 

Support Across All Campaigns

Essentially, your chosen advertising agency becomes an outsourced chief marketing officer (CMO). As an addition to the team, they will help across all campaigns whether you want to focus on TV ads, social media, or another platform entirely. 

If we take social media as an example, this arena is continually changing. Rather than taking the time to stay up to date with algorithms and what advertising techniques are outperforming all others, outsource to a team of social media experts that deal with this area every single day.

Creative Assistance and Direction

Let’s face it, dealing with advertising isn’t just a matter of investing time, it requires creativity. With every year that passes, it’s taking more and more creativity to stay relevant in any industry. The more creative you are, the more likely you are to catch the attention of your target market. You’re not just paying to get these things done, you’re paying to get them done well. 

It’s important to distinguish between the big picture and more refined tasks too. As well as helping with specific campaigns, your advertising agency can help to innovate and create a strategy that pushes your own business beyond the competition. Over time, you can sit down with your new partner every so often and discuss how well the company is progressing towards long-term goals.

Data-Driven Expertise

We live in a world of data, and it’s easy to get lost in a sea of percentages and metrics. With an advertising agency, you have a service that will manage this data and make the right decisions based on customer segmentation, consumer behavior, and the ever-changing market. We’ve spoken about creativity, but creative advertising will only get you so far; you also need to reach out in the right places at the right times. 


Finally, we can’t forget that the results will decide whether or not the investment has been worthwhile. Using everything that we’ve discussed so far, the reputation of advertising agencies is built upon their track record. With the very best agencies, they will exploit all the right avenues in order to boost exposure for your business. 

To finish, here’s some more things you can expect for your business with an advertising agency; 

  • A strategic partner 
  • Revenue 
  • Improvement in the customer experience 
  • Knowledge of advertising techniques and strategies
  • Ad content that resonates with prospective clients 
  • Growth 
  • Long-term planning

What’s more, the agency will adjust their service depending on what you need. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, they will listen to your needs and goals, learn your industry, and adopt a tailored strategy! 

Chicken Leg Socks Are A Thing And They Look Hilarious (19 Pics)

We’ve all heard the ‘why did the chicken cross the road’ jokes hundreds if not thousands of times. Well, now you can actually look like a chicken when you cross the street.

With Halloween fast approaching (it’s less than two months away!), people are already picking out the costumes they’re going to wear this year. Which is why TheFound created a pair of clucking impressive socks just for the occasion. It’s something for bird-lovers and fowl-admirers to wear at their upcoming Halloween galas.

More info: Amazon

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Image credits: Amazon

To get these awesome chicken socks!

Image credits: Amazon

Image credits: Amazon

While I personally have never wanted to dress and look like poultry (my favorite animals are wolves, eagles, sea otters, and dragons), I’m sure that there are plenty of people out there who think chickens are cool.

Image credits: Amazon

Image credits: Amazon

Image credits: Amazon

Because we’re on the topic of chicks, here are some fun and unexpected facts about them! Do you know how many chickens live in the world? Take a guess. Yeah, well done, you were pretty close. The Smithsonian Magazine states that there are 25 billion chickens worldwide. That’s just around three chickens for each person alive today. Which, when I put it that way, doesn’t sound like a lot at all. I’d name my chickens Huey, Dewey and Louie, what about you?

These socks make your legs look a chicken’s

Image credits: Amazon


Image credits: Amazon

Image credits: Amazon

While we’re all used to thinking that chickens can’t fly, that’s not entirely true. They can fly high enough to get over a fence or to fly up a tree. Which is far more than I’ve achieved flapping my arms at the office just now.

Image credits: Amazon

There are more times more chickens living on Earth than people

Image credits: Amazon

Image credits: Amazon

Chickens are omnivores, just like people. Sure, they’ll eat seeds. But they’ll also eat insects, lizards, and rodents — in fact, its diet is very similar to the fearsome carnivorous ‘werewolf’ grasshopper mouse that howls at the moon and has a thirst for blood like a parched vampire.

Image credits: Amazon

These socks are great for Halloween or Christmas parties

Image credits: Amazon

Image credits: Amazon

Baby chickens are called chicks, while female chickens are known as pullets. When they’re old enough to lay eggs, we start calling them hens. Meanwhile, male chickens are known as roosters or cockerels.

Image credits: Amazon

Image credits: Amazon

Image credits: Amazon

Also, did you know that female chicken biology is amazing? After hens become romantically involved with several roosters, they can choose which bird’s DNA they want to keep inside of them. This means they can always choose the strongest bird to father their fluffy offspring. What do you think of the chicken socks? Would you wear a pair yourself or gift them to a friend? What’s your favorite bird? Drop us a line down below.

Image credits: Amazon

July 2019 Hottest Month On Record

Wake Up! Anyone denying climate change is out of their mind! Polar caps are melting, the rubber on my shoes is melting, and the plastic surgery on Kylie Jenner is melting off her face!

Wake up people! Al Gore pushed the topic hard after he failed to win his presidential bid, politicians laughed, people blew it off, but there were a small group of “Green-Minded” individuals that took what o’l Al was saying to heart and embraced his message.

July 2019 is officially the hottest month on record and if you are concerned about what that means for your future, or the future for your kids, you better wake the Fuk Up! This is the hottest month on record since July of 2016.

The earth is being polluted at a rate that has never existed before. China, the U.S. and other big industrial countries have been back-handing Mother Earth like it was the 1950’s and dinner wasn’t made yet. Well, Mother Earth got tired of the backhands, and 70 years later has returned to burn our souls. Hell, maybe with all the recent mass shootings, it’s a sign that we are closer to hell than we think. These idiots have no respect for human life and these tragedies may be an indication that hell is upon us.

So what do we do once we wake up? It’s time to go green! If you live in Washington State, California, or Colorado… you have probably already gone green, you Bob Marley spliff smoke’n hippy hooligan! Seriously though, time to re-think how you operate on a day to day basis. Somebody tell Taylor Schilling that Green is the new black!

There are some environmentally conscious changes you can make to your daily routine and none of this is new to anyone. So listen up while I drop some green knowledge on that azz!

 Car Pool – This is an easy one, you have been told for decades to car pool, the emissions and toxic fumes are automobiles produce is an ozone wrecker.

• Electric Car – Electric cars are a thing, you can actually buy a vehicle that is battery powered, saving the environment of toxic emissions.

• Solar Car – Elon Musk is becoming a leader in solar energy. The potential for solar powered cars, and solar powered roofing supplies make solar a great choice. Heck, you can even turn your garage solar!

Solar Home – The home is an energy consuming machine that the drains the electrical grid dry of energy on a daily basis. For those states that run heaters most of the year (Washington) or those state that run air conditioning units 24 hours a day all summer long (Arizona) turning your home into a solar powered machine is a great way to contribute and do your part!

• Limit Fossil Fuel Dependency – If you love toys, and I’m not talking toys for the bedroom…. I’m talking big-boy toys like side by side razors and boats, you need to consider limiting the use of these toys and start thinking about mountain biking and other non-fossil fuel dependent activities.

Look, some of you will read this and take notice that the hottest month on record just passed us by, and from the looks of things now these temperatures aren’t cooling anytime soon. Those people that acknowledge this may be willing to make a change, go-green, go-solar, go-electric, and contribute to this effort. Then there is the other group that will read this and say, ugh, huh-huh…. this is like stupid. Those individuals will walk away from this incredible article only to light up a smoke on the back porch while spying on the neighbor girl sun bathing. If he’s inspired by her, then maybe, just maybe she an electric car, or solar powered home and can influence this Beavis into going green for the sake of Mother Earth before she back-hands us back like it’s the 1950’s and she’s a man hating machine on the warpath.

30 ‘Nightmares’ And ‘Miracles’ Spotted During Structural Inspections (New Pics)

You might be unpleasantly surprised by what structural inspectors can find in buildings, even the ones that apparently look safe and sound. From faulty foundations and cracked floors to frankly dangerous attempts by home-owners to fix huge flaws, there are some buildings that are simply best to avoid.

The company Alpha Structural, Inc. posts the most jaw-dropping photos from their inspections online. The pictures are often so shocking that it’s a wonder the buildings are still standing, and that nobody got hurt. The number of dangerous things the California-based company spots on a day-to-day basis is mind-boggling, so here are the very best examples.

Keep scrolling down, upvote what you think are the worst things seen on structural inspections, and share with your friends. And if you’re in the mood for some more architectural weirdness, here’s Bored Panda’s other list of horrible stuff spied during inspections by Alpha Structural, Inc.

More info: | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


This is an old turntable used for cars back in the day. Some also may call this a Lazy Susan! It was used for cars back in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s for easy access and movement. Cars back had a bigger turning radius so they had the turntable to help out.
The build date and fabrication number was stamped into the center of the steel. You can see that the turntable was built on Dec 11th, 1917. This thing was discovered while doing an earthquake inspection for a large industrial building in DTLA.


Image 1: This is a retaining wall failure that happened up the Hollywood Hills.

Image 2: As you can see, the soil began to give way under this driveway and retaining wall which caused quite the problem.

Image 3: It began to pull away from the rest of the concrete driveway and started to tilt towards the down slope of the hill. You can clearly see the separation take place with the cracking wall and concrete slab in this photo.

Image 4: This even effected the home itself, causing the now undermined foundation to settle and dip down on that side of the home.


Image 1: This was a column on a soft-story retrofit project we have in Los Angeles. As you can see, the column has rusted to a point that it has become very brittle and weak. At the time this was discovered, emergency shoring was put into place for additional support.

That very same night, the Ridgecrest Earthquake happened. A 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck Ridgecrest, California, some 100 miles away from Los Angeles.

Image2: Once we came back to the property the very next day, we noticed the entire column had snapped in half due to the movement from the quake! If we hadn’t installed that additional shoring, the unit above may have met the ground…


This was some pretty bad spall damage on an old 1900’s foundation we inspected. This section will probably have to be replaced.


This is a few generations of post & piers. The one in the foreground is the oldest, to the right of that you have one built a little later on, and the other two are from the past few decades. A supporting family.


This was a nasty brick foundation we inspected. Tons of wood rot accompanied the decaying brick and made for a foundation in need of drastic work.


An older pier that wasn’t even in contact with the post above. This would normally cause some dipping in the floors over time.


This is a post that had been spliced together with another random piece of wood. Why somebody would do this is beyond me.


MDF, or Medium Density Fiber Board, is used in a lot of furniture and aesthetic pieces. This type of material should NOT be used for anything structural. A lot of the time it isn’t treated well for moisture or natural elements. This is what happens when it becomes exposed to water over a short period of time… it will begin to fray out and decay. It looks like mold, but it’s actually the wood fibers being pulled apart due to moisture. Don’t use MDF for your structural work!


Right at the entry to this crawlspace was an exposed, broken sewage line. It was active and it was pooling up for quite some time. We skipped this crawl until it was fixed. (Insert barf emoji here)


This is quite the shabby foundation. I’ve showed many like it but this one shows a bit more detail. You can clearly see the degradation of the concrete with the exposure of aggregate. There is also many signs of water intrusion, such as the white, chalky substance known as efflorescence (mineral deposits left behind after water intrusion). This foundation can’t even be properly retrofitted because the concrete isn’t capable of holding in the bolts.


We found some vintage… booklets in the crawlspace of this home. No, we did not take them and sell them to collectors.


This was an interesting boat-shaped home we inspected up in the Hollywood Hills. Unfortunately it was the only angle we got but it was still a very unique home that I wanted to share. If the floods come, they will be ready.


This is a 3-story structure we inspected in LA. Tons of pressure was exerted downward onto these framing top plates and they began to absorb some of the pressure. This, over time, can cause some serious issues.


This is a concrete foundation that had some pretty bad stress cracking on one side. Somebody had tried to epoxy inject the cracks, but the settlement caused them to simply reopen and expand even further down the wall.
The cracking continued for about 10 feet before stopping. There were also some signs of water intrusion.


This was a foundation that had very bad spall damage. Spalling concrete occurs when water penetrates the concrete and causes the rebar to rust/oxidize. This will then cause it to expand and break the surrounding concrete.
That piece of concrete fell right off with not much effort at all. This exposed the rusted rebar underneath. The cause of this is usually due to poor waterproofing or an area of land being graded towards the structure’s foundation. With nowhere else for the water to go, it penetrates the porous concrete. This section will have to be replaced.


There is a lot going on in this one. First off, the post and “pier” to the left is made up of damp wood and decaying bricks. Secondly, in the back you can see that there is some parts of the framing/cripple wall that aren’t connected. The foundation is brick and has settled drastically. The framing above that has been covered in concrete on the exterior, done as a sort of “sister foundation.” Lots of moisture was also discovered.


A dead rat… nothing more.


This was the skull of some very large animal we found under a crawlspace. It isn’t just a normal rat or opossum skull as it was the size of a basketball. My guess would be some sort of alien (such as E.T.) or a Silver Back Gorilla, but I’m not too sure.


Rip whatever animal this was. I can’t tell what type of animal it was but it seemed like a nice guy/girl.


This had to be the first image because it is by far my favorite this week. The absolute definition of a “DIY” project. This entire crawlspace was filled with tree branch posts, many of which were resting upon rocks and logs. I like to think it’s just a person’s bad hiding spot in a game of prop hunt. This one will fall some day. I will keep you posted.


This was some very bad wood rot caused by years of leaking water and neglect. As you can see, the cantilevered area is starting to bow down due to the weight of the now very damaged and saturated framing. Tis but a minor leak.


This was a deteriorating foundation that had some significant spall damage. You can see the old, now rusted rebar with chunks missing.
This can cause some pretty significant damage to the rest of the home, especially on a hillside property.
This may just seem like stucco cracks, but I assure you it’s a bid more serious than that.
This sort of thing can be spotted pretty early on if one takes the time to look.


A displaced structural beam under a few dwelling units. This was an inspection for an earthquake retrofit.


A brick pyramid made by the ancients to hold up this post.


A surprisingly intact brick foundation. Not very common to see a masonry wall from the early 1900’s still standing with solid mortar. However, the cripple wall isn’t braced and should be upgraded.
Another part of this brick foundation. This portion was deteriorating but a decent amount of this foundation was still intact.


This property had very bad drainage and began sinking on one side. At length, this brought the perimeter foundation and exterior concrete pathway to wedge together at the connection point. This caused the concrete pathway to crack and break apart and lift. Gnarly.


And here we have the entrance to the next level of Super Mario Bros. It doesn’t actually go through the foundation wall, though by the looks of it, that wall could be easily broken apart. The whole foundation needs to be replaced. Very brittle.


If you’re ever dealing with old concrete, one thing you can always look out for is exposed aggregate. Aggregate is any material (usually stone, chunks of old concrete, sand, gravel) that is used to mend the concrete and hold it together. If the aggregate is clearly visible and exposed on the exterior, that’s usually a sign that it’s in bad shape.


Another very brittle foundation with no original retrofitting or anything.


This is a very poorly done cripple wall with DIY shear walls. A cripple wall is simply a wall with “cripples” (or short studs) to help with lateral movement in seismic activity. They act as a cushion for when the house shakes. The shear wall is used to reinforce these cripple walls so they don’t just collapse to the side. They help resist lateral motions.


A nice little girder with no bracing. It’s also just smashing down the existing “post” and pier.
You’ll see this sort of thing all over LA. Instead of putting in a proper post, people will install random pieces of wood under a girder to help support the home. The problem with this is that it’s almost never braced and the wood used is often untreated. They rot much faster than most pieces. I’ll also add that this doesn’t necessarily compromise the structure.


This is a unreinforced brick foundation. If you’ve ever dealt with older foundations, especially ones made of river rock or brick, you’ll know that they can’t be properly retrofitted up to current code. Some contractor/homeowner decided to circumvent this by pulling out some bricks, putting in a patch of concrete and then putting in an anchor bolt. This is pretty funny and maddening at the same time.
This is the same brick foundation. This time we have the opening to another dimension to the right. This whole foundation needs to be replaced or sistered.


This was a gnarly stilt home we inspected for seismic reinforcement. I’m not entirely sure what the outcome will be but it should be an awesome project!


As I was thinking of what to say for this caption I forgot there was a plastic skeleton and giant skull to the left and felt any other comment besides mentioning those would be a disservice to you guys. But the post is a bit wonky too.


This is another property with burrowed holes going under the concrete foundation. This time there were 8 of these… It’s like a maze down there.


Our office manager was in Venice, Italy and saw this poor little wall in need of some help. I’m happy to announce we will be expanding to the EU!


Here we have a classic garden wall with improper footings and tie-ins to the other wall. It could also be the result of a “surcharge.” A surcharge is the result of pressure being built up against a surface, usually caused by the settlement of nearby structures, such as a house. I put that in layman’s terms so don’t yell at me for not being technical.


As you can see, the slab foundation has a decent sized crack running through it, causing sloping and other areas of the home to crack.
Here is another photo of the kitchen tile that has separated and cracked down the grout line. To the left of that gap is a large retaining wall on the front portion of the home. The hillside in the back was giving way and pulling the rest of the home with it. This then created a gap between the retaining wall and the rest of the structure. It was sloping about 8 inches down toward the back and creating many cracks along the way. You can see down into the crawlspace from this gap.
This is a shot from the exterior of the home. This isn’t your normal stucco crack, it’s a massive structural fracture caused by the severe settlement. These are the cracks you should be worried about.


This was an old 1900’s apartment building that was being held up by some less then effective stud supports. You can see the newer members to the right and left of the original support. They had to trim down the newer ones to compensate for the sagging that was caused by the originals. Scary stuff.


This is just a mess.


This is what we call an undermined footing. It sits below the post & pier for deepened support but is exposed and could fail if the dirt was moved.


Universal foundation plates bolted right next to each other. They did this because they were required to put a certain amount per code, but the concrete to the right couldn’t hold a bolt without crumbling. This whole foundation should have been replaced.


I’ll let you guys tell me what’s going on with this one.


We’ve seen a few dolls under homes before, but this one may take the cake on the creepiest one so far.


A nasty, old brick foundation under an early 1900’s home. This house was resting right on top of these dusty and decaying bricks and had no other reinforcement. Scary.


Yes, that is a stone acting as a concrete pier for the post. *Insert joke about the post being stoned here*


Similar to a BLT sandwich, this is a concoction of random materials used to hold up a girder! Wonderful!


ometimes you just have to let the photo speak for itself. This is one of those photos.


A sign seen on one of our job-sites.


Somebody has some serious Jenga skills!


This girder was rotted to oblivion and had the actual texture of a sponge. Additionally, the old concrete foundation and other chunks of slab filled this crawlspace to the brim. Very hard to traverse.


Imagine crawling under a home with a brick foundation. Okay good, now imagine those bricks could be pushed out easier than the first block in a Jenga game (that’s right… two Jenga jokes). Now these metal side anchors are specifically made to be bolted into concrete. Some other “foundation specialist” decided to retrofit this brick foundation and implement these metal plates. This was also passed by the city inspector and filed as a complete retrofit. If somebody ever tells you that they can retrofit your brick foundation, they are sorely misinformed or trying get a quick buck. This will do NOTHING to help secure your home and resist seismic activity.
I want to briefly explain this one. Again, these plates are for securing your home’s framing to the foundation. This helps stop the house from sliding off the foundation during an earthquake. This side anchor is bolted into the old mudsill and the masonry blocks above the brick foundation. Both materials that have been bolted into are old, decayed and would move with ease in a sizable quake. Another example of how not to retrofit a foundation.


The illuminated aura around this post makes it seem like it has a quest for me.


I want you guys to tell me how this being bolted makes no sense. There’s a few things here, so let me know what you think!


This was an attempted sister wall of an existing brick foundation. As you can see, this must have been done by a professional. Here’s another part of the foundation, this time in the middle. This was not formed correctly, there’s rebar exposed and there’s no actual connection besides the concrete drying and solidifying onto the brick. Not good.
There were also these odd, makeshift concrete pillars to help support the perimeter framing. These were bolted down but don’t really hold much structural value if the brick gives way in an earthquake.


If you’ve never seen wood rot before, here you go. This is usually caused by leaking pipes or water intrusion. Termites also got a hold of it and made it worse.


Ladies and gentlemen, we got him.


This is an older concrete foundation that is really beginning to deteriorate and crumble. It’s been seismically retrofitted but not up to code. Tons of moisture was down under the home as well, so most of the foundation was like this.


This is a retaining wall that had a massive vertical crack going right down the middle of it. You can see the exposed rebar in the hole and quite a sizable gap.


This was an 8′ tall brick foundation under an apartment building in Los Angeles. We usually recommend replacing old brick foundations, but this one actually seemed to be in decent shape. The interesting part is just how massive the wall is.


Those nails are doing a great job holding nothing together.


Two things here: The foundation itself is in rough shape and is badly deteriorated. Also, the anchor bolt you see to the right (used for seismic retrofits) was installed at an angle into brittle concrete. There is no point in having that bolt (which was installed in the past couple years) drilled into that bad of concrete. It does nothing.


“Can you help me? I am missing my post!”


This was a sizable crack in the concrete stem wall of an old foundation. In addition to the crack, the framing of the home isn’t even making contact with the concrete.


Here is another shot, just so you get the actual size of the crack.


This is what we call “spall damage.” This occurs when moisture gets into the concrete from either side and the rebar inside begins to rust. This particular property in K-Town had plenty of spall damage.


This is how not to retrofit a property. These are UFPs (Universal Foundation Plates). They are used for connecting the framing of the home to the foundation. Like I mentioned in one of the other pictures, there’s no point in retrofitting this foundation with its current condition. The concrete is over 80 years old and very brittle. Additionally, the spalling would call for a replacement of that section, which would mean that the other so called “foundation specialist” that did this was aware of the condition of the concrete and did the retrofit anyways. Some contractors just don’t have the wherewithal to do real, honest work.


This was a property in Pasadena that had tons of these 2x4s acting as posts, which were resting on bricks. Some of them weren’t even held up by bricks, just another piece of wood on the dirt!
Here is the back house to that same Pasadena property. This whole foundation needs to be replaced. The aggregate material (rock and sand) which concrete holds together, is chipping away with ease and no bolting or other seismic upgrades could be done without the concrete cracking in half.


While doing this inspection there was a section of the foundation that was undermined by previous contractors. We ended up having to squirm our way under that stem-wall and come up on the other, much tighter section of the crawlspace. For those with claustrophobia, this would have been a nightmare.


Sometimes the access points to these crawlspaces can be a bit rough…


Here we have a shoddy concrete rubble retaining wall. There has since been a new masonry wall built above the old concrete rubble retaining wall. It was surprisingly sturdy.


Do you see all that white, chalky stuff on the CMU foundation? That is called efflorescence. Efflorescence is caused by traces of mineral deposits and calcium build-up resulting from water intrusion. This wall was subterranean and had zero waterproofing done to the exterior. Also, free cotton candy all over!


Here we have a concrete masonry foundation. Usually these are completely filled with steel reinforcement bar and concrete. This is almost always a part of city code, but this property had nothing. No concrete, no rebar… nothing. You can see the mudsill above, which is somewhat hanging over the hollow foundation.


Image 1: There is very bad spall damage on many areas of this foundation. Spall damage is when water gets into the concrete and causes oxidation in the steel rebar. This causes the steel to expand and breaks the concrete around it.
Image 2: If you look close at the steel UFP (Universal Foundation Plate used for seismic retrofitting) you can see that there are bolts missing from the bottom. Which means that it isn’t bolted into the foundation and is useless.


This is a bird-of-paradise plant. A very beautiful but destructive plant from South Africa. These plants, if next to a structure, can make its way under a property and lift the entire foundation. That was the case with this particular home. Nature 1, homeowner 0.


A hillside deck with some inward leaning posts. I would not want to be that guy up top.


This isn’t crazy or anything but we were interviewed by ABC 7 LA on seismic retrofitting of apartment buildings.


This was a hillside deck that had rotted and been damaged by termites over many years. The result is a decayed, unstable and leaning deck that is ready to slip.


Many people will call us out to check why their floors/home is leaning and sloping. It could be settlement or missing structural elements, but half the time it’s caused by rotting supports under the home. Things begin to decay due to water intrusion and termite damage, which results in some serious issues down the road.


This is a landslide that occurred on a steep slope in Glendale, CA. As you may or may not know, it rained like crazy this past winter in Los Angeles. This caused many unstable hillsides to erode and mudslides were very prominent.


This was a very old foundation we inspected in LA. Almost every post/stud down there would crumble with the slightest scrape from a knife.
This is the same property where a section of the concrete foundation was cracked in half and was displaced from the rest of the wall.


Would you feel safe with framing like this holding up your home? Me neither.
This is pretty common in older homes around Los Angeles. Years of water damage and those pesky termites will eventual cause some pretty bad rotting and instability.


Took me a while to realize what this was.


This was a pretty old retaining wall that has just about seen its final days. It will have to be replaced for sure!


I call this foundation the “Thanos Foundation” because it has turned into dust. I bet the builder thought this wouldn’t go through the gauntlet of nature’s weathering process, but it did. I hope you understand and enjoy my terrible Marvel references.


No bolting/retrofitting will be possible due to the fact that it is made of brick. This whole foundation will need to be replaced.


We inspected this house that had some pretty bad fire damage from a recent blaze. Much of the underside of the home was torched and needed to be completely replaced. There is some good news: termites are similar to humans in a sense that they don’t like burnt food. This was the underside of the deck with a charred platform to walk on. Watch your step, you might fall through!


This is a 100-year-old foundation that is in need of a solid replacement. It has no retrofitting, plenty of water damage and earth-to-wood contact.


These were some very old U.S.E.D. engraved blocks that we found during an inspection of a property in LA. It’s hard to even know what that department was back then because there is very little record of it online. If anybody has more data on that, I would love to hear it!


Never plant oak trees next to your foundation… It will cause nothing but issues. They are a protected tree as well and it can take a whole lot of back and forth with the city to deal with them.


Straight as a worm in water.


This was an old light bulb found in the attic of an old 1910 home. Nothing structural but something cool nonetheless.


This was a very old cabin-like property in Benedict Canyon. It’s practically going back in time. Over 100-years-old and has some pretty crazy things going on. Since the property was very old and somewhat neglected, the exterior was the first sign it was gonna be an interesting one.


There had been some foundation work done within the last 10 years, but nothing crazy.


There was definitely a lot of rotting wood throughout the crawlspace and sub-floor areas.


There were more than a few missing post & piers down there and the concrete itself was pretty brittle and easy to break apart.


There’s a lot going on in this particular photo. You can see that the end of the girder is being held up by a stack of masonry blocks, the concrete foundation seems to be fused with plywood sheathing and there’s a line of masonry blocks waiting for their turn to help out.


Most of this concrete foundation was brittle and crumbling to bits. Tons of efflorescence was present and cracks were all over. Additionally, part of the foundation had a sister wall next to it. A sister wall is a brand new stem wall that is tied into the existing concrete foundation. This was recently done and the concrete itself was in good shape, but the way it was formed had to have been done by a true amateur. There were gaps, honeycombs and cracks all over the new wall. There’s no way this was done with a permit.


This was a very large hillside deck that had some bad rotting on some of the supporting girders. The deck itself wasn’t in horrible shape, but termites were beginning to destroy most of the girder supports.


This is a wall that we will be replacing later this year. There was a serious lack of supporting footings on this staircase and retaining wall. Rainstorms and soil erosion slowly made the topsoil very unstable and caused the retaining wall & stairs to crack and slip.


The saturated hillside burst through his wall during a remodel and caused some serious damage.


Possibly the best earthquake safety/prevention I’ve seen so far. Also looks like the middle bin is a spider and is telling secrets to the other bins in the corner.


These are two elements of a home that should not be separated the way the are. Not only is it missing bolts, but it has a gap bigger than the Grand Canyon.


Earthquake safe? I don’t think so.


If you go around East Los Angeles, you’ll see this sort of crack in retaining walls on almost every single block. These homes in Silver Lake, East LA, Mount Washington, etc. are all on a moving land mass and when mixed with water and quakes, it makes for a good damage sandwich.


A fake foundation made of plaster that could easily be punctured by an accidental kick.


Obviously I didn’t take this photo, but this was a crack in Trona Rd near Ridgecrest, CA where the most recent 6.4 and 7.1 earthquakes occurred in Southern California. There was much more damage than just this crack in the road, but you can imagine if a home was sitting over this area… it would have a hard time staying in place.


This was a pretty awesome rock and mortar retaining wall, but was unfortunately leaning pretty badly. It will have to be knocked down and redone.


The concrete is in real bad shape and much of it needs to be replaced and then bolted.


This is a home in the Hollywood Hills that’s sitting on piles. As you can see, the piles are disagreeing with each other and can’t come to an agreement on where to go. Also, notice the cracking above where the piles are. This is a significant structural issue and needs a repairing as soon as possible.


“I have sloping floors.”
The girder was also cracked pretty badly on the other side.

30 Times People Traveled To Japan And Realized They’re Too Tall For It

Perhaps it’s the geography of the country; the wide-open spaces of the Prarie, the vast cornfields in the midwest and the deserts of Nevada, Arizona, and Utah – Americans are comfortable with big. Big cars, big meals, big houses.

On the other side is Japan; 126 million people squeezed on to four main islands, with a total area 26 times smaller than the USA. The Japanese have learned to be economical with space – whether it be technology, houses or dioramas – which can be an issue when tall people visit the country. Heads are bumped on low doors, showers are too short, and train seats… well, it’s cozy put it that way.

This list, compiled by Bored Panda, shows the struggles of the lanky in this compact country, we’d recommend bringing a helmet if you’re over 6ft! Scroll down below to check out the list for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!


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I Shall Blend In To Hide From The Crab People

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Here Is My Favorite Photo From My Old College Cheer Squad… [x-Post From /R/Perfecttiming]

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This Is A Turtle With A Knife Strapped To Its Shell, Secured With An Army-Cameo Bandana. I Bumped Into It On The Beach, 1/4 Mile From Where The Water Meets The Sea. Curious If It Was Someone’s Pet, I Traced Its Trail In The Sand, Which Lead Straight Into The Water. Retired Ninja Turtle?

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My Lady Friend Wanted A Piggy Back Picture On The Beach And A Random Biker Watching The Sunset Said He Wanted One Too

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Sweet Old Man At The Beach: “Would You Like Me To Take A Photo Of You Two Love Birds?” My Wife: “Yes Please!”. Nailed It

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How Girls Take Pictures At The Beach…

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I Found This At My Local Dog Beach Today

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Finally An Answer To The Age Old Question “Do Raccoons On A Beach In Panama City, Fl Like Fritos?”

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Officially The Creepiest Sand Sculpture At Revere Beach This Weekend

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You Have To Stay 10′ Feet Away From The Wild Ponies On Assateague, Even If They Steal Your Spot

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Just A Dog Going For A Walk On The Beach…

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Pigs Love Going To The Beach

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Told My Dad To Grab The Sunscreen Before We Hit The Beach. Sit Down And He Hands Me This…

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First Time To The Ocean, And This Is What He Does

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Visual Representation Of Why Women Live Longer Than Men

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This Lady Brought An Air Mattress To The Beach

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The NSFW Surfboard

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The Day I Unconsciously Matched Clothes With The Beach

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New tinder pic

Car Filled With Pebbles And Sand

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Lots Of Girls Taking Instagram Pics At The Beach Today…my Gf Is The One Snorkeling

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I Was Stood Taking A Photo Of My Girlfriend In The Sea, Then Realised So Was Every Other Instagram Boyfriend

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Saw These Stacked Stone Arches At The Beach This Morning

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Giant Squid Washed Up In Wellington New Zealand.

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Best Vacation Ever

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Brought My Puppy To The Beach. Took Him About 2 Minutes To Eat Enough Sand To Learn He Isn’t Supposed To Eat Sand.

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Atlas 5 Launch Today At Cape Canaveral Viewed From Playalinda Beach. Amazing To See Live In Person.

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“I Have Become A Beach Dogtowel”

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Not Something You Find On The Beach Everyday.

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I Didn’t Wear My Watch To The Beach And Got A Strip Of Sunburn.

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This Kilo My Mom Found Washed Up On A South Florida Beach This Morning.

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Piece Of Dried Seaweed With One End Stuck In Sand Drew Concentric Circles As It Was Rotated By The Wind.

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I Went To The Beach In La And The Magnetic Clasp Of My Bag Attracted Metal Fragments Out Of The Sand

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This Cat Is Going Viral For Its Hilariously Dramatic Reactions

Meet Ah Fei, an adorably tubby tabby that has captured the internet’s hearts for his incredibly expressive and dramatic reactions. Rescued from the streets by his new owner, Ah Fei, which means ‘fat’ in Mandarin, is sweet, lazy and loves his food.

Laziness aside, Ah Fei is nevertheless very responsive to stimuli, with his feelings about the stick being waved in his face, or the food being taken away from him, clear for all to see. Ah Fei lives an enjoyable life in Jiangsu, China, where he and his owner Tang Chang hang out and play all kinds of games. Many of which do, however, seem designed to get the latest meme-worthy expression out of him though!

If we didn’t know better, we’d assume that the poor kitty was in a constant state of stress, terror and disappointment. It clearly doesn’t take much to get Ah Fei worked up. Get that disgusting feather away from me, vile human!

Whatever this dog is trying to do to that pig, Ah Fei is clearly unimpressed. Joy? Happiness? Frolicking with other animals? Gimme a break…

To be fair to Ah Fei, I’d be pretty pissed off too if this was happening to me at dinnertime. Just gimme the pork already!

People around the world have got the feels for this gloriously grumpy and dramatic cat, Ah Fei even has some fan art in his honor. And while he may seem a bit cantankerous at times, we are sure that he is perfectly content with his new life together with a loving owner and a comfy place to call home.

What do you think about Ah Fei? Hilariously cute and dramatic, or unnecessarily provoked for funny pictures? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!